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Jul 27, 2002
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Ok, i'll admit it. I'm a huge Will Smith fan. I enjoyed his work when he was on the Fresh Princh of Bel air. And then when he got into movies, that's when I really started to get into his work more. I've enjoyed pretty much all his stuff. I Am Legend being my new favorite of his. (at least until his new superheroish one comes out!)

He's one of the few actors that can put humor, seriousness and tough guy attitude all in one package and he does it well. He's got a great range of convincing emotions. I think he's one of our greats. Since most of the old action heroes are well...old...I think he really steps up to bat as a sort of action hero who can do drama.

Anyone else feel the same?
He was always a very likeable guy which was always reflected in his characters. Lately, hes been really branching out and doing well
He has a wonderful agent. I'll say that much.
You know, he was great on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air yet I haven't really him seen in any comedies except Hitch.
Hes never really done a straight forward comedy other than Hitch.He usually just plays witty characters in action movies
I honestly don't think anyone dislikes the guy. Those that do are just jealous, or sick of seeing him for some reason. He's never been an a-hole to anyone, and is pretty friendly to fans and what not. Can he be a little egotistical at times? Yeah. But compared to what the rest of his ilk does, I'd say it's a minor thing.
Will Smith is the quintessential movie star. He can do it all and he's just such a likable guy.
i dont remember if i ever saw him mad in an interview.
he is always 100% happy. is this an ''image'' or is he really like that?
i dont remember if i ever saw him mad in an interview.
he is always 100% happy. is this an ''image'' or is he really like that?

Judging by his outlook on how he sees life...I don't think it's an act.

I recently watched I, Robot again. Forgot how great that movie is. Lots of emotion, lots of wit and some really great action. He pulled off the character very well. I cracked up at the scene when he's in the tunnel and the transport carring the robots turns towards him and starts opening up and he's all like "No way is my luck THAT bad."
haha....good stuff
Will Smith is the worlds only Gun-Slingin, Alien Bustin, Robot Fightin, Zombie Huntin Fresh Prince of Bel-air
Based on his box office numbers, he's by far the most marketable star in Hollywood today. 7 Straight and 11 of his last 13 films have crossed the $100 million plateau domestically.
my favorite movies are men in black 1 and 2, I ROBOT independence DAY, Hitch and bad boys. I also liked the first bad boys. I never seen the second one. I liked emeny of the state too.

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