what's your favorite upcoming speed racer promo?


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Jul 20, 2006
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the link on the main page about speed racer promos is really exciting for someone like me. i'm not to psyched about that actual movie, but i'm a HUGE speed racer fan and this means chances for more cool memorabilia.

i am especially EXCITED for the Speed Racer legos! i used to buy lego racing sets and pretend they were speed racer, now they actually will be!

is anyone else excited about this stuff? what parts?
I cant wait for the PUMA shoes.
A 'G' rated Speed Racer is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

I have zero enthusiasm for this movie.

Warner Bros.' Speed Racer, opening in theaters on May 9, is targeting a G rating, reports Variety. Because of this, the studio has been able to enlist a lengthy lineup of promotional partners that will pony up at least $80 million in additional marketing support around the film.
i think they are wasting too much money on advertising....

with 80mil you could make a whole other big movie......
I wish it would have been PG, oh well. :(

I've got to get a Speed Racer costume though:up:

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