Why Extroverts Like Parties and Introverts Avoid Crowds

I'm very likely an introvert and I link "the rush of a feel-good brain chemical" with my environment, it's just that I get said rush when my environment isn't filled with people who want to bother me.
I'm definitely more introverted-leaning but I'm not wholly introverted.

I can handle crowds and not have a problem but give me an isolated, quiet, peaceful place any day of the week. At the same time I hate isolation in large doses. I'm also far more detail oriented though I cannot stand intricate detailing. Instant gratification isn't always a bad thing either. I can wait for something but just like a child on Christmas Eve, sometimes it can be difficult.
I'm an introvert and find large, loud crowds to be very exhausting to be around...I try to avoid them if at all possible. I prefer one on one or a very small group of 4 or 5 people at the most.
Extroverts like all the parties because that means they don't want to deal with personal development by themselves. The social interaction is everything; along with those things is the image they need to portray.

Introverts seem to want to tackle all their challenges alone and they do not want to be influenced by others. At the same time, they want someone to understand them, but they are too cynical to believe someone like that exists.

That's the way I see it.
Interestingly, Sarte had a completely different meaning to that phrase then people think.


L'enfer, c'est les autres I believe is the French line.

But I do like the more misanthropic (mis)interpretation.

Sounds better than "people suck".
I don't like parties because they're too noisy and I can't think straight when I can't hear what's going on. Oh I love the occasional gathering of real friends for movie night or dinner but when you get a house full of strangers you don't know barging in and molesting your possessions that's where I draw the line. When a person is not respectful of your things you'll tend to find them missing or destroyed and as a middle child of three other sisters there was many a time their friends got scared crapless by me for wrecking my things. I might look harmless but don't test your luck and my patience.
Give me a desk, coffee and laptop without people around me and I'll be happier than a Irish person seeing Sun.
Introvert all the way... Why do you think I come here? :)
Introvert, crowd gives me a scary out of body experience. Close to almost being drugged, but not in a good way.
Yeah, I think folks who frequent online messageboards are more often introverts. :cwink: We can leave a conversation gracefully and on our own accord.

I'm fine with crowds if I don't have to directly interact with them. I had a meeting once where I was conversing for more than an hour and I literally could not come up with a coherent sentence by the end of it. Networking takes a lot out of me. A party of more than 5 is too many people. I'd definitely rather listen than talk, and I am interested in people's stories. But I can't be the one talking the whole time. Too tiring!

My husband is even more introverted than I am. He has no interest in other people if they're not already close - they might as well not even exist to him. He gets very irritated if he has to be in a crowd. I don't go shopping with or to social events with him because of this reason. :funny:

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