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Wonder Woman One Year Later thread

Black Canary22

Apr 12, 2006
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Well, I don't know about all you guys on this site. But we girls are really looking forward to the new Wonder Woman series! Alan Heinberg is now taking over the book, and pencils by Terry Dodson. It comes out in June, so be sure to check it out. I think it'll do great, y'all enjoy this thread now and talk about it.

issue 2 cover, can any of you say Giganta?
:eek: :up:


thanx, thats an awesome pic. and isnt Heinberg the guy who writes Young Avengers?
now i cant wait for it. every single issue of YA is a masterpiece, and WW is sure to kick ass.
I liked the Kubert cover that I've seen, I might actually pick up wonder woman. I never thought I would say that.
I don't see why not. Rucka's run on the book was fantastic.
the art is great. i may pick up WW#1 too.
Yeah, the Dodsons don't do a very good job on men. They're bread and butter is the female form.

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