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Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego...


Ancient but wise
Jul 8, 2004
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I recently found this website that tests your Traveller's IQ......unfortuntely I have been unable to get past Level 6 (Medium) due to not knowing my African countries well enough.......so I have a dismal IQ of 92.....:csad:

Plus the closest I have been able to get from the target is 15 km.....which was Seoul....so test your geography skills and post your results.....

Wow.... 75, I suck.

Edit: 77, I still suck.
Score of 32,320 Level 2 IQ 72 I'm sleepy. :csad:
Now I'm really depressed.
I got 91, my closest ones were 22 km for the Statue of Liberty and 47 km for Dublin, though that one was pretty easy since Ireland is small. Eastern Europe is were I got screwed.
It sucks you dont have a better zoom, i can get with-in 50 miles with a better zoom in.
87 and my track pad is all jacked up.
That's right, I've got excuses. :mad: :(
Just a tip...I did it again and discovered I got a better score when I did it as fast as possible in the general direction than when I wasted time trying to pinpoint it.

Ooom bop! Doopey doopey doobop! Oopy doopy doo bop! Ooompy Ooompy ooombop!

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