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What will happen to this board once the X-Men movies are done?


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Dec 1, 2004
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I'm not sure if this is a pointless thread I'm just curious what will happen to the board once X-Men 3 is done with and seen. I mean will it turn into a Wolverine board for the spin off movies? Or will it be spli into two differen boards one for the X-Men movies and one for The Wolverine board? Agian just curious. And please no bashing Wolverine, this is a nice free bashing topic, thank you :)
Majik1387 said:
Then some of us, depending on how we feel about the movie, will return while the rest won't. The posters who return will most probably split up into the Wolverine spinoff, the Magneto spinoff, and the X4 movie.

Wow that will be crazy :D
I would assume that it'll still remain the "X-Men" group of boards, but just have a Wolverine, Magneto, etc. boards added on as the movies are released.
We'll live.
What the hell is that all about Strgts?

I plan on continuing to use this board and forum... I have met some great people and formed some great friendships that I want to carry on with.
Psionic Force said:
What the hell is that all about Strgts?

Its a funny GIF :up: But I guess youd have to be into Games & all that to kinda get what its about
Strgts said:
Its a funny GIF :up: But I guess youd have to be into Games & all that to kinda get what its about

That was great I had that same reaction when I saw the PS3's price.
Based on what's happened before:
- the X3 spoiler and non-spoiler boards will be merged
- a new board will be added for each spinoff at some stage when it looks like it will go ahead
- the sequels board will probably continue as a place for speculation over X4 and other potential spinoffs
I think people will hang about speculating about X-Men 4 until its officially announced. Its pretty inevitable there will be another film.
These boards aren't going anywhere anytime soon. However, I would expect a drop-off in traffic here a couple of weeks after X3 is released...this place is going to be quiet for a while.
It'll be VERY quiet, I'm guessing.

Some people may stick around to discuss future X-Men spin-offs and movies, dicuss about what happened in X3 and its possibilities.

Some may still be at the Off-Topic and X-Tra threads and the X-Comics board since, you know, the comics are still gonna be here.

People are saying that they'll move to other boards after the movie comes out. Spider-Man 3, Batman 2, Fantastic Four 2, etc etc.
Ill be here

no, wait.....

yes, ill be here!
Radagast_Prime said:
That was great I had that same reaction when I saw the PS3's price.

God, I'm so glad I'm not a Game Console Salve anymore. Now PC Games....that's another story.

But what does this have to do with the topic unless it's inferred that once the X-Men movie trilogy is completed you'll all go back to playing your games and fretting over the rising cost of consoles.
The X-Film won't be done anytime soon. They'll be reinvented, prequels, sequels, spin-off's until the money stops flowing in...and in the gaps we'll see Fantastic Four from Fox.
You know, I'd like to see a movie with Mr. Sinister as the main villain, but the involvement of the Summers family is very deep with this character. Of course the Cyke that allegedly dies in X3 could be explained as one of Sinister's clones and that it was in fact the real Cyclops Sinister has imprisoned in his lair for whatever reason.


This is one guy who would benefit from a black leather getup. But I hope they keep the little garish ribbons on the costume if they do wish to give Mr. Sinister a go. They're kind of neat.

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