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When will be the next Great animated Bat Film?

Bruce Malone

May 23, 2009
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While since Mask of the Phantasm we've had quite a few bat films of the DC direct variety and while some were quite good like Under the Red Hood they've all felt pretty limited and disposable maybe due to that 1 hr 15m time limit.

I know TDKR is coming out soon but i somehow feel it won't live up to how good an adaptation of the graphic novel should be. Do you think we'll get that next epic animated batman film?
The Dark Knight Returns, and I imagine it should come to about 2 hours or over since it's in two parts.
They could do a trilogy of No Man's Land films. It would definitely stand out.
I wouldnt mind seeing a completly original animated movie such as MOTP. I like Under the Red Hood and Year One, and most likely will enjoy TDKR, but they use them as direct adaptations. The more original Bat stories the better.

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