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    dang...I liked Nikolai....so is that it for big red?. Its going good. What happened to Bishop? He seems to have fallen in the background.

    as for my story moving to fast. I'm just trying to get the plot moving along. But I'm not rushing things.
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    that's cool. and to answer your questions: bishop will play a much bigger part towards the end, as i have it planned. one of the biggest changes i make to any of the characters or any of the storylines that i sort of compress for this will factor him and one other character, yet to be introduced, later on. and no, this isn't the end of big red. i suppose i did sort of end the bit with him in moscow rather quickly, but he'll be back shortly. i may even add it to the next update (look for that later tonight), just because i've been focusing so much on him. anyways, keep reading, and i still encourage everyone else who's reading to comment whenever they see fit (i fish for complements).
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    Stryker couldn't stop pacing.

    "When are we going?" He demanded to know. "Christ, are we expecting an invitation?"

    "No, General," Bobby Drake said. "We have one last person we're waiting on."

    "But everyone's here!" Stryker pleaded.

    "Please don't do this," Bobby groaned. "Everyone is anxious enough as it is."

    "I don't want to tell my son that his mother was killed because some super-heroes wanted to scratch their asses!" Stryker snapped.

    "General, please," it was Bishop. "The Professor said our last companion will be here soon."

    "He's here now," Psylocke said. The others looked at her. "I can sense him. The Professor is bringing him down right now. I think I can safely say that the flight will be extremely crowded."

    "Wait," Warren 'Angel' Worthington cut in. "You don't mean... Bobby, tell me Cain isn't coming."

    "Sorry, Warren," Iceman said. "We need him."

    Almost on cue, the Juggernaut entered, the ground shaking as he walked.

    "Hey newbies!" He said loudly. "Bob, Warren."

    "Hey Cain," Angel sighed. Professor Xavier wheeled himself in.

    "Is everyone ready?" He asked. Various people acknowledged that they were. "Gather around me, my X-Men." The team, including General Stryker and the former Avenger Juggernaut did as told. "Today, we venture into the belly of the beast. I know that Magneto himself is currently in Europe, as are at least two of his followers. This does not make us any safer. We are going to rescue a woman, and leave, but I do not know the kinds of defenses we will encounter, beyond the magnetic field around the island, and we are ready for that." He nodded toward Forge. "We fought the Brotherhood once, and had to contend with Magneto and Sabretooth." Wolverine winced. "They are not going to be in our way, but there are other new members, both of which are extremely powerful. Because they will have, essentially, the home field advantage, as well as more power than we may be ready for, we must be extremely careful. I know that Bishop and Angel are now in our ranks, and Cain has agreed to join us, but that still means little. Magneto would not make an invasion of his lair easy. You all know that I have a spy in the ranks of the Brotherhood, and he is how we found the location of Avalon, which is what they call it. Hopefully, he will make our job easier. When we arrive, expect resistance early on. This is when our spy must expose himself for us. He must be protected. Not only does he know where to find Irene Stryker, but I would ask all of God's mercy on whoever the Brotherhood would see as a traitor. Now, let's go."

    "Quite a humiliating day, isn't it?" A pale man with a British accent said. "A shame that your big comeback was routed so early."

    "Silence yourself," Omega Red snapped. He could barely even muster the will to throw this intruder out of his hideout.

    "Arkady, do you know why the police aren't upon you now?" The pale man asked. Red thought about it.


    "I have blocked their minds from knowing of your prescence," he explained. "My reason is that-" Red finally reached out and punched his intruder.

    "I know, I know," he complained. "You have an offer."

    "Not just an offer, Arkady," the man said. "A promise. I bring you your destiny. When you are finished with my cause, you will have the power to turn all of what was once the Soviet Union back into the state it once was." Red's eyes lit up. "Shall I explain myself further? Or would you attack again?"


    "I am Nathaniel Essex."

    "Like the British madman? He's been dead for fifty years."

    "In a sense, yes," Essex explained. "Fifty years ago, he was just a man, a bored English aristocrat. He loved exploring, and a collapsed Egyptian tomb was supposedly the end of him. It wasn't so, of course. He was saved, by a god."

    "A god?"

    "Well, a near-god," Essex said. "He offered me unimaginable power if I agreed to serve him as his herald. Thus far, he has kept his promise."

    "And who is he?"

    "En Sabbah Nur, the first one," Essex answered. "One day soon, he will rise from his cell to conquer this world, and those who serve him will reap the benefits."

    "Cell?" Red asked.

    "He is physically imprisoned," Essex said. "It was through special incantations that he knew that I gained my power."

    "How do I know that you have any real power?" Red asked. Essex's eyes glowed red, as did a spot on his chest. Red's cables emerged, and started slapping him on the face. "Stop that!"

    "Have I proven myself?" Essex asked.


    "Good. We have only one mission now, and that is to locate the components needed to free my master."

    "Essex, do you truly mean that anything I wish is mine?" Red asked, standing up.

    "Everything from the return of the Soviet Revolution," Essex promised, "to your friend Nikolai's life back." Red's eyes widened.

    "I am the reason he died," Red said. "I owe it to my friend to do this. And when this 'first one' is freed, I also want the head of the one who killed Nikolai."

    "Victor Creed? He's yours," Essex said. "So are you in?"

    "Yes," Red said.

    "Excellent. One last thing," Essex smiled. "I said that Essex had died, and that is true. Now, there is Sinister. Mister Sinister, for formal events. Now come with me."
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    The Blackbird jet had been in the air for hours. Several people had complained that it was too congested. At least one person loudly passed gas early on in the flight. Despite the inevitable chaos to come soon, everyone was agreed that it would be a relief when they landed on the Brotherhood's stronghold. All but Professor Xavier. He had almost completely retreated into his own mind, preparing himself for what was to come. He did not dare risk contacting his mole, for fear that he could give the spy away.

    "Professor?" It was Forge, shaking his shoulder from behind. "Hit the disrupters." Xavier obliged, flicking a switch that activated a device which Forge had installed into the plane, creating a field of electronic energy that would counteract the magnetic field that always protected Avalon from surveillance and invasion.

    "Is it working right?" Xavier asked. Forge examined his bionic leg.

    "Just right."

    "Something isn't right," Mastermind said to the other lieutenants.

    "How so?" Toad asked. All but Sabretooth, still on his way back from Europe, had gathered outside. The three newer Brotherhood members were scattered throughout the island.

    "The area around us, it seems so, so..." Jason Wyngarde paused, thinking. "So empty. I can't pick anything up, but something is wrong."

    "Tell me," Toad pressed. "I'm in charge while the boss is gone, and I need to know if anything goes wrong, otherwise it's my ass."

    "You guys see that?" The Blob asked. "In the air up there! Somebody's coming!" The others looked out to where he pointed, and as they did, Sam Guthrie, now Cannonball, zoomed out from the main building.

    "Guys!" He shouted. "The field got messed up! I think somethin's up!"

    "We know!" Mystique snapped.

    "Call everyone up," Toad ordered. "Get Avalanche and Pyro. We've got a fight on our hands."

    "You sure it's not the woman Victor called?" Mastermind asked.

    "She isn't do for a few more hours," Toad said. "And this is the wrong direction."

    "They are expecting us," Professor Xavier said. "Be ready."

    The Brotherhood assembled outside.

    "Be ready," Toad said. He crouched, ready to jump in any direction. John 'Pyro' Allardyce turned on the small lighers on his wrists. They were hooked up to small-backpack sized gas tanks on his back. The small flames that came from them provided him almost unlimited power.

    "Should we land down there?" Iceman asked, operating the Blackbird. "They all gathered out there."

    "Erik hasn't taught them logic yet, I see," Xavier smiled. "Land between them and the door. This is almost sad how easy it is. But, let's not get cocky."

    The Blackbird set down. The rear hatch opened, and the Juggernaut was the first one out. General Stryker, with the gun Forge had given him, led the others. As Iceman pushed him out, Xavier dropped his smile.

    "This isn't right," he muttered. "I'm such a fool!"

