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Whats going on with the 2.5 DVD??


Apr 30, 2003
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Whats the deal with the 2.5 dvd? It's almost April.... :confused: :confused: :confused:
Mark Millar, Bryan Singer and dvd producer Robert Burnett have all commented it on it in the past few months. They are all happy to contribute and say theres lots of material we haven't seen yet.

Bryan Singer Presents Superman Returns!
Source: ComingSoon.net July 14, 2005

ComingSoon.net attended the Digital Bits "DVD Producers 2005" presentation at Comic-Con International in San Diego today and a video of Bryan Singer was shown from the set of Superman Returns:

Singer showed the set for the Daily Planet Plaza. We also saw Clark Kent jumping high in the air and running next to a corn field. There were various other shots of Clark Kent. They also showed a helicopter being shot against a blue screen and Singer teased that they were going to show Lex Luthor on the set. The scene blipped away as a joke before we saw him. Singer spoke about the Superman character and why he was a fan.

It was hinted that an X-Men 2.5 DVD might be in the works before the upcoming X-Men 3 film release.
Source: http://www.superherohype.com/news/x-mennews.php?id=3285

Comic-Con 2005: Future DVDs

July 15, 2005
Robert Meyer Burnett saved what I thought was the best stuff for last. He has been working on two high-profile projects - The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and Superman Returns- and discussed a prospective X-Men 2.5 DVD, which he would like to do "...if only there was a sequel coming up they could tie it to." He observed that all of the multiple X-discs he produced have had significant changes bewteen one version and the next, and would be sure to do the same to X2 if given the opportunity.
Source: http://dvd.ign.com/articles/633/633986p1.html

Burnett also hinted that Fox may create a special-edition DVD of "X2: X-Men United" to coincide with the May theatrical opening of "X-Men 3," similar to the studio's "X-Men 1.5" that hit DVD when "X2" opened theatrically in 2003.

He added that there's plenty of material left over from the original "X2" DVD. "There just wasn't enough time," he said

Source: http://www.rednova.com/news/entertainment/182259/film_buffs_get_sneak_peak_at_dvd_releases/

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Question: X-Men 2.5?

Singer: We've talked about it. Rob was talking to me about it. I'd participate, obviously, because I'm very proud of the X-Men films, particularly the second X-Men film. And it'd be fun to go back and look at it and talk about it and throw in some pieces and bits that haven't been seen.

X-Men 2.5 DVD Confirmed

Source: Mark Millar October 31, 2005

On his message board, Mark Millar has confirmed that Fox Home Entertainment is working on a "X-Men 2.5" DVD:

Weird day yesterday. Got up nice and early, but got bugger all done thanks to a chain of events beyond my control. One was a film crew in my office to record them DVD extra bits for the back of X-Men 2.5 and another for the Ultimate Avengers animated movie out in the Spring. Really, really nice guys and loads of interesting question so have a hunch this will work out pretty good. I know Ultimates is out in the Spring, but anyone know when X-Men 2.5 is out? The guys weren't sure, but thought it might be in the shops before Christmas.

Stay tuned for more details on the release.
Source: http://www.superherohype.com/news/x-mennews.php?id=3588
I guess it needs Singer's involvement, as he was the director, and he's a little tied up in SR right now...

I hope it features that (;)) because I have no memory of her being zipped that much in X2. Or it could be off-screen picture.
... and U just had to post that. eh? She looks so innocent. She looks stressed. Headaches again?
Rac said:

I hope it features that (;)) because I have no memory of her being zipped that much in X2. Or it could be off-screen picture.

WOW...i dont either...nice
So, what's the word on this 2.5 DVD
Yeah it's April already... where is it?
Oh! I know Bryan Singer was planning on shooting the Cyclops and Storm origins for 1.5. I wish they could put something like that for 2.5. The toilet scene..the laurio and mystique scene... was supposed to be Cyclops Origin but since they have no time to shoot they saved it for X2 instead. I need to see Storm in Africa!!!
I hope the 2.5 comes out before X3. It would be cool if they release it with a free movie ticket to X3. That would be cool. Hopefully they do it.
i think that would be great too
but its 30 days before the film
so i dont think its coming out before then
it would be a nice surprise if it did though
It's already getting to May, it could be postponed, because if there's a X2.5 DVD they are already promoting it like the X-Men TOG before the release of X3:TLS.
I don't think this DVD is gonna happen now. Think about it, we would have heard something official by now if it were coming out.
Maybe they're saving it to tie into the X-3 DVD release...
boydston_14 said:
I don't think this DVD is gonna happen now. Think about it, we would have heard something official by now if it were coming out.

I agree.

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