World which x-men cartoon series is your favorite?


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Sep 9, 2007
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which show do you like, and why? the animated series or evolution? (if you want to count in 'pryde of the x-men', be my guest)

Evolution. My High School career sucked so I lived vicariously through those charming young muties.

(I think a poll would've been good in this thread, no?)
TAS namely had the action.

Evolution had the stories and emotional arcs. In later series, they emphasised the action but still had great character moments. So Evo. But both were absolutely great :up:
it would have to be a tie

TAS was great for a 90s cartoon.

and evo was a great up to date version as well.
Its a Tie for me...

X-Men TAS because thats what started my X-Addiction (sure, I had a few comics before the cartoon, but this was what really got me into it) plus I have fond memories of the cartoon...

X-Men Evolution was a great cartoon, I liked the stories better, I liked so many of the characters that were introduced and used in the series, and loved the animation style...I'm also sorta with Ratcrawler, my high school experience was terrible, so this was my escape...
Evo all the way.
90's X-Men as the series was based on Chris Claremont's X-Men, and had the fewest changes from the comics of any X toon. My favorite ep was The Dark Phoenix as The Starjammers are some of my fave X characters outside of Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Psylocke, Rogue, Cable and Kitty Pryde.

I did not care for Evo as the characters were changed too much in my opinion.
I like them both the same.
i like watching the x-men evolution better but the x-men animated series has better stuff in it. like fighting scenes how they fight apocalypse and more things.
TAS for me. I had already been reading X-Men for a decade before the show came on, but it convinced me with Night of the Sentinels that it took the mythology very seriously.

I remember my family, who aren't into comics at all, actually got hooked into the series when it debuted.
TAS was pretty great. Not the best animation, but it dealt with the material in a mature way. Although sometimes things would get repetitive(Storm's speechifying, Jean fainting incessantly, etc.)

Evo was cool, but it took a while for me to really start enjoying it. I just didn't like how they tendedt o water things so much. I also hated that sappy incedental music they'd play during the serious/heartfelt moments.
i **** you not, this is the thing that got me into X-Men hardcore:

sentimental favorite.
plus it spawned the arcade game. and that is the best video game ever.
that's right...I WENT THERE!

bad grammar and all.
They did some weird **** with Emma. She's part of the Brotherhood, flies, and makes psy-weapons. Wtf?
Emma being part of the Brotherhood is cool. but the reason she flies is the same reason that Jean flew in the X-Men comics/series. they gave her the same powers.

now Wolverine they did some weird **** too.
he's Australian for some reason. and Storm has about as much to do in the cartoon as Halle Berry did in the first two X-Men movies.

but it also had Kitty, wearing horrible 80s clothes, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Dazzler. that's right...i like Dazzler. cry about it! :cmad:
I've seen that Pryde episode. Actually, the animation was far greater than anything TAS produced. :up:
^ I agree. I don't know why people dog on Pryde of the X-Men so much, especially the animation.
the only thing i don't like about it is some of the vocal work. but that's a running problem with EVERY cartoon of the X-Men.
I seriously wish that the 90s voices went back today and dubbed over Pryde with new sound effects and maybe an enhanced color. It would be so much better...
better yet, the 90s voices + the Japanese intro animation= :shock:wow::wow::wow::shock
the 90s voices....yes, for some of the characters.
they need to look harder for a better Storm. Jean too. all the 90s cartoon one did was scream out in pain, and faint.

the rest are acceptable.
But she was fine as Phoenix. Storm was alright too, incessant speechifying aside.
there has yet to be a Storm voice that i like.
yes, when she was Phoenix she was good. for those whole 8 episodes.

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