    Juggernaut charged the Brotherhood, aiming straight for Avalanche. Once he was close, he changed his direction and slammed into Cannonball.

    "Nice try, kid," Juggernaut cackled. "The headgear keeps your buddy's tricks from workin' on me." He punched Cannonball with his massive fist. "You guys get in there. I'll take care of him!" Cannonball took to the air, in his nearly invulnerable form.

    "Boy, you don't know what you're messin' with," Cannonball mocked. The X-Men turned and went for the compound, and the biggest fight they'd ever been in.
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    YEA!! A BATTLE!!!

    what is Cannonball's power?
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    Cannonball took to the air, where Juggernaut couldn't catch him.

    "Come down here, you little sissy!" Juggernaut shouted. "You wanna have a real fight or not?"

    "Guess not!" Cannonball teased, darting around the air, his legs practically vanishing into energy. When he hovered in one place again, lightning hit him. He plummeted to the ground. Far away, Storm waved, and joined the others as they headed inside. Juggernaut waved back, picked up Cannonball, and started spinning him around.

    "You really do not wanna mess with me, buddy," Juggernaut said. He released Cannonball, sending the younger mutant flying. Juggernaut turned to charge the Brotherhood compound. After only a few feet, he was knocked off his feet.

    "I'm back!" Cannonball laughed, turning to strike again. Juggernaut got up and took a defensive pose.

    It was for real this time. Nightcrawler encountered the other members of the Brotherhood first, teleporting ahead of the pack. The ground rumbled, and he knew that the ranting mutant that had attacked them in Washington was now officially working for the other side. Nightcrawler teleported up onto the ceiling, and dropped down on top of Avalanche, knocking him down. The door buckled, then burst inward as Colossus delivered a second punch. Avalanche lowered his foot to send another seismic attack, but Nightcrawler teleported him into the air before his foot came down. As the blue X-Man touched the ground nimble, Mystique joined the fray, kicking him in the back.

    "Psylocke, help him out!" Iceman ordered. She did as ordered, generating the dark-pink psy-knives that she was still learning to use to greater effect. Mystique somersaulted over Nightcrawler and landed a few yards away from where Psylocke was slowly advancing.

    "William, come with me," Xavier said. "Forge, you as well. We're finding Irene. The rest of you need to distract the Brotherhood. I have mental blocks affecting all of you, so don't worry about Mastermind, but do concern yourself with this place's defense systems." As Psylocke and Mystique began exchanging expert martial arts moves, General Stryker shouldered his gun and pushed Xavier, being led by Forge, who was in a defensive position.

    Mastermind stood up on a balcony with the Toad.

    "Xavier is blocking me," he explained, angry. "I can't do anything to anybody."

    "Then go move the prisoner," Toad ordered. "They're here for her."

    "How can you be sure?" Mastermind asked, though he was already turning to leave.

    "Her husband is with them," Toad said. "Now go!" After giving out his order, the Toad lept off the balcony in the large foyer where the two teams clashed. His long tongue lashed out, grabbing Marrow. She raised her arm, and a small spike popped out of her elbow. She slammed it into Toad's tongue, causing him to let go. The Blob grabbed her from behind and smashed her into the ground. He reached up his foot to stomp on her, only to be caught off guard by Bishop. He strained, but couldn't move the Blob's massive foot, though he was able to keep it from coming down long enough to allow Shadowcat to phase through the floor and grab Marrow. Bishop let go, and the sudden freedom caused Blob's foot to come down to quickly. He stumbled, and fell to his knees. Bishop jumped onto his back, and began pummeling him with his fists.

    "Sara, get up," Kitty pleaded quietly. Her friend stirred, and got to her feet.

    "I'm alright, Shadow," she said. "Fixing bones isn't too hard for me." Regardless, her face was bloody and bruised. Small spears of bone were in Marrow's hands. "Now who do I take next?" She spotted her target, the recent Brotherhood recruit Pyro, and tossed one. He had seemed distracted, but managed to dodge it.

    "You don't give up, do you?" Juggernaut asked. He didn't seem tired.

    "Me, no," responded Cannonball, who was starting to sound winded.

    Gotta tucker this little hick out, Juggernaut thought. He's almost as strong as me when he's blasting like that, but his power is limited. Cain had an idea. He plunged his fist into the ground, and pulled out a huge chunk of pavement.

    "Gonna try and hit me?" Cannonball chuckled, lowering himself a few feet closer to the ground. Juggernaut chucked the object. It connected with a still-glowing Cannonball in the head. He recoiled, and got back into the air.

    "That hurt ya', kid?" Juggernaut mocked. It's working. An aircraft, smaller than the one that the Brotherhood usually used, started to approach from the distance. "We got company?"

    "We got the cavalry!" Cannonball shouted. He was straight above Juggernaut. He turned himself so that he was upside down, and charged straight down, sending Cain Marko several feet into the ground.

    Forge's eyes darted around. He could see places where the walls were most likely electrified, and knew that neither of the men with him could see them. Above them were sprinklers that could easily contain poison.

    "Boo!" Mastermind popped out of a corridor. Forge snapped back to his senses as he was punched in the face. He brought up his left foot and slammed it into Mastermind's gut. The Brotherhood mind-warper ran off down the hall. Forge aimed his bionic arm, which was forming into a gun, and blasted. The attack missed by a few inches. Another blast whizzed over Forge's shoulder.


    "Move your ass, kid," Stryker ordered.

    "William, he's trying to divert us," Xavier said. The lights went out. "What the-" A high-pitched sound echoed through the corridor. Xavier fell out of his chair and onto the ground, holding his ears. Stryker and Forge had fallen as well. The noise was unbearable. Even through his pain, Xavier knew why Mastermind had activated that defense. Where ever he had gone, he was protected, and with the Professor unable to focus, he was free to manipulate minds again.

    Storm's winds were blowing the Toad through the air. Then, for some reason, she stopped using her powers, and began screaming.

    "Let me out!" She cried to nobody. Wolverine, who had been tag-teaming with Psylocke against Mystique, stopped next. The others stopped to watch in horror as he gored himself repeatedly with his own claws. One by one, the X-Men succumbed to terrors known only to them.

    "Pile 'em all up, guys," Toad ordered. Avalanche, limping from an attack from Nightcrawler, dragged his blue enemy to the center of the foyer. Blob grabbed Bishop, who screamed loudly for someone to stay away from him, and Storm. The entire team was piled up like they were to be thrown away. "Pyro, get over here."

    "What do you need?" Pyro asked.

    "You've been lazy," Toad said. "Do something productive. Burn these creeps alive."

    The plane landed far off from the fights. No longer caring about who was inside, Juggernaut grabbed another piece of concrete, and heaved it at Cannonball. This one smacked him square in the chest, and sent him down for the count. Juggernaut turned to the entrance of the compound. When he burst in, the X-Men were piled up, and all seemed to be writhing and screaming. In the air, a massive fireball menaced. Quickly, Juggernaut saw that it wasn't threatening the X-Men, but moving in ways that it could back the Brotherhood members against the walls. He then realized why his step-brother had said that the mole's nickname was Pyro.
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    cool. Pyro's the mole.
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    not a story update (not in the mood for that, really), i just thought i'd post now to celebrate the thousandth viewing of this thread. people are actually reading this!*

    *other than the squirrel, the only person who regularly leaves comments.
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    good timing. the next entry will be in a day or two. in the meantime, here are some general notes about what has been in the story since that goofy 'behind the scenes' bit i did.

    the cameo by an undersecretary of state named mcallister a while ago is a reference to the book 'the bourne supremacy'.
    there will be minor plotlines coming up that involve wolverine discovering his own past (which also leads to further developement in his relationship with storm), bishop and who he is (based slightly on the comics, but with a big twist), sinister and his boss (how exactly an imprisoned being could still grant him powers, and what his purpose is), and how pyro interacts with the x-man. there will also be other brief cameos by other marvel characters, including a certain group of canadians, and a variation of a famous storyline.

    when more people join both teams later on, most will only be minor characters. the ones involved now are the main characters.

    soon, a character won't die, but will be incapacitated for a long time.

