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Will Ultimate Humans go the route of Ult Hulk Vs Wolv?


Mar 13, 2006
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It's basically the same book, except with iron man instead of wolverine.
In Soviet Russia comic books Ultimatize you.

*Note: Ultimatize is not a real word.
Well,you got Nord on art(+1),and Ellis(+1),who outside of his Ultimate work,tends to deliver the goods.

It's only 4 issues,don't see any delays happening unless Marvel didn't learn their lesson with UWVSH.

Iron Man/Hulk,on top of being 2 of my favs,stories are always fun,haven't read a good one since the 3 issues proceeding the Demon in a Bottle arc by Micheline and Layton.
To me, the only reason ULTIMATE HUMAN exists is because both Iron Man and Hulk have movies up the pipeline, and they want to have, or imagine having, some sort of product or trade or both that is supposedly accessable to mainstreamers ready when that happens. Anything else just seems like baloney.

But then again, I am cynical.

I'm uninterested, and giving this a pass. I am slowly weening myself off of Ultimate at this rate.
Ah, while I dislike the Ultimate line, and dont' wanna see Ultimate Human go through, I'd have to see it cast to limbo hell like the other.
the preview pages looked great in this week's PWJ,Nord draws one hell of a hulk
Nord draws one hell of an everything. Marvel needs to put him on a decent project again.
Lessee... A decent project?

I'm thinking an Initiative title. Though, I'd love him on an Iron Man mini, as I like how he handles the armor.

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