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whats your ultimate rogues gallery

  • Thread starter Arkham_Insane.)
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Hi, i don't know if this has been done before but i was just wondering what everyone's ultimate figure for each rogue is: i've done a quick list, what do you think? also these are all around the 6 inch mark so should look good together. (with penguin and hatter being much shorter)

Joker - TLH wave 1
Two face - ?
Scarecrow - alex ross justice league series 6/hush series 3
Mr Freeze
Black Mask
Killer Croc
Man Bat - all 5 rougues gallery secret origins series 1
mad hatter - TLH wave 1
Poisen Ivy - Hush series 1
Ras - hush series 3
Harley Quinn - hush series 2
Riddler - hush series 2
Clayface - dc superheroes mattel series 6
catwoman - ?

haven't found a catwoman or two face figure i really love, dont like the long halloween or hush versions.
Joker - Batman and Son
Two face - Long Halloween
Scarecrow - Hush
Penguin - Dark Victory
Mad hatter - Long Halloween
Poisen Ivy - Hush
Ras - Hush
Harley Quinn - Hush
Riddler - Hush
Catwoman - Long Halloween

Just answered the ones i had an answer for.

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