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    bored has changed his sig slightly. and enjoys referring to himself in the third person. now, we party.


    Focus! Xavier screamed to himself inside his own mind. The noise around him was unbearable. Dammit, Charles, focus! He knew only one thing he could do. He began retreating into his own mind. If he could control the very thoughts and actions of groups of strangers, or nearly give a living island a seizure, he could shut all of this off to himself. He felt his body, what of it worked, going limp. Soon, he couldn't hear, or see, or smell. He opened his 'eyes', and found himself on what he'd always honestly believed to be the astral plane. He could see images of Forge and Stryker struggling with the ear-piercing noise, and far off were the X-Men, who were feeling the force of Mastermind's attacks, nothing stopping them. The Brotherhood was distracted by Cain, and by the mole, Pyro, who had been forced to show himself for who he was. There was someone who didn't look familiar at first joining the fray. Her? Xavier thought, not knowing that she was involved with either side of this fight. Lastly, he saw the form of Mastermind. It had always been Xavier's theory that this plane existed as a medium for psychic powers to work through, and seeing Mastermind so clearly proved it. He zeroed in on the Brotherhood telepath, and sent a wave of psychic energy in his direction.

    Mastermind fell down on the astral plane, and shuddered in the physical world. His attack was disrupted, and the X-Men became lucid. Mastermind turned back and sent a responsive wave at Xavier. The Professor took the attack, briefly having hear the shrill alarms that were hurting his companions in the physical world. Mastermind had gotten back to controlling his mass attack on the X-Men. On the astral plane, Xavier started moving, floating towards Mastermind, ready attack again, but more severely.

    Pyro became distracted from his defense. For a moment, he thought he saw his mother, a lifelong alcoholic who had died nearly six years before, waving a bottle in the air in front of him, shouting obscenities. When she disappeared, his flames were out, and the Brotherhood were advancing on him.

    "You traitor!" Mystique screamed. She, Avalanche, Toad, and the Blob were closing in on him.

    "Coming through!" Juggernaut yelled, realizing that the mutant needed help, and fast. He hopped over Iceman, who had actually created a shell of ice around himself for some sort of protection from something Cain couldn't see, and charged the Brotherhood. Avalanche sent a shockwave through the ground, causing Juggernaut to stumble. He quickly gained control again, and Mystique lept into the air, positioning herself to kick him when he was close enough. When he was, he merely smacked her away, sending her hard into a wall. Pyro started up a new flame from his wrists, and directed it at Toad, having it chase him around the building. The Blob got into Juggernaut's way.

    "I'm the Unmovable Blob," he grinned. "Pleased to meet you."

    "And my name means 'unstoppable force'," Juggernaut said, closing the distance between them. "Either one of us is about to be a liar, or we're going to explode on contact."

    "Wha-?" Juggernaut smashed into the Blob. The fat mutant's legs buckled. Juggernaut shoved, trying to budge him, moving forward slightly. After a few moments, the Blob's feet left the ground, and he was flying through the air. The sudden lack of a counter-force on Juggernaut made him stagger forward. Avalanche sent another shockwave, making Cain fall over. From behind him, a flaming spear began chasing Avalanche. Pyro ran to Juggernaut.

    "Y'okay, mate?" He asked. Juggernaut pushed himself up.

    "I'm fine, buddy, but you may not be. Stick by me, otherwise I have a feeling your not gonna be let off easy for this."

    "Neither will you!" Came a female voice. Pyro and Juggernaut turned their attention to the entrance, where a Japanese woman stood. Her fingers extended, turning into sharp points, almost blades.

    "Yuriko?" Juggernaut asked. "Lady Deathstrike? I thought you were retired."

    "You could only wish, Avenger," the woman laughed. "Now, where were we the last time we met?"

    Close to his opponent on the astral plane, Xavier pulled back a fist, and punched. Ripples exploded from Mastermind's face. He recovered, and shoved Xavier away. With every contact, more ripples came from the two, and whenever one was hit, they briefly returned to the physical world, Xavier to his spot on the floor where the shrieking alarms caused such agony, and Mastermind to his soundproof chamber where he couldn't attack the X-Men, bringing out their various fears.

    After the first break in the mental attack, Psylocke had a chance to see what was happening around her. Juggernaut was fighting the Brotherhood, and the X-Men were on the ground around her, all in some state of terror, as she could have sworn she was in herself only a second ago. Then, she would lapse back into her delusions, but by a few breaks, she knew what to do. She set up a mental block, strong enough to protect herself, though not to help her team-mates.

    Whatever you're here for, you can forget it! Mastermind shouted. His astral form kicked Xavier.

    I'm holding back, Jason, Xavier said. Don't make me do otherwise.

    Deathstrike walked slowly, confidently, to the Juggernaut. Neither fought at a far range. As the two closed distance, she raised her hands, wielding those blade-like fingers. Once close enough, she took a swipe, putting a large gash into Juggernaut's chest.

    "So little can hurt you, Cain," she said, backing into a defensive pose. "But I can." Juggernaut punched her, and she flew backwards several feet.

    "And I can hurt you, too," he sneared. Deathstrike charged, furious, but then tripped. Psylocke sprung up from her place on the ground. She got over Deathstrike, and pressed her heal into her neck.

    "Something is wrong," Magneto said. He and his two accomplices were now only miles from home. "I can't get a response from Avalon."

    "Radar says there're a couple of new aircraft on the island," Sabretooth said. "One is probably Yuriko's but the other, I think it might be-"

    "I know," Magneto said. "The X-Men have found us."
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    Okay, i have been reading for the past 2 hours, the whole story and i am very impressed. I like everything you are doing and keep up the damn good work.
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    thx, and i must commend you on your avatar (*everyone else gets more sex than me!*) and sig (questionable content rules).
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    Deathstrike swung her leg, sweeping out Psylocke's feet. She spun on the way down and caught herself, then sprung back up, using her leverage to hit Deathstrike with a strong rising uppercut to the chin. Deathstrike went reeling back, while Psylocke noticed the sharp pain in her hand. Her adversary was as strong as iron.

    "Don't try it, hot stuff!" Juggernaut shouted. "She's out of your league!"

    "Hardly," Psylocke sneared. Deathstrike pulled her hand back, then swung her long, sharp finger-claws. Psylocke ducked down, and copied her opponent's leg-sweep. When Deathstrike was off balance, Psylocke brought out her psychic blade, and plunged it into her head. When she did so, the images came back to her mind. She quickly released Deathstrike, struggling to repel an image of her uncle, a disgusting man who had abused her in her youth, and had been killed by her older brother. Reginald Braddock still haunted her sometimes, and it was even worse today. Whatever was attacking them could tap into their minds and find their most personal demons. She couldn't use her psychic powers further to fight Lady Deathstrike if she wanted to protect herself from the mental attacks.

    This is for the reflecting pool! A voice shouted, that of a British male.

    Betsy, stay focused, came the voice of the Professor. She put up the mental block in her head, and got back up. Deathstrike was fighting the Juggernaut again. He was hit occasionally, but seemed to stand it.

    "Stay back, sheila," Pyro said, coming to her side. "This fight's pretty ugly."

    In the physical world, where Stryker and Forge had both passed out, Xavier's disturbingly tranquil body started to pant. He was tired. On the astral plane, he seemed to have the advantage on Mastermind, but couldn't concentrate enough to launch the kind of mental attack that would knock his enemy out and keep him from going back to his body and hearing the piercing sirens. He knew that he needed to end this quickly. Magneto would return soon, and that would be a great detriment to his effort. Xavier backed away from Mastermind's astral form, and concentrated as best he could. The sirens started to sound around him. Even on the plane, Xavier started to double over. After a few seconds, he forced his eyes open, and sent a mental blast that could match the one he'd attacked Krakoa with. Mastermind disappeared from the astral plane. Xavier concentrated, and took over his enemy's body. He forced it to shut off the siren, and let it drop. Back in the physical world, he opened his eyes.

