What's the Best Alternate Future?


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Jun 25, 2004
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What's the best alternate future timeline for the DC Universe??

The Dark Knight Returns/Strikes Again

Animated Batman Beyond/JLU/Superman Beyond

Kingdom Come

Grant Morrison's Damian as Batman #666 saves baby Terry McGuinness/Batman Beyond/DC 1 Million

I liked Morrison's future and how it tied together all the various personal stories he had written about the heroes, like Damian and the Batman legacy and Superman/Solaris/Son of Superman etc
Not necessarily the best, but I reeeeeally wanted to see a continuation of the Titans Tomorrow future. DC really could have played with that for a bit.
I hate how Dick Grayson keeps getting screwed in the future lol. Except for Kingdom Come, of course.
I like the Batman Beyond future

It's the least dark or grim of any of the possible futures so i like that :)

It doesn't count as an alternate future but the Legion of Superheroes future is my favourite future for the DCU

A world of tolerance, diversity and acceptance, filled with incredible super science marvels where you can travel to hundreds of exotic worlds full of wonderful sights and the whole universe is full of amazing, weird and incredible things

And the heroes aren't jerks to each other

That's a future I want to live in :)
Doom 2099 is the only future that's acceptable. :o
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Dont know what happened there :huh:
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I'm gonna have to go for Kingdom Come. Comics rarely get more epic than that.
They did. They finally brought the 2099 line back in that 2009-2099 miniseries as a way of testing fans reactions. Problem was the 2099 they gave us was nothing like the 2099 we asked for, it sucked, no one liked that mini, and so Marvel isn't doing anything more with 2099...because the fans didn't settle for mediocrity like Marvel expected...
I would say KC, but so many potentially interesting characters got wiped out. Seems really limited with the handful that survived. Plus, I've never cared for Clark/Diana.
DC One Million is my favorite future. Mostly because of Hourman.
I honestly hate Kingdom Come

I think its really overrated and the way it handles Wonder Woman is one of the worst examples I've ever seen

We also have it to blame for the genuinely awful JSA arc that gave us the horrible excuse for a character that was Magog

So glad he's been wiped out of existence. We can be thankful to Barry for that at least :o

DC One Million is my favorite future. Mostly because of Hourman.

The android Hourman needs to be brought back for delightful time travel adventure goodness

It would be so fun :)
The Dark Knight Returns was based heavily on the Cold War-extended type future. I can see how today American publishers could just replace Russia with China as the Big Red Boogie Man in their stories but somehow the feeling wouldn't be the same.

Batman Beyond's future felt more...pliable. It wasn't shaped by anything heavily in our current tim line, just a Blade Runner-esque future using the age-old mantra that the young are mostly idiots and mega-corporations are evil...Hey! Our current timeline in a nutshell!
I guess Beyond.

Altough there are different aspects from all of them that have improved aspects.
I'm a little torn between Beyond and Kingdom Come. I have yet to read DC One Million.

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