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What's the WORST Bond movie?


Jan 17, 2004
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Which Bond film would you say is the worst?

I think it's Diamonds Are Forever. Moonraker and Die Another Day comes in as second and third.
I agree with Falcon. It was just so lavish and almost feminine in nature. Not saying there's anything wrong with an overly lavish film or anything like that, but it just doesn't fit or belong in a the macho films that James Bond movies are.

And then Moonraker and Die Another Day were much the same in that they included themes that were just too unlike James Bond to work properly, I think.
OHMSS and Thunderball were very boring to me. Others like Moonraker whcich weren't the best were at least entertaining at some point.
Moonraker was the worst for me.It was trying to attract the Star Wars audience,because at the time the Star Wars movies were cleaning up at the box office.

I'm sorry but Bond had no business being in space.And that hold ludicrous thing with Jaws and that pig tailed girl Dolly.......UGH!! :down

The only good thing in that movie was the Bond woman's name...Holly Goodhead :o ;)

Honorable mentions are OHMSS,Diamonds are Forever,and Die another day.
I agree with ock moonraker was a rehash of the spy who loved me and in space bond should never go into space like that taking it too far even for bond
OHMSS is one of the best. Sure Lazenby sucked, but the plot, Bond girl, villain and end make it stand out.

Anyways, as for the worst.

Moonraker hands down. Then Diamonds Are Forever. Honorable mentions to A View to a Kill and The Man With the Golden Gun.
yeah DAD is the worst but DAF comes second.
Never Say Never Again isn't on the list. I'd say that is among the worst.
Moonraker by far. I love all other films, but Moonraker is to painful to watch. The villian was pretty creepy, but that's it. Jaws had no business returning. He rocked in The Spy Who Loved Me, but he was awful in Moonraker.
Moonraker is certainly the worst. And indicative of ALL the problems the franchise faced. It's over indulgent, juvenile, totally un-Fleming, and just plain STUPID.
I can't believe the hate for Moonraker one of my favorites!!!

Diamonds are forever and NSNA are the ones I really hate with Live and Let Die coming a close second.
"Well, here's to us"

Jaws speaks in Moonraker, lol. I remember thinking that was cool as.
I also enjoyed the opening scene a lot! Falling through the sky without a parachute trying to catch up to the guy in front with Jaws on his tail!
Hmm, worst Bond film...so many crap ones. I voted Diamonds Are Forever, which is a vomit inducing, poor excuse for anything, let alone a film. Die Another Day follows close behind (Geez, how much God damn CGI do you need in a film!)
Thunderball was too boring for me. Moonraker was quite bad and unconnected to the novel of the same name, but one thing I liked about Die Another Day was the fact it was taken from the unused novel Moonraker. It was nice that Fleming's original story was not ignored.
To be honest, tolerating a Bond movie with Moor as Bond was pretty hard with the exception of TSWLM and TMWTGG but Moonraker was definately the worst for me.
I find most of the Sean Connery Bond films pretty boring, but Diamonds are forever just takes the piss! That has to be the worst, Connery looked more like Grandpa Bond.
Bond is dead to me after the last movie but from the past I say Moonraker. So bad!!!
LexCorp said:
Bond is dead to me after the last movie but from the past I say Moonraker. So bad!!!

Yeah, another thing, why did Die another day have so much CGI?

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