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The Hasbroization of Marvel Figures


Aug 30, 2003
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So there's the Silver Wolverine and now this.....Apparently these will be hitting TRUs, around March 20 something.....There is no BAF Piece and the scult is entirely the same.....

I guess I am kinda relieved that there is no BAF piece so wont wind up with Extra Annihulus Pieces when I buy this....I'll prolly buy one....I would love to get my hands on a case or two but it is a TRU exclusive and I didn't have access.

Anyway....I know in Wave two there are three varients that are supposed to be contained in the boxes......So i don't know i these random MLs popping up will be a continuing trend for Hasbro.
Yeah, I saw this over on Fwoosh. According to them it's been sighted in Canada, but the folks at my Toys r Us don't even have a clue what I am talking about.
Figured, I have't checked here in Edmonton yet, but the wes usually gets stuff well after the east.
i think it sucks it doesn't have the BAF piece. I hope this doesnt man that all of the variants down the line will lack the pieces.
I see no point in it having the BAF Piece...it's a special item after the initial release, I think it should cost less since it has less product than one that cost the same.

But these are released 12 to a case so there is no point giving thema BAF.

If this were an army builder.....

Hmmm, this is what they should do with the Hydra Agnet. Sell them in 12 per case and give each of them a random piece for a BAF which is another Hydra Soldier.

Make the cases readily available to online stores and if someone buys a case they can end up with 14 Hydra Agents.....Hmmmm, wonderful Idea
Is the Hasbroization of Marvel figures basically making variants of crappy hasbro-ized figures?
I'll bet she's more than a regular figure.
nope...sources say she be the same price
Thats odd, usually TRU bumps up the price on their "exclusives". Both the BB and SR exclusive figs cost about twice as much as the regular figs.
Yeah, I saw this over on Fwoosh. According to them it's been sighted in Canada, but the folks at my Toys r Us don't even have a clue what I am talking about.

never talk to chain store employees.. they never know what your talking about, figure wise
why did they make her hair clear... *Sigh*... when will toy company's learn Emma isn't "invisible" .... they should add like... glitter in her so least she sparkles... it'd be kinda cool
Yeah, just give her a pearl white paint job on her skin.
Some pics I've seen of her have clear hair but some have clear/blonde hair
You'd make your point alot clearer if you used a comma after "No". And if you put "me" in italics it'd even emphasize it a little better.

But just the usual slouch as always.
No, You'd make your point a lot clearer if you used a comma after "no" and if you put "me" in italics, it's even emphasize it a little better.

Eat it.
Why would I do that when I could just say it?? Like this dimwit:

You should write it like this:
No, Spare me.

That'd be extra work for nuthin'.

Why would you do that when you coulda just done that........Ass
Because thats how I wanted to do it cockbreath.

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