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Sequels X-Men members that you don't imagine being in the movies

Aug 19, 2004
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When I say X-Men members, these are the ones who worked as a X-Man or lived in the X-Mansion like the students and teachers.

-New X-Men 2.0 (Surge, Hellion, Dust, Rockslide, Anole and the other X-Students) I enjoyed their run in the comics and I wish they didn't end it with a freaking cross-over:o but I don't see these mutants appearing in the movies.
-Changeling - Mystique 2.0
-Joseph - Magneto 2.0
-X23- Wolverine clone
-X-Man/Rachel Summers
-Sage/Lifeguard/Slipstream - I would love to see these three because they're a bit undershown in the comics but they are hardly familiar
-Xorn/Shen Xorn
-Lady Mastermind - Jason 143 2.0
-Omega Sentinel/Danger - I don't see a robot or a Sentinel working with the X-Men in the movies.
-Hope Summers - Phoenix 2.0
The Shi'ar
Cypher being able to communicate with any language would sure come in handy with the Shi'ar

^ whoa. cool mutant. they could totally use him.
Edit: You're right! They'd totally need an interpreter in space. Cypher would be the X-Men's C3PO, Babelfish, Universal Translator...

In terms of the poll, I'd pick Mojo for sure. I can't picture him unless they can really take things out of Earth and somehow recreate the Star Wars scene with Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia. Except this time it's Rogue and she beats the snot out of him (literally). It's mandatory.

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I can't imagine Northstar either, probably because he's a type of superhero that hasn't been screened before and Fox is too safe to try it.

That and the fact that his flight and superspeed are powers that other mutants already possess, but I'd love to see him someday.
Thunderbird I - Have him in maybe two films and can die at the end but sacrificing his powers to Young Rogue so she can be closer to comic book Rogue with flight and strength.
i don't think they plan to bring rogue back soon.
We could see rogue again in another characters spin off movie but I dunno about the 2018 movie
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I wish she'd return in a Mystique solo film as a preteen living with Mystique/Destiny
I disagree about X-23, particularly now that New Mutants is confirmed to be in development.
I can already hear the complaints from people if they use X-23. It'll all come back to Wolverine in the end.
Ugh. No X-23 please! I want the classic New Mutants line-up!

I also religiously read New X-Men (it was good!) and X-23 was my least favorite in that comic-book.

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