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whats the funniset sitcome you seen?


Feb 26, 2002
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Mine are:
family ties
home inprovment
fresh prince of bel-air
8 simple rules
home improvement
boy meets world
Arrested Development was beyond genius, Simpsons is still good, but was amazing in it's prime, Seinfeld was awesome. Fresh Prince always gives a few laughs, that along with Family Matters and Boy Meets World will always be favorites since i grew up on them. The one that i love the most however, has to be Married With Children. Al Bundy is a true American hero in my veiw. It was one of the first to really break the mold of the Cosby Show/Family Ties "perfect family" that many shows of that time were stuck in. It gotta kinda wacky in later seasons, but it just never got old in my opinion. Al was what so many people are, someone that the world just kept kicking in the crotch, but he kept going and wouldn't let anything stop him, even when he lost time after time after time.
Arrested Development.

The End.
I used to laugh my head off at those two guys on that old show Kenan and Kel...

Even though, in retrospect, they were over-acting in the worst kind of way. Still funny...
Friends, Fresh Prince, Family Guy, The Simpsons seasons 3-7, Frasier....

Out of them all....The Simpsons. Though watching current eps, I struggle to even smile......
I Can't Beieve I Forgot This One
Idream Of Jeannie
1. Friends
2. Simpsons
3. Family Guy
4. Roseanne: The first 3-4 years
5. Fresh Prince
Will & Grace
King of Queens
Malcom In the Middle
Home Improvement
Family Guy
Arrested Development, The Office, Undeclared, Will and Grace, Famlily Guy, The Simpsons
family guy shouldn't count.

fresh price of bel-air
Mine are:
family ties
home inprovment
the hooney mooners
I love lucy
the lucy show
Belevery hillbillys
the odd couple
boy meets world
family matters
the Jerfferson's
the jetsons
wait unitl your father gets home
sanford and son
fresh prince of be air
the odd couple
mamma's family
dick van dyke show
wlecome back,kottoer
perfect strangers
night court
the greatest american hero

I'm sorry, but you can't make a thread wanting us to list "the funniest sitcom" we've seen, while your first post lists every good sitcom ever.

It's very hypocritical. Limit yourself to 1 or 2, man.
I don't think cartoons are considered sitcoms.
I can't say which is the funniest, but my favorite were:

Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Everybody Loves Raymond
King Of Queens
Family Matters
Boy Meets World

Is Blackadder considered a sitcom? If it is then it takes #2

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