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would it be wrong.....

No I mean.. You can rent them out like you do a clown.. For like a birthday party or something :/
I know....Now I want a Clown Midget ressed like Galactus
one of my friends has a sister that is a midget. she actually hates her sister. send me a suit and i'll see if i can get her to put it on.
Nope No Ryo in here.....Ryo you must have been in on this is one of it's many other incarnations....this has been brought up many times...this thread was the first....and second I believe.
Oh ok, yeah I was in the conversation in the New thread.
No you don't...and don't you ever make me doubt myself again.
I made you doubt yourself, therefore I won.
I know....Now I want a Clown Midget ressed like Galactus
rough, exploiting midgets for your own personal enjoyment isn't right. but wrestling has been doing it for years so i have no problem here
There are absolutely no midgets here in Edmonton....It's the strangest thing but in my seven years here I have only ever seen two...and they might hae been the same guy....I've seen more but those ones were guests in a hotel so I know they don't live here.
my elementary school had one midget, one black kid, and two Asia kids. its must really sucked to be them. that school was really really white
Me High school had one black girl.

I bet Elementary was the same way....but I wasn't there for that.

But in all of grades 8 thru 12 for the five years I was there there was one black girl....and only two indians for two years....everyone else was white.
i remember they did this school photo where everyone in the school was in it and its just a see of white and one black kid
That's funny......Someone should photoshop i so all of the white folks aare in hoods

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