    The craft landed. Gambit and Sabretooth raced from the hatch, with Magneto following. They stopped by the limp body of Cannonball. Sabretooth checked his wrist.

    "Knocked out cold," he said.

    "I'll bring him someplace safe," Magneto said. "You two deal with the X-Men."

    Forge grunted, and opened his eyes. Professor Xavier was pulling himself into his chair. Stryker was sitting up against a wall.

    "What happened?" Forge asked.

    "One of the compound's defenses," Xavier said, settling down. "A high-pitched alarm. I've taken care of it."

    "Oh," Forge moaned. "That explains my headache."

    "Tell me about it," Stryker said. He picked up his gun. "Now then, care to tell me who's responsible for it, so I can blow their ears out?"

    "Quiet," Xavier commanded. His eyes were shut. "I need to communicate with the team."

    Get up, all of you! Came the voice of Xavier in the heads of his students. This is far from over!

    "What the hell?" Wolverine said. "What happened?"

    "Mental attack," Psylocke replied, helping him up.

    "Was it Mastermind?" Iceman said, breaking down his ice-dome.

    "Of course."

    "Who's the chick?" Angel asked, stretching his wings out.

    "Yuriko!" Wolverine roared. "You!" Deathstrike spun around, unwisely giving Juggernaut a free punch.

    "Hello, Logan," she laughed as she got up. "Did you miss me?"

    "The students are fine," Xavier said. "I'm getting alot of readings. Sabretooth and one of the newer Brotherhood members are here, and that means Magneto probably is as well."

    "Is that all?" Stryker pressed.

    "No," Xavier smiled. "Irene is close."
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    Irene felt around for the front of the cell. They were close, and she was terrified that they might encounter resistance. In the middle of her cell, she began seeing something, and collapsed, letting her prophetic power envelope her mind.

    "We're close," Xavier said. "But William, something is happening."

    "What?" Stryker asked, trying to keep his calm.

    "She's having a vision," Xavier explained. "I don't know what she is seeing, but it is frightening her."

    "We can't interrupt her when she's having a vision," Stryker lamented. "I tried it when we first got married, and she couldn't speak for a week."

    "It'll take a minute before I can open this door, anyway," Forge said, examining the door that Professor Xavier had stationed himself in front of.

    The X-Men placed themselves in front of Pyro, and Juggernaut stood in front of them. Deathstrike didn't dare move forward. She could hear people coming, and knew they were on her side.

    "Cain, deal with her," Iceman ordered.

    "Not the best idea," Juggernaut said. "Look outside." Iceman strained his eyes, and saw past the broken door. Three people were coming, and he knew who they were.

    "What's the hold up?" Wolverine asked, in a crouched position with his claws out.

    "Company, Logan," Iceman said. "The rest of the Brotherhood found their way home."

    Sabretooth and Gambit sprinted inside, each one on one side of Lady Deathstrike. Magneto stood back, watching how the fight would act out. Sabretooth and Wolverine glared at each other, and both seemed to back away.

    "Betsy, keep them from moving," Iceman ordered. Pink glows appeared around the three Brotherhood mutants' heads. Psylocke held up her hands to her temples. "Ororo, fry 'em."

    "Now we're talking," Juggernaut laughed. The others, even Wolverine looked at their leader, shocked.

    "Are you sure?" Storm asked, though she was already rising into the air.

    "This needs to end quickly," Iceman said. "Just do it quick. Magneto's planning something back there." Storm flew over her team-mates, and raised her hands. Gusts of wind could be felt, and clouds were forming along the ceiling. Small spurts of electricity danced around them. Finally, a bolt shot out. Halfway down, in less than a blink of an eye, they moved to the walls. Deathstrike's hand flew out and grabbed Gambit, and they both, along with Sabretooth, flew backwards and outside. Magneto put his hands down.

    "Clever!" He shouted. "No, wait, no!" He laughed. "You very much lack your mentor's skills as a strategist."

    "You gonna take that, Bob?" Angel asked.

    "He's goading us," Iceman said. "Okay, we've got no other choice. Storm, Angel, lead Magneto into the air, where he's got nothing to control. Everybody else, follow me. Those other three are ours. Pyro, stay with Cain."

    Angel and Storm took off, and as soon as they were out in the air, Iceman led the other X-Men out.

    "Come on, buddy," Forge groaned. "This sucker is smart." Stryker paced.

    "Is she still having her vision?" He asked.

    "No," Xavier said. "She's just waiting for us, and not very patiently, I may add. Think we should make her wait a little while longer? No? Sorry, I was trying to make a joke."

    "I gathered that."

    "Aaand... O-pen says-a-me!" Forge cried in triumph. The door slid away.

    "Irene!" Stryker exclaimed.

    "Bill?" His wife asked. She felt her way to the front of the cell.

    "Irene, honey, what have they been keeping you in?" Stryker asked.

    "You-" she paused. "You tell me." Stryker smiled, something he'd had a hard time doing lately.

    "Forge, open this damn cell door!" Stryker ordered. Forge obliged, and the general ran in and embraced his wife.

    "William, horrible things are going to happen," Irene said, burying her face in her husband's chest. "I haven't gotten to write them down, but I remember all of them."

    "What are you talking about?" Stryker asked.

    "It's the apocalypse."
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    Deathstrike flipped over Wolverine. When she landed, she threw her leg out and kicked Psylocke, who was trying to get close. Logan wrapped his arm around her neck and held the claws of his other hand to her face.

    "Why don't you be a good little girl for me?" He teased. Deathstrike lifted her legs and wrapped them backwards around his waste. Wolverine's claws started to pierce her neck. Psylocke charged forward and punched Deathstrike in the gut. Wolverine took much of the force from behind her, and lost his grip. Deathstrike plunged her own claws deep into his gut. Gasping in pain, Wolverine brought up his hand and sliced into her arm. When it hit what would, in a normal person, have been bone, he began sawing, slowly knicking her adamantium bone. Deathstrike brought her hand up. Blood flowed from Wolverine's stomache. Psylocke caught Deathstrike from the back with her foot, and when she was stunned, brought out her psy-knife. It deepened in color, to the point where it could do physical damage. She began hacking at Deathstrike's back mercilessly.

    "It seems... empty," Forge said. He pushed Xavier along, while General Stryker and Irene followed.

    "They are outside," Xavier said. "All of them. Forge, the team needs you. Run ahead and help them."

    Forge raced off, turning up the intensity on the cannon that formed from his bionic hand.

    "Now what?" Stryker asked.

    "Look up," Xavier instructed. Stryker complied. The Toad was looking down on them. "Would you like to take care of him, or should I?"

    "Lemme do it," Stryker said. "Irene, did the Toad give you any trouble?"

    "They all did, dear," Irene answered. That was all Stryker needed. He fired his gun, but Toad jumped out of the way.

    "Are you my dance partner?" Toad called. Stryker shot again. "Missed!" He shout out his tongue, grabbing Stryker's gun. He held tight, and the two wrestled for it, until Toad, clinging to a wall, was flinging Stryker through the air.

    "I don't want to be seeing this, do I?" Irene asked.

    "I could arrange it, if you'd like," Xavier answered.

    "No, that is fine."

    The ground shook. Colossus stomped his feet hard into the ground, so that Avalanche couldn't move him. Avalanche, along with Mystique and the Blob, had just arrived. There was a puff of smoke above them, and Nightcrawler briefly appeared, and grabbed Avalanche. A moment later, he was dropping the Brotherhood member from several feet in the air. Colossus sprinted forward. Blob moved to get in his way. Colossus simply passed right through him. Confused, Blob finally spotted Shadowcat, who had snuck on him. He felt himself sinking. Once he was in the ground, Shadowcat turned to Mystique, who was evading attacks from Colossus. A bone spear phased through Kitty's body, and grazed Mystique's head. Blood started to seep from the blue woman. She knelt down on the ground, clutching her lacerated head. Colossus, Shadowcat, and Marrow surrounded her.
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    sorry for the inactivity. i thought some of the entries were getting a little stale, so i wanted to wait a bit before updating again. just an advanced warning, everyone has a sense of humor in this one.

