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Will Jason ever 'heal' and be fully accepted by the BatClan?

Miss Webb

Apr 4, 2004
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I think long term the only way he can survive is by adapting. A lot of people aren't sold on his return. I'm pretty neutral. But if they expand on his character beyond the Psycho bit, I'm open to ideas. But enough of this skulking in the dark, hair trigger crap. I'd like to see his relationship with Bruce get back on some decent footing, too.
Yeah I definitly want to him see developed from where he's at right now. Whether he turns into a decent ally or a serious villain I don't mind so much, as long as it's something substantial. I was excited about the idea of him taking over for Batman, that would've been perfect. But it looks like that story's not happening after all.


I think the "Red Hood" is past it's use date as well. he should ditch that

have you been reading Countdown at all? He ditched the Red Hood thing, and has been on a universe hopping quest to find Roy Palmer to save the multiverse with Kyle Rayner and Donna Troy...he seems to have pretty much gone from "bad ass anti hero" to "Donna Troy's little b**ch boy" fairly quickly.
I have no clue what's going on with this "Countdown" business. What little I've seen of it looks like everything I hate about comic books, though I'll probably check out the Jason Todd sections on Scans Daily or something since yeah I heard he has a bit of a role ^.
If bats ever died, i would like to see him take up the dual responsibility of raising tim drake along side dick grayson.

I think they all represent three sides of the same batman coin with todd being more gritty, drake being more of the detective and grayson as more of the leader role.

I'd quite like to see bats go renegade for a while and see how the three of them manage to take him down when established groups like the justice league fail...

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