Wolverine NO LATER than 2009 release per Peter Cuneo.

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Nov 17, 2005
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There you have it. We probably could have assumed that from other interviews in the past but this is a new statement from Cuneo at the Raymond James analyst conference w/Marvel today. :)

It's been kind of silet so nice to hear this today.

Mr. Cuneo will present at Raymond James & Associates' 28th Annual Institutional Investors Conference on Tuesday, March 6th at 4:35 p.m. EST. The conference is being held at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando, FL.
Live Webcast and Replay: Mr. Cuneo's presentation will be available to investors via http://www.wsw.com/webcast/rj26/mvl/ or via http://www.marvel.com/company/index.htm?sub=webcasts_current.php. An archived version of the webcast will be available at these locations for thirty days. Slide Presentations: Slide presentations used at the conferences will be available for download at www.marvel.com/company/index.htm?sub=webcasts_current.php beginning at the approximate starting time of each presentation.

Should be in the first link.
Cool. Thanks for the heads up.
Does Fox doing a Wolverine movie count as using the X-men property license?

I was hoping Marvel would get rights back to X-men sooner than later.
Well let me guess. Fox is going to do Wolverine and Magneto movies for the next 7 years so they can keep the rights to X-men and eventually do a half assed reboot.

Damn you Fox!!!! Damn you to hell!!!! :cmad:
For future reference Marvel, put frickin time limits on movie license contracts. Geeze.
Yes of course they put time limits on the movie rights. Imagine Disney or some other studio said we want to buy the rights on the cheap as Marvel sold them early on to come out of bankruptcy. Then DIsney said you know what...we're never gonna make a film. Sorry. Now they tied up the rights forever. Marvel needs the big budget theatrical releases to help spur toy sales, video game sales, and merchandise sales so that's the big issue. Marvel made a fortune off of The Hulk while Universal didn't make nearly as much. The theatrical revenue wasn't huge but everything around it was. Imagine Universal still had the rights and could just hold onto them??? They're protecting the characters this way to make sure at least every 4 years (for those studios that purchased movie rights) they better continue to make sequels or tentpole spin-off's or they'll lose the rights. If it's not worth it to the studio Marvel gets the rights back like The Hulk, and very likely Daredevil, Elektra, and Blade. This is good. With Marvel getting DD back they get Elektra and Kingpin too back. Now Marvel can make them at their own leisure and make them right. You see how Marvel studios is handling Iron Man so far..and the Hulk will follow suit.
Are you able to transcribe the quote from Peter Cuneo? (I get put off by registration.)
*sorry for any typos*

Cuneo talking about Marvel film rights:

All of our film deals with studio partners allow them to continue to have the rights as long as the make the sequels within a prescribed time frame. That time frame varies from deal to deal, but it's typically 3 years, 3 1/2 years; it might even go on to 4 years. If they don' t make the sequel, then the rights revert back to Marvel.

We are constantly as we get stronger and have more success we're constantly trying to renegotiate our deals and there have been successful renegotiations over the years we typically don't talk about them because our studio partners would prefer that would simply not be public information but I can assure you there are improvements in the deals and I'd rather not speak to anyone on one specific deal.

You do sometimes hear the studios saying this is the last of the 'blank' films in our case that's prob unlikely if a successful franchise. I certainly would include X-Men, probably Fantastic Four and that's with Fox.

Cuneo talking about X-MEN and WOLVERINE:

There are something like 300 seperate X-Men. Some only appeared in one comic book and probably will never hear about again, but in the Fox deal on X-Men there's a long list probably around 300 but a long list of X-Men and villians and everything else.

Wolverine is the most popular of the X-Men and Fox is talking about with Hugh Jackman making a WOLVERINE film which would qualify in a sense as X-MEN 4 and that may very well in fact be out in 2008 or certainly by 2009 if they go ahead, but Fox is very adept at making a quality film very quickly. So it is a possibility for 2008 though that up to Fox to announce I'm really not sure when that will be.

Thanks AD for the links; very cool. :up:
Thanks for the transcript.

No wonder Fox are keen to go ahead with the Wolverine film as should mean they can keep the X-Men rights without have to spend $200m on a full X-Men sequel.
Yep but it's still treated as a sequel to Marvel and they get more upfront money on each film. If you listed to the whole thing they make loads of cash especially as the box office hit's certain benchmarks and the merchandise, toys, etc.... Plus Marvel takes zero risk on those projects. AT the same time Marvel is still doing their studio films making lots of money.
BTW there's a Bear Sterns transcript too with even more information on Avengers, Ant-Man and Captain America. See the Marvel Movies thread under general movies. :)
Hmm... Yeah, that's what happened with X3, right....:whatever:

LOL, I was thinking the same thing. But on the plus side, they do have a script and their star is signed on already, that's encouraging.
^ Haha. The fact that they have those things before they have an unwavering release date is already a plus.
I even heard Hugh say that in an interview a few months back...that the script was actually done, which was a revolution for them in the history of the X-Men films. :woot:
^Ha, good stuff. Pretty excited to see how this turns out.
when are they supposed to start filming this movie?
At this point I don't even care of this or Magneto or Emma or any spin-off gets made. At this point I'm just about on the damn restart band wagon.
Restart? No need for that. They could do an Origin film though if that's what you mean.

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