    "What do you hope to accomplish from this?" Magneto shouted, leading Angel through the air. "I am an Omega mutant, and you aren't!"

    "Trying to mock me, buddy?" Angel replied. "This ain't recess in 2nd Grade!"

    "It may as well be," Magneto said, switching directions. "Why are you even here? We never directly attacked you, you realize! Our last conflict came from you coming to meet us, just like this. We posed no inherent threat to- Ach!" Magneto tugged on his collar. Angel's fingers were formed into talons, and were gripping on his cape. "Let go!" Magneto choked up, though not loud enough for Angel to hear that high in the air. Angel climbed his way up the cape, and started pummeling Magneto with one free hand. The Brotherhood leader undid the clasp around his collar, freeing his cape. Angel went reeling back. Magneto charged, and smashed his foot into Angel's chest.

    "I've got your back, Warren!" It was Storm, who had been keeping her distance. Clouds started to darken above them.

    "She isn't-" Angel didn't even want to think that the student that Professor Xavier seemed so proud of was going to be so foolish. "Storm, no!" A bolt of lightning shot out. It stopped over Magneto's head and balled up. The electricity started to circle him.

    "What the hell?" Storm muttered.

    "Electro-magnetic energy in its purest form," Magneto sneered. "Why isn't this one in Mensa yet?" He put his hands out, and used them to conduct the electricity. It shot out, and hit Angel's wings. He twitched, smoke billowed from his wings, and he fell. A massive gust of wind sent Magneto spiraling as Storm tried to catch up to her team-mate.

    Dangling from the Toad on a wall, Stryker was getting desperate.

    "Charles!" He yelled. "At this point, you could help without offending me at this point!"

    "Quiet, sissy Yank!" Toad mocked, trying the shake the general off.

    "Ya know," Stryker growled. "You're the one Brit I've met who isn't a pasty-assed sissy!"

    "Flattered," Toad snapped. He jumped to another wall, but Stryker held fast.

    "You're a kind of greenish-assed sissy!" Stryker shot. He tried to punch the mutant, but couldn't get close enough while Toad moved around across the wall. "Charles!"

    "Oh, right." Xavier focused on the Toad, and the Brotherhood lieutenant's eyes rolled back. In a trance, he hopped to the ground. Stryker let go, and kicked him in the side, for good measure. "That," Xavier said, "was unnecessary."

    "You're just jealous."

    "So was that," Xavier groaned.

    "Irene, that was, especially given the circumstances, one of the funnier things you've said in a long time," Stryker beamed.

    Angel plummeted to the earth.

    "Someone grab him!" Storm screamed. She couldn't get to him in time. Psylocke looked up from where she was attacking Deathstrike. She jumped up from Deathstrike's back, used her telekinesis to lift herself higher, and caught the falling X-Man. She looked at his damaged wings. The feathers were badly charred, and the bones seemed to hang limp. Angel groaned in pain.

    "He's hurt bad," Psylocke said, looking to Wolverine. He let the battered and bloody Deathstrike drop down, and rushed to their side.

    "You awake, bub?" He asked. Angel stirred.

    "What happened?"

    "He got hit by Magneto," said Storm, lowering to the ground. "This was my fault." She looked to the ground. Wolverine got up and went to her side.

    "You didn't realize what you were doing," he reassured. "It'll be alright."

    "Look at him!" She cried.

    They barely noticed Avalanche being tossed over their heads.

    "I-" Angel coughed. "I'm actually doing alright." He sat up, with Psylocke's help. "My wings took it hard, but I've hurt them before. Guess I may not be flying for a while, but oh well." He coughed again. "I have a cold."

    "He was always the wierd one!" Iceman called, zipping by on an ice-slide.

    "Are you actually beating us!" Deathstrike shrieked, getting up. "You are all absolutely insane!" Storm raised up a whirlwind from the ground up (they normally went the other way), and sent her flying off. That she landed near where Magneto had ended up was pure coincidence.

    Professor Xavier and the Strykers emerged from the main building in the compound. Xavier had sent the entranced Toad to find Mastermind, then wake up.

    "I think your students are doing alright for themselves," General Stryker said. The Professor nodded.
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    i really should update mine.

    Your's is still going good.
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    Sabretooth twisted past Juggernaut, and reached out to Pyro, who jumped back.

    "You little traitor!" Sabretooth shouted. "I am going to make you regret this!"

    "Gotta get to him first," Juggernaut mocked, grabbing Sabretooth by the nape of the neck. He spun around and tossed the Brotherhood member into the wall of the main building. "He get to ya', kid?"

    "Not a scratch," Pyro answered.

    The Blob was, in a word, humiliated. He was being pulled out of the ground, inside a chunk of it, no less, by Colossus. The metal X-Man lifted up the earth-encrusted enemy mutant over his head, and prepared to drop him on Mystique, who was still on the ground, pinned by Marrow's spikes.

    "Piotr, put him down!" Came the voice of Professor Xavier. Colossus and Shadowcat turned to see him, with General Stryker, and a woman who had to be Stryker's abducted wife.

    X-Men, we have what we came for, Xavier broadcasted. Finish up what you are doing and head for the jet. He led the Strykers and the two young X-Men. Wolverine, Storm, Psylocke, and a visibly shaken Angel joined them. Avalanche was tossed through the air again, passing over the group.

    "How's that?" Bishop, the thrower, had asked.

    "You're doing just fine," Iceman answered, "but I think we're done here." They got into the group, with Nightcrawler and Forge. Juggernaut led Pyro in.

    "Hello John," Xavier said. "It's good to see you again."

    "I was starting to wonder when you'd come," Pyro replied. "I see my patience paid off."

    "Did it?" Came the unmistakable voice of Magneto. He was floating in the air, holding Lady Deathstrike a feet away. "Yuriko, see if it paid off." He released her. She hit the ground, and sprung up onto Pyro. He turned on his lighters, and enveloped them in fire. The X-Men spread out, careful not to get burned. Wolverine popped his claws and joined the fray. A badly burned Deathstrike swung a mess of finger claws, but missed. Wolverine lunged in, thrusting his claws of left hand into her side. When he tried to pull them out, he found that he was frozen.

    "****," he whispered. His claws retracted, against his own will. He could already feel his body lifting into the air.

    "Stay out of this, Wolverine," Magneto snarled. "This does not concern you."

    "Like hell," a defiant Wolverine replied.

    On the ground, Storm wanted to intervene, but after what had happened with Angel, she didn't dare. Nearby, Colossus had wisely shifted back into his normal form.

    Magneto just held out his hand. Wolverine's body began to twist.

    "Erik, stop this!" Xavier yelled. Magneto looked down on him and sneered, then continued manipulating Wolverine.

    "Bring it, creep," Wolverine said, in as much pain as he was.

    "Very well then." Wolverine's body starting to twist into forms that no ordinary person could withstand. His arms would contort in places that didn't have joints, his back would bend to angles that would kill a normal person. Luckily for him, Wolverine was not ordinary, but he was still in un-Godly pain, and couldn't resist screaming for long.

    "Stop him!" Xavier shouted. Iceman extended both arms, and blasted ice at Magneto, knocking him off center.

    "Forge," Bishop said to his teammate. "Hit me."


    "Blast me, man, give me something to throw at them."

    "If you insist," Forge said. He pointed his bionic arm/gun, and fired. Bishop staggered for a moment, and when Forge was done, he marched out, his hands actually glowing with power. He fired, and blew Magneto far back.

    "Prof.," Wolverine, having fallen to the ground, coughed out. "Put me under."

    "I can do that." Xavier locked onto Wolverine's mind, and forced him into a deep sleep, which even the pain could not counter act. "Everyone, hurry out!" Colossus lifted up Wolverine's twisted body, and carried him to the jet.

