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Sequels X-men 4: The Cast


Apr 9, 2005
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I'm sure there will be more X-men films. (It interest Fox) Particulary, X4; this time without Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry, but yes probably with Matthew Vaughn.
If finally David Anders and John Rhys-Meyers are signed, (more Beast) there is already a perfect cast for another sequel.

This would be the cast:

Patrick Stewart (Xavier)
Ian McKellan (Magneto)
Vinnie Jones (Juggernaut)
Famke Janssen (Jean Grey/ Phoenix. a bigger role)
James Marsden (Cyclops. Bigger role too. The lead one.)
Anna Paquin (Rogue)
Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler)
Shawn Ashmore (Iceman)
Rebecca Romijn (Mystique)
David Anders (Angel)
John Rhys-Meyers (Gambit)
Daniel Cudmore (Colossus)
Aaron Stanford (Pyro)
Kea Wong (Jubilee)

[size=+0]More the possible return of Tyler Mane (Sabretooth) and Ray Park (Toad), and new characters like Psylocke, Emma Frost, Dazzler, Avalanche, Dr. Bolivar Trask, Stacy-X...[/size]

X4 is still possible!
We have just to wait...
doubt they will have John Rhys-Meyers has he only looks the part i doubt he can act the part imo
While I'd love an X-4, I don't think it'll happen with the current cast that we have now. Fox might do a series of spin-off movies, as they're planning to do with the Wolverine one, that deal with the younger generation of X-Men. Just my opinion though. :)
as long as it isn't like generation x i wouldn't mind have a load of spin off films but x-men is too popular to end it at 3 so i think they will make a 4th if not a 5th
whoa whoa whoa, I am a pretty big comic book fan here, but I stopped picking up x-men when they stopped dressing like super heroes and started dressing like bad S&M film rejects. Who is Stacy X ?
Did i miss her or what ?
i would say storm, jean and cyclops should not be back. say they took extended absences cause they need some alone time. then introduced new characters
Jan Irisi said:
It broke from all the head banging he was doing.............
Never buy your computer desks from Toys R Us... :p

TNC9852002 said:
Never buy your computer desks from Toys R Us... :p


I don't want to grow up...I'm a Toys-R-Us kid........

*Looks at furniture in childrens' room...*

Oh poo..............

So...let's talk recasts!!!!!!!!
Actors like Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Alan Cumming, Shawn Ashmore or Rebecca Romijn aren't so popular and don't have too much work, so probably would come back to X4, and the new ones probably will be signed for one film more, at least.
And with Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan and Vinnie Jones they'll surely return.

So make sure there will be X4 (also it depends of the X3's box office, but it will be good...).
how the hell does Stacey-X come into play for an X-Men movie?
Stacy-X is one of the worst x-characters of all time. I cant believe shes Vaughns favorite...
FieryBalrog said:
Stacy-X is one of the worst x-characters of all time. I cant believe shes Vaughns favorite...

Where does it say she's Vaughn's favorite?
Thanks, zeptron.

I have to say, IMO, that kinda sucks he's so interested in her. I never really liked her.
forgeting Stacy-X... With Kelsey Grammer as Beast and Maggie Grace as Kitty, more the new actors for Angel, Gambit and Colossus? (probably famous ones) we'll have an amazing cast, so if X3 will succeed, surely there will be a new trilogy, hopefully, shooted back to back!

what do you think?
Kitty is still un-confirmed.

Colossus better be the guy from X2.

I would like and X4... but it should be less than 3 years to come out after X3... They should have made 3 and 4 back to back. But since they arn't I just don't know about X4.

Biggest thing really is how much $$$ X3 makes, and will won't know that for over another year from now.

PS Stacy X was a joke by the dicector and in the comic, she didn't stay around long enough for people to care about her anyway. Marrow was around way longer than the Working Girl was.
As long as Anna Paquins in it i'll be happy.

It would probly be out in 2009 and everybody will be 4 years older.
psylockolussus said:
i dont know who is stacy-x
Stacy-X is a scaley ****e! :mad:

Seriously, though. She was a prostitute with green, scaley skin. :p She had the power to emit pheromones that effected the emotions of those around her.
imagerian27 said:
doubt they will have John Rhys-Meyers has he only looks the part i doubt he can act the part imo
X4 new mutants introduced should be.....


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