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When you Moved Away


Mar 17, 2007
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What was it like for you when you first moved from home? Where did you move to? And was it anything that you imagined?
Mine was a rush job.

I was on holiday with my girlfriend (now ex), and we just decided that when we got back home we'd look for our own place. We got home, and after about three days, I noticed that a flat my friend used to have was up for rent. We went for it. We'd been back in England for a month the day we moved in.

I'd always been cautious before, always finding a reason not to - main one being money. I just realised when we were on holiday, that there'd always be an excuse if I wanted there to be. So I just did it.

It's kinda like standing at the deep end of the swimming pool for the first time, with everyone watching you, waiting for you to jump. You want to jump. The water looks deep. But it feels so good when you don't drown :up:
Well, I went to college, lived a dorm which was my first taste of living alone. I was in Mid-town Manhattan so it's quite an adjustment from a town in Jersey. I pretty much loved it instantly.

I went home for 1 summer, came back and by the end of that year I had rented an apartment in New Brunswick NJ with my girlfriend which is where I am now. It's very nice not living at home anymore.
Hmmm, it was not without its share of drama. I left home due to a dispute.
I hopped from couch to couch, finally landing at an aunts for awhile. Then I got a place with another aunt, but she treated me like a kid, so me and a boyfriend, that was much younger than me, got a place and then I treated him like a kid. We lived together for about 3 years. I moved into a group house (Real World style) for a little over a year, moved back in with grandma, bought a house. I moved into my house and rented the rooms, sold the house, moved in with a friend, then got a couple of apartments.

I've bought another house and I hope to live here for very long while, until I decide if I want to retire here or somewhere else.

I love living alone, maybe a little too much.
The first time I moved was the army so it counts but not really. I was so relieved to come home and get an apartment. Now I realize i should of stayed home longer.
It was a nice move from NYC to Las Vegas, but it was nothing like I had hoped. On a vacation, Las Vegas seems great. Living here is another story entirely.
I've moved so many times I can't even remember.
I moved away to go first to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where I lived with a family as a sort of "Charles in Charge" going to school during the day, and baby sitting three children from age 8 to 3 years old while their nurse mother worked graveyard shift.

After that, I went to University, and lived first in the dorms and then with my best friend and Silent Bob which was a little odd at first, because he is a guy and I am a gal. But since we are only platonic friends, it was quickly comfortable and we lived together for 5 years before I made the big move to LA. Silent Bob moved out here a year later :)

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