    Minutes later, the embarrassed Brotherhood would collect themselves, and meet Toad, who had found Mastermind on the ground, saliva pouring out of his mouth in a foam, and his eyes rolled up into his head. The X-Men, on the other hand, would be in the air. Xavier would contact his former student Lorna Dane, and request that she come to the Institute immediately. He knew that Wolverine's healing factor would already be trying to set the bones, but even it couldn't affect the adamantium coating on his skeleton.

    Omega Red tossed aside a Northern African guide who had been leading two archeologists into the tomb in Egypt. Mr. Sinister watched approvingly.

    "This, Arkady, is where the first of several puzzle pieces can be found," he explained. "And puzzle is literal. It is a puzzle that must be put back together to collect the forces needed to release En Sabbah Nur. Come, let's see if we can find it before any of this party's friends come looking for them."

    Within an hour, they had located the room which contained the piece that Sinister had known was there. It featured a picture of a head. Sinister suspected it was his master's, but, as he had never actually seen him, he couldn't be sure.
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    Lorna Dane, the woman who had once been called Polaris, was led into the infirmary. It was a neutral, gray room filled with expensive equipment. Professor Xavier and another former X-Man, Hank McCoy, waited for her. Bobby Drake led her and then hurried out of the room. The X-Men lined the hallway, anxiously. Ororo Monroe, in particular, looked worried. He gave them all an look that clearly said he didn't know what to expect.

    Inside the infirmary, Hank had cleared out a place for Lorna to work. The twisted, frightening body that was Logan, aka Wolverine, lay on a mattress.

    "Be extremely careful," Xavier warned. "A wrong move could damage an organ, and in his present state, I don't know if Logan's power could counteract it."

    "Lorna, look at this screen," Hank said, pointing to a monitor on the other end of the room. "There are sensors attached to Logan that will glow red if anything is in a critical position. That is, if you bend something the wrong way." Lorna nodded. "Because of your magnetic wave, the image won't always be perfect, but it should be able to give you an idea of what you have to work with."

    "Okay," Lorna replied. "Should I get started?"

    The X-Men gathered in the expansive library on the main floor. Alex Summers, the former X-Man Havok, Lorna's husband was waiting. He didn't seem anxious like them, but tried not to be insensitive.

    "So how's Scott?" Bobby asked him, sitting down. "I haven't seen him since the session with the old crew."

    "He's good," Alex replied, leaning back. "Or at least he says he is. I think he's gonna have a nervous breakdown, getting ready for his wedding, which is, if you remember, in two weeks, and with the baby on the way now. They don't know the sex yet."

    "That's a shame," Bobby said, forcing a smile. "I don't know what color sunglasses to by for it, then."

    "Jean's freaked out that it might have a force beam power like me and Scott," Alex said, "and that it might develope early and start firing in the womb."


    "Tell me about it. I made a joke about it once, and she forced me to feel what she figured it was probably like." Warren Worthington sat down by them.

    "How goes it, Alex?" He asked.

    "It's alright. My wife can destroy cell phones." They all laughed a little.

    From across the room, Ororo looked in disgust. Below them, a man she was putting a great deal of effort into forming a deep connection to had to be bent back into shape before he died of being turned into a living pretzel, and they were joking about something.

    "Wanna talk about it?" Betsy Braddock asked. She didn't feel the same kind of things Ororo did, despite her previous relationship with Logan, but was still as concerned as anyone.

    "Do you think he'll be okay?" Ororo asked, sinking to the ground, leaning against a book-case.

    "I wish I knew," Betsy answered. "I've tried to read them, but Xavier is blocking us. It might be for the best, honestly. They really shouldn't be disturbed."

    "I guess you're right."

    Bishop was keeping to himself. For the last few hours, his head had been throbbing. Something in his head was trying to get out, but he didn't know what. As Warren, Bobby, and Alex made small talk; and as Betsy tried to calm Ororo, he felt himself go into a trance. He began seeing horrifying images. Bombs exploded, people screamed and ran, and a massive figure laughed a deep, horrible laugh. He couldn't make out who it was. He felt for something to hold on to, but couldn't grip anything. Bishop opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came, or at least none that he could hear. He slumped to the ground as the other X-Men came to his side, but he couldn't see them. A name flashed in his head, but he couldn't make out what it was later when he tried to remember. It was a name that he knew symbolized something evil, and it was why he was here in this place that had been both familiar and alien to him for the short period of time that he could remember. Then, it was blackness.
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    Bishop woke up on a bed in the infirmary. Flashes of the visions he'd had earlier still streaked across his head. A screen nearby showed two matching scans of Wolverine's skeleton. He guessed that the procedure with Lorna Dane had gone well. Hank McCoy was reading something by his bed.

    "Ah, good," McCoy said quietly, glancing up. "You're awake."

    "What happened to me?" Bishop asked, rubbing his temples.

    "You blacked out," McCoy answered. "Betsy went into your head, and I don't think she's eaten something since. It was seven hours ago. Whatever is in your head, Lucas, it scared her."

    "I'm not surprised," he groaned. "Hank, I can still see things."

    "Tell me," Hank said, pulling up a chair.

    "I see war-zones," Bishop said. "Death, pain, and this figure. This massive, dark figure, proceeding over it all. It never makes a sound, just watches, and it's eyes glow red. I see things, I don't know what, people maybe, trying to attack it, and this one word keeps repeating itself at that point. The word is 'Apocalypse'. And when that word is said, everything shakes. Hank, I can't remember a damn thing from before I appeared outside this mansion, but what I'm seeing, I think it might be a flash to that. Or something that relates to why I'm here, and why I can't remember. It's crazy, this feeling that there's something right there that I can't get to."

    "Tell me about it," came Wolverine's voice.

    "Logan, how are you feeling?" Hank asked.

    "Been better, been worse," Logan replied. He swung his legs off of his bed, and sat up. "Bishop, I know your trouble."

    "You do? That's nice, I guess," Bishop replied.

    "Yep," Wolverine scratched himself. "I'm hungry. See you guys in the kitchen."

    "Logan, wait," Hank tried to stop him, to no avail. "I doubt he's fully recovered."

    "Ah, he'll be alright," Bishop reassured. "This guy thrives on pain."

    "You will not come near me!" Cried the six-armed girl. Omega Red advanced, slowly.

    "I am not here to harm you," he replied.

    "Sure," she spat at him. "They all say that. I've been taken advantage of too many times for that!" She clutched at a package haning around her neck.

    "Why do you protect that pendant like that?" Red asked.

    "Leave it alone!" She shrieked. Her legs and many arms flailed, and she vanished.

    "She'll be found soon enough," came Mr. Sinister's voice. "Don't worry, Arkady. Both the girl and her pendant are of use to us."


    I'm gonna be out of town for a while. Leave comments while I'm gone, if you don't mind, so I can have something fresh to go on when I get home.
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    Magneto paced up and down his balcony. The wind blew his hair, which he hadn't cut in some time now, around his face. Almost on cue, the Toad appeared on the railing.

    "Boss, are you sure you're not hungry?" He asked.

    "I'm fine, Mortimer," Magneto replied, in a half-mumble. "Leave it in front of my room. And make sure Blob doesn't eat it again."

    "Sure thing," Toad said, disappointed. He jumped down, shot his tongue out to a window sill, and pulled himself in. Sam 'Cannonball' Guthrie waited by the table in the break room.


    "He's still brooding," Toad replied. "I can't blame him, kid. He expected that Stryker lady to be some sort of secret weapon for us, but she gave us nothing. Then, his arch-nemesis and all of his lackeys showed up and, admittedly, crushed us. Top that off with both Jason's brain getting fried, and one of the last mutants he was eyeing for the Brotherhood getting snagged by someone else, and you can imagine why he's in such a bad mood."

    "Why don't we just go hit them back?" Sam asked.

    "Too expected," Toad replied. "They'd probably have the military on us in know time."

    "We could take them," Cannonball insisted.

    "Not if they were planning it ahead of time," Toad replied. "You don't understand." He walked out, and headed to his room. When Toad's leader and hero was upset, so was he.

