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Dec 27, 2007
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Hey, guys!

I Have an ideia for you. Let's make the other JLA trailer thread the Teaser-Trailer Thread and make this the Trailer Thread.

A Teaser must tease people showing as little as possible.

A Trailer must tease the people, but with a catalog of images an story resume, and be longer than the teaser.

Let's se everyone's guests! :cwink:
  • . Warner Brothers Logo.

    . Legendary Pictures Logo.

    . DC Comics Logo.
  • We hear " Requim of a Dream"
. Black Screen.

    • We see Superman raceing jet planes and beating them
    • We see The Bat-man jumping over some cars, fall off a rooftop and then opens some wings gliding over Gotham City getting in between a gang war/drug deal
    • We see Wonder Woman blocking some bullets with her bracelets
    • We see The Flash running across the water dodging gunshots and bombs
    • We see Green Lantern using his power ring to hold a bulding together from falling on inocent people
    • We see Aquaman using tricks he does in Smallville like waterballs and swimming at superspeed to fight some powerful supernatural seamonsters
    • We see Martian Manhunter shapeshifting into many people and things and unsing his power vision before suprised and scared people while the JLA members are being watched by a black figure
    • We see Hawkman flying threw the fire, using a golden sheild
    • We hear the Justice League themesong
  • We see the Heroes reunited and do the famous walk they do in the jla pilot, the smallville episode justice and the JL themesong
  • We see the watchtower which looks like the Watchtower in The Batman and the one Martian Manhunter made in Smallville: Justice and Doom
  • BUT
  • Robots are attacking places all over the world like Metropolis, Gotham, Keystone City, Coast City, Themysceria, Atlantis
  • We see Lex at a public conference
  • We see Bizarro destroying a building while the Joker is looking at the camera laughing
  • We see Mr.Freeze is using a freeze gun on people
  • We See meeting room inside the superfreinds Hall of Doom which rise up from the swamp and inside from Left to right is Black Manta, Giganta, Toyman, Riddler, Bizarro, Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Captain Cold or Mr.Freeze, Cheetah,, Solomon Grundy, Gorilla Grodd, Brainiac and Sinestro
  • We see Lex Luthor and Brainiac and Grodd talking
  • We see Gorilla Grodd and Captian Cold fighting who's the better Flash villian while Toyman (mix of tm of superman doomsday and stas) is making dangerous toys
  • We see Bizarro look at the Riddiler(The Batman meets Superfreinds) and Scarecrow(BB and first version) fighting who is the better Batman villian which we see Black Manta with his mask off
  • People running scared as cities are being destroyed
  • the police face Bizarro
  • The army tries to reach Brainiac in the flying Hall of Doom
  • several people tries to escape joker venom gas
  • We see a hospital full of dead children with Joker smiles before the hospital explode
  • We see Lexcorp robots and the Leauge of Shadows taking over Metropolis
  • We see Lex looks angry and suprised
  • We see the Brainiac/Lexcorp Omacs are exploding
  • Bizarro throws a missile at Superman which explodes in his face before Superman falls down
  • We see a bloodied and bruised Batman effected by feargas being beaten with a baseball bat by the Joker in a vampire suit in a destroyed Gotham
  • Gorilla Grodd roars while beating The Flash while Captain Cold freezes The Flash whole body
  • Sinestro is using his yellow power ring(which is GL's weakness) against Green Lantern/Hal
  • Martian Manhunter suprises Lex who uses fire on MM
  • We see Hawkman, Green Arrow and Black Canary destroying robots
  • Wonder Woman and The Cheatah(Priscilla Rich) is having a magic sword fight and not onty The Cheetah is winning but she scrathes WW'S face and is about to kill her
  • Aquaman is using moves he used in Smallville, JL/JLU and Mercy Reef pilot against Black Manta using his technology and shoots him with posion darts
  • We see Superman have a fight with Brainiac who has Kryptonian powers, makes copies of himself, manipulate power electric energy with his body, telekinesis, and more of his powers in all form of media and Brainiac acts like how he acts in Superfreinds cartoons, STAS, Static Shock, JL/JLU and Smallville
  • Superman: THIS ENDS NOW!!
  • Brainiac: No, Kal-el....
  • We see exploxions and fear gas is covering the city while the Hall of Doom/Brainiac ship is hovering over this city
  • We see the Heroes are trapped in rooms holdin their weaknesses( Superman-red sun energy, Batman and GA chains, Barry- alot of gravity holding his body in one place, Hal/GL in yellow, WW is hold by her magic rope, Martian Manhunter surrounded by fire, Aquaman is deprived of water seriously weaking him while there is more robots around the world and Gorilla Grodd puts on his mind reading helmet to find out everything about their life ala Justice
  • Brainiac: It has only begun.
  • fade to black
I hope you like it I obviasly based this on the superfreinds cartoon , silver age justice league comics, jl/jlu, Justice(the comic and smallville), and other forms of media. I going to show teaser later

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