Who would you love to see in a Justice League cameo?


Sep 28, 2003
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With so many memebers, I think there's always the possibilty of a few cameos...now, who would you love LOVE LOVE to see...even if only breifly?
Ollie's kicking booty!

Not surprising really.
LOBO! like in an intergalactic bar where GL is trackin somebody.

I shoud have put Fate on the list, he would be a good cameo, he can just pop in whenever.
Hey Dog the Bounty Hunter could play Lobo...on second thought that would tarnish Lobo's good name
While I voted for Atom (RAY PALMER!). I would equally love to see Zatanna and scene where you see Green Arrow and Black Canary kicking OMAC's butts. :)
Ray Palmer, Captain Atom or The Question would all make me geek out a bit. And Palmer would be pretty easy because he could just be seen in a scientific context.
Huntress. She is just plain badass. Unlike Batman, she actually kills criminals, which is much more effective. :woot: :oldrazz:
It depends on the film......if the film is gonna introduce all the characters and give them brief origns then form the team then I kinda want a few....I want Lobo (Andrew Bryniarski) in some space Bar in the GL intro....and others in that vein....like someone's intro taking them into a lab and maybe Red Tornado can be half built in there and stuff like that.

If the film starts off and the team is already established as the JLA (or if there is a time jump to that point) Then when the big threat comes in I want to see manhunter putting a call out to all of the other Heroes and when he calls Green Arrow we see Ollie fighting some folks and he says he is too busy with his own stuff to help at the moment.....then then that scene will lead into the upcoming Supermax film featuring Ollie.

Actually that can work in the first one too....if they are introducing characters whe they are forming the team they can go to see Green Arrow and something smimlar could go down.....leading into Supermax
Ollie as a business man.Even a small reference.
I wanna some other GL except Guy even if its someone less important.

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