    The six-armed girl sat in a corner. Two arms hugged her, two held her head, two held her pendant. Mr. Sinister and Omega Red sat at the other end of the room. Sinister had done something to her, something that temporarily shut off her teleportation. They made their case, and she joined, though was still bewildered. Still, it was the first time in years anyone had wanted soemthing to do with the girl who's mind was such a mess. All she ever saw in her past were blurred images. It was how she got her name. The only identity she thought she had was lost in a big spiral in her head, and so Spiral was her identity.

    "What is that thing?" Omega Red whispered. Sinister glanced in the girl's direction.

    "A last part of the key to releasing my master, I believe," he responded. "If not, she could still be useful."

    On Madripoor, Bolivar Trask was back to his old, giddy self again. Production was slower on this small island, but the twenty completed Sentinels were spectacular. He had a new goal for them. It was not just their purpose to destroy mutants anymore, but to devestate the government of the United States which had scorned him.
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    "What does it mean?"

    "What?" Bishop didn't hear anyone enter his room, though he'd kept the door open. It was Professor Xavier.

    "'Apocalypse'," he said. "What meaning does it have to you?"

    "I don't know," Bishop replied, with a resigned tone in his voice. "I suppose what I see is the apocalypse, but something about that doesn't seem right. It has something to do with why I'm here. And it wasn't all I heard. There was another word, a wierd one, but I can't recall it at all. It just disappeared from my head, like a dream."

    "Betsy was traumatized from trying to probe you," Xavier explained, "but maybe I'll have better luck."

    "Do what you want," Bishop said.

    Xavier wheeled in close, and shut his eyes. Bishop closed his as well. He had no recollection oh his own of what happened next.

    Xavier opened his eyes in a wasteland. Bodies lay burned and mangled all about. All seemed to be human, until he stumbled upon one that stuck out. He flipped it over and recognized James Madrox, an old college friend, and fellow mutant. Madrox had a bullet in his neck. Xavier backed away from his friend, and stumbled on another body. He gasped as he saw that this was James Madrox as well. This didn't make sense, though. James Madrox had died of lung cancer five years earlier. He rationalized to himself that some of Madrox's copies may have gotten away from him. James was a replicator, a rare kind of mutant who could make perfect copies of himself. Well, however it happened, there were several of him here, and all were dead. Xavier walked out of the killing field. He couldn't make out the city in front of him, as it was utterly in ruin. He guessed that a massive battle had happened here. Then he saw what was above the city. The figure floated high in the air, as if it had precided over the carnage. The image terrified him, and he knew why Betsy Braddock was so upset. He knew that image anywhere. Betsy's father had done extensive research on ancient Egyptian folklore, and in one of his studies of heiroglyphics in the Pyramids at Giza, he'd found a chamber with images that resembled this man in the sky. The context was hidden in damaged symbols and odd messages, but the figure itself seemed to be of extreme evil, and that was apparent. That it was here, in the midst of such slaughter did not bode well. It started laughing a deep, terrible laugh, and Xavier was rocked out of his trance by the force.

    Back in his own body, Professor Xavier opened his eyes. Bishop did as well.

    "You saw something, didn't you?" Bishop asked. "Something bad."

    "Bishop, who in God's name are you?"
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    "...Authorities cannot explain the disappearance of the ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics from Kansas City's Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, or if they are connected in any way with yesterday's theft from the British Museum in London, but...", Sinister flicked off the tv.

    "We've done it, Arkady," he said to his accomplice. "With those last pieces of the puzzle, we can find out how to release our master."

    "He is your master," Omega Red reminded him. "I am helping for a goal of my own."

    "Of course, you owe it to your friend," Sinister said.

    "What about me?" It was Spiral, the six-armed girl.

    "For your cooperation, you will be rewarded by our master," Sinister said, facing her from his chair.

    Outside the suite they occupied, two police officers and an archeologist were about to knock on the door. Dr. Lykos looked anxious. He didn't like conflict, and wished so much that one of his colleagues had been sent along instead of him. Still, he'd been the one decifering the heiroglyph stolen from London, and therefore had a personal stake in this. One officer wrapped on the knocker.

    "Arkady, answer it, please."

    The door opened. A towering man, pale as death, answered.

    "Sir, may we enter?" One of the constables asked. Lykos wiped the sweat from his face.

    "Allow them in, Arkady," said a man inside. "Is there a problem, officers?"

    "Nathaniel Essex?" One of them asked.

    "That is I," said Mr. Sinister.

    "Mr. Essex," Lykos said, approaching him, "are you in any way related to the late Nathaniel Essex who donated to the British Museum?"

    "Is this why you came?" Sinister asked.

    "No, I'm just curious," Lykos responded.

    "Dr. Lykos, that can wait," one of the cops said. "As you may know, there was a serious burglary in the British Museum yesterday."

    "A true shame," Sinister said, trying not to sneer.

    "We have it on record that you were there."

    "As were many. It is a fine museum."

    "You weren't tired after your flight from America?" The cop asked.

    "Excuse me?"

    "Immediate checks of all the people at the museum were done, and we found that you were in Kansas City the day before. You flew out hours after related artifacts were stolen from the Nelson-Atkins museum, which features several ancient-Egyptian pieces."

    "Mr. Essex," Lykos began, "we have been told that those stolen heiroglyphics were connected somehow. I was personally trying to decipher the ones stolen from London."

    "How interesting."

    "Who are your friends?" A constable asked.

    "Samuel and Jessica? Actors from Scotland who are looking for work on the West End. We are old friends," Sinister said.

    "Jessica's not gonna get much work," one of the police-man said, "on account of those arms. Someone so obvious a mutant, they just don't get cast."

    "I did Shakespeare back in Edinburgh," Spiral replied, suddenly lapsing into a perfect Scottish brogue. "Would ye' like to hear some?"

    "No thank you, miss," said Dr. Lykos. "Listen, Mr. Essex, I hate to be presumptuous, but we do believe that you may be connected to those robberies."

    "So the American loss really is a robbery? How sad," Sinister replied, patronizingly.

    "Could your friends please leave?" One of the constables asked.

    "No," said Sinister, "no, they couldn't. Arkady, dispatch them, if you would."


    Omega Red's tentacles emerged from his palms, and ensnared the officers, draining them. Lykos turned to run, but fell down after being hit by something that left a searing pain in his ankle. Sinister's chest glowed.

    "Why did you do that?" Lykos asked, terrified. His eyes seemed to change color slowly.

    "You seem to be an expert, Dr.," Sinister answered. "I'd like you to stay with us." As he spoke, Red dropped the drained police-men.

    "No, you don't understand!" Lykos screamed. His clothes tore, and his skin began to change color. Sinister got up, and backed away, as did Omega Red. Spiral just stared. Lykos' body twisted and shifted, then slumped to the ground. His head had become some bizarre new shape, and was about two feet long. He got up, stretched his arms, which had some sort of skin film attached to them now.

    "You're a bloody pteranodon!" Sinister laughed. "Or something like one. I'm impressed, Dr. Lykos."

    "Lykos? No, he's gone now," the creature that was just recently Dr. Lykos said. "You have yourself to thank for that, Mr. Essex. Call me Sauron."

    "You looked different in the movie," Sinister laughed. "All fire and smoke and that huge eye."

    "Oh be quiet!" Sauron snapped. "Yes, I gave myself the name as an homage to Tolkien, but that was years before the damned films!"

    "Easy, Mr. Sauron," Sinister said, approaching the creature. "I am quite impressed by this, I must say."

    "Good," Sauron replied. "Now, about those heiroglyphics. I know you have them, and I know what Lykos was learning from them. I don't see you as someone I need as an enemy, so why don't I join your little group here in whatever you are doing?"

    "That would be excellent," Sinister said, putting out his hand, which Sauron took.
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    For the third time, Logan played the message.

    "Please come back, Wolverine," came the voice of his old friend Jim Hudson. "He says he won't let us go without seeing you."

