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WikiLeaks Starring Benedict Cumberbatch & Joel Kinnaman


Jun 20, 2008
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The conversations on DreamWorks‘ Julian Assange film that Twilight Saga’s Bill Condon will likely direct is now with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the WikiLeaks founder, and Robocop‘s Joel Kinnaman playing his former right hand man, Daniel Domscheit-Berg. The studio would not confirm this, but it seemed intriguing and dishy enough to discuss. DreamWorks acquired the books WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War On Secrecy, by David Leigh and Luke Harding, and Inside WikiLeaks: My Time With Julian Assange At The World’s Most Dangerous Website, written by Domscheit-Berg. Josh Singer wrote the script.

During the summer, word surfaced that DreamWorks had some loose discussions with Jeremy Renner, so we’ll have to see where this goes. Assange launched WikiLeaks in 2006 and established himself as a major thorn in the side of governments for leaking embarrassing diplomatic cables and secrets. He has been dealing with his own legal travails, as Sweden wants to try him for sexually assaulting two women and the U.S. wants to prosecute him for leaking classified documents, after it arrested an Army soldier for allegedly providing Assange with the goods. The film’s third act continues to unfold, but there is no shortage of projects based on the polarizing figure. Universal and Marc Shmuger have an Alex Gibney-directed documentary, while HBO, Universal and Megan Ellison are also working on films.

Cumberbatch is on a star track, and not just because he’s signed on to costar in Star Trek Into Darkness. The Sherlock star is doing August: Osage County, the Steve McQueen-directed Twelve Years A Slave and he plays The Necromancer, and, from what I hear, the voice of Smaug in Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Hobbit trilogy.
I wonder if Bradley Manning will get mentioned? It's such a shame everyone has forgotten about him. Bradleys the one in serious trouble and no-one even knows where he is.
Cumberbatch doesn't look a thing like Assange. That blond wig looks hideous.

... and DreamWorks has already set a November 2013 date? Must be a quick 2-3 month shoot if they plan on making it.
These two actors alone are enough for me to see this.
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Cumberbatch will always look like Cumberbatch unless they do makeup or he does some kind of training regimen to slim down or bulk up, he just literally has that kind of face.
Eh, to me he looks "enough" like him for the purposes of the movie.

Not a big deal to me.
Could be a good movie but I could not care less about the story of Asange.
Cumberbatch will always look like Cumberbatch unless they do makeup or he does some kind of training regimen to slim down or bulk up, he just literally has that kind of face.

And it's the reason why his immense rabid fangirl following mystifies me (I know people love Sherlock though). I don't think Cumberbatch looks that attractive.
I'm intrigued by this. I'm a fan of both Cumberbatch and Bruhl.
I remember when Cumberbatch played a young Stephen Hawkings in that BBC TV movie

Can't wait to see this. Glad a movie about this is being made.
I'm a huge fan of Cumby so sign me up for anything he is in. I don't know if I'll be seeing it in theaters but that was a decent trailer and Cumby's performance looks really strong.
This looks amazing. There are so many amazing films coming out soon! And Spielberg said cinema is imploding lol
Cumbers looking phenomenal in this trailer, as expected.
The Batch nailed it.

What a great cast Laura Linney, Anthony Mackie, David Thewlis, Carice Van Houten, Peter Capaldi, Alicia Vikander, Daniel Bruhl and Stanley Tucci.
This looks fantastic. Big fan of Aaron Sorkin after The Social Network (one of my favourite films)
Looks excellent and like a definite potential for the academy.

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