    Was it a trick? Why would Alpha Flight lie to him to get him to visit? He knew them, and he trusted them. Maybe that was the problem. He would go, then, but he couldn't leave alone. That night, he would meet with Professor Xavier, and implore him to use Cerebro to prove that something was wrong in Canada, and then to let him bring a small group of X-Men with him to investigate.

    Xavier had his brow firmly furled when he left the Cerebro chamber.

    "I picked up all the usual staff at the Alpha Flight headquarter," he explained to Logan, who had been joined by Kurt Wagner. "Nobody is injured in any incredible way, there does not seem to have been a conflict, but, from what I can pick up, the people are afraid of something. Logan, I am granting you your request to go up and check on them, but be warned, that phone call could not have happened by secret, not with the entire staff in such a state of terror. That call from Mr. Hudson was very likely against his will, and you must stay on your guard. I know this isn't a challenge for you, but if you want to bring any of your team-mates, such as Kurt, than you must also watch after them. I want you all to stay together as much as you can. Do you understand?"

    "Of course," Logan replied.

    "Who, then," Xavier asked, "are you planning on bringing?"

    "Kurt and Forge."

    "Kurt, you've decided to go with him?" Xavier asked.

    "Of course, Herr Professor," the blue mutant said. "I had not thought of this as the same kind of danger you did, but I think I will be alright. Forge will say the same thing."

    "Very well, then," Professor Xavier said. "Good luck with whatever it is you must do, and be safe."

    "You doing alright?" Came a man's voice. Betsy Braddock whirled around from her spot by the lake on the Xavier Institute property. It was Warren Worthington, whom she had become fairly close to in the short time that he'd been back with the X-Men.

    "I'm fine, Warren," she said. He sat down beside her. Betsy couldn't help but look at the odd mess of what were until recently his wings. "What about you?"

    "In relation to these?" Warren pointed to one of his wings, which extended slightly for emphasis. "I don't really know. They've been damaged before, badly, but they've always healed within a few days. I don't know if they're getting better or worse now."

    "What do you mean?" Betsy asked.

    "Feel my feathers," Warren commanded. Betsy reached out and touched some of the less damaged feathers.

    "They're a little stiffer than I imagined they'd be," she observed.

    "Try some of the more damaged ones."

    "They're rock solid," Betsy said, feeling a few more charred feathers. "And they're so cold."

    "One fell out yesterday," Warren explained, "so I gave it to Hank when he was over to talk with Bishop. I wanted him to take it to a lab, or something like that. Look it over. He called me an hour ago, and told me that it had traces of steel in the fibers of it."

    "Steel? That doesn't seem right."

    "Exactly," Warren said. He breathed in through his nose, and let it out slowly. "The Professor told me when I was a student here that my powers were unusual, and that they would develope slowly for years to come." His hand twitched, and his fingers became the talons that they were when he fought. "These came close to graduation time." His hand went back to normal. "I think that that zap from Magneto may have triggered something in my wings to change them."

    "Well that can't be too much to worry about," Betsy said. "It's something natural."

    "Last night," Warren started, "I woke up and had to vomit."

    "Lovely, but it happens to people sometimes."

    "That isn't all," Warren exlained. "When I was done, I looked at myself in the mirror." He paused, not sure if he wanted to tell her the next part. "My eyes were completely white, and my face was blue. I don't mean lack-of-oxygen blue, but blue like it had been painted. I tried to wash it off like it really was paint, but it wouldn't go away. I panicked, and I locked myself in the bathroom for about an hour. I didn't look in the mirror for that whole time. At the end of it, I looked again, and I was my normal color."

    "Did you tell the Professor?" Betsy asked.

    "No," he replied. "I'm scared to tell anyone."

    "You're telling me," she pointed out.

    "I guess I am," he said. "Betsy, I don't want to change anymore. I don't want to have blue skin, I don't want my wings to change... at all. I loved them the way they'd been for so long. I always liked getting to be 'The Angel' because of those wings. They really did make me look like the way you'd expect an angel to look. I know that sounds horribly concieted, but it's how I felt. I don't know if I could take them suddenly being so different." He glanced at Betsy, who was struggling for something to say. "So... How've you been?"

    "I-" she still didn't know what to say, in light of Warren's revelation. "I think I'm getting over what I saw in Bishop's head. It's almost like a bad dream now."

    "Tell me about it," Warren said. And she did.

    Six of them were finished already. Six! This little country didn't give Bolivar Trask the money or resources that the U.S. government had, or at least not as much, but it was really coming through for him. In his new office, he looked at production logs. Soon, he'd have a dozen Sentinels more. But that wasn't the best part. The smaller, more human-like in appearance Sentinel was also going to be completed soon. He opened a drawer, and eyed the chip that he'd popped out of Bastion on the night that it was destroyed. That chip contained all of its programming and electronic memories, for just such an occasion as what had happened. He looked longingly at his marvel of micro-technology, and then closed the drawer up. He didn't want to torture himself with thoughts of his greatest creation yet to come at this moment.

    In Egypt, in the very tomb that had killed the Nathaniel Essex that the world had once known, and had given birth to Mr. Sinister, four unusual people had made the treacherous way down to the primary chamber. Sinister himself led them. Spiral, Sauron, and Omega Red all looked around in astonishment at the structure that was supposedly leading them to the holding chamber of En Sabbah Nur, purportedly the first ever mutant, and the one that made Essex into Sinister.

    "Sauron!" Sinister called, having hurried ahead of his party in excitement. Sauron lept up, spread out his winged arms, and flew to Sinister's side. "Can you recite the words under these images? I figure Lykos could."

    "Yes, he could," Sauron sneared, "as can I." He was handed the copies of the heiroglyphics which Sinister had stolen from around the world.

    "Arkady, bring forth the actual tablets," Sinister ordered. "Spiral, it is time to give me your pendant." Spiral was apprehensive, but allowed him to take it. Something about Sinister had, in recent days, begun to appeal to her, seem almost familiar, trustworthy.

    Omega Red set up the pieces of rock containing the heiroglyphics in the sequence that Sinister ordered. Two in the middle left open a space that matched Spiral's pendant. At Sinister's word, Sauron began reading. The tablets began glowing. As Sauron went on, the wall in front of them did as wall. Sinister placed Spiral's pendant into the appropriate place. The light became blinding. Sauron read on as best he could. He got to the end, and a wave of heat knocked the foursome down. When they came to, a massive figure stood in front of them.

    "Master," Sinister whispered.

    "You have done well, my servant," said the figure. Its skin was a sickly gray, but it seemed otherwise to be strong and healthy. It wore a dark orange robe, and dark blue gloves. A hood covered part of its head.

    "My accomplices, Master En Sabbah Nur," said Sinister, shaking. "This is-"

    "Omega Red," said En Sabbah Nur.

    "My name is Arkady," Red protested. "Omega Red is a pseudonym."

    "It is the name that truly matters now," En Sabbah Nur said, speaking in a booming voice. "You are Omega Red, the reptile is Sauron, and the girl is Spiral. I knew as soon as you came near."

    "Master, we live to serve you!" Sinister cried.


    "My friends, let me introduce you!" Sinister said, excitedly. "This is the man who created my as you see me today. He was once a great warrior in ancient Egypt, imprisoned by forces who feared his power. The heiroglyphics we have collected were a code to release him from his physical prison, so that his power may extend far beyond this tomb. This is the first mutant, the first on Earth with such power."

    "Yes, the first on Earth," his towering master replied, giddily.

    "This is En Sabbah Nur, the first one!" Sinister breathed. "He is the one who will dominate this world soon. He is the Apocalypse!"


    coming in part four: Wolverine faces a mysterious enemy, and uncovers the truth about who he really is. Meanwhile, Magneto and his ever-growing Brotherhood seek revenge for the humiliation the X-Men brought on them; Bolivar Trask and his special project return to the world; and this mysterious mutant called Apocalypse will begin his campaign to take over the world. All in all, the X-Men will be busy. Plus: who or what is Bishop, really? What connection does he have with the events that have recently transpired? And what connection will he have with one of the many villains that have appeared so far?

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