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X-Men: X-Children


Oct 15, 2005
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Wowsies, I love what I wrote here. This is completely different way I thought of the X-Men to be...I have a few adults amongst others reading this at the moment. I have 12 chapters so far. Which is around 60 pages in word, so it's a pretty big fanfiction that has a long way to go...

X-Men: The X Children

“Mutation: Is it the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve into the dominant species on the planet. It’s slow; this process normally takes thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward; mutants. Since the discovery of mutant existence, they have been regarded with fear, suspicion, and often hatred. Across the planet debate rages, are mutants the next link in the evolutionary chain? Or simply a new species of humanity, fighting for their share of the world? Either way, it is an historical fact that sharing the world has never been humanity’s defining attribute.” – Professor Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men

Chapter 1: 1407 Graymalkin Lane

The first snowflakes of the bitter winter dropped on the ground softly. It was October, and a cold October at that. The air was rather misty, and the faint sight of headlights appeared in the distance. A New York taxi drove up to a particularly large set of gates. It was a place of high importance, and the snow covered the address beside the gates. The taxi door opened slightly, and a foot appeared. “Thanks for that…how much will that be then?” A soft female voice asked. “Just make it eighteen dollars. I’ll let you off…” The taxi driver replied. He was wearing a navy cap, and an odd pair of sunglasses. His face had quite a stubble and a sly grin as well. “Erm, okay. Here we go.” A gloved hand gave the taxi driver a twenty dollar note and closed the door. Standing outside, she brushed her hair to the side. This young woman was a brunette, with odd white streaks through the front of her hair. Looking around the area, she shivered slightly. Her lipstick was of a dark purple, and her eyes were of a murky green colour. She dressed quite gothic, but not too heavily. Wearing a brown jacket, a short red skirt and fishnets…she looked really quite cold. It was obvious this woman was no stranger around here. She is Rogue; a mutant with the ability to temporarily absorb the memories, thoughts and abilities of others, including superhuman abilities, via skin-to-skin contact.
Rogue walked up to the mounted golden plaque, and with her right hand brushed off the snow. The plaque read; 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. With a small smile, Rogue walked to the side of the gate to find an intercom. Pressing the large green button, a small screen showed a bald man in a wheelchair. Beside him was a man with a visor, yet his face was shadowed, and behind this man in the wheelchair…was an odd blue furred creature who almost looked like he walked on all fours. “Ah, greetings. You must be Rogue then, I will send a member of this institute. You will be assisted to the entrance by Bobby Drake, mind though… he’s quite the one with the ladies. I shall see you soon, and I’m more than willing to help with any problems as are my students.” The screen suddenly went blank and Rogue sighed to herself. Waiting patiently, the gates opened. A teenage boy around Rogue’s age stood beside the opened gate. He wore a blue t-shirt with an odd pair of green shorts, which was most definitely not suitable for the winter weather yet this boy, didn’t look phased by the bitter cold. His eyes were an odd light blue…and his fair hair was gelled up. “Hey, I’m Bobby Drake. You must be the new girl everyone’s been chatting about, Rogue isn’t it? You’re quite the pretty one. Anyway, I’m glad to hear you’ll be joining Xavier’s mansion. It’s a pretty neat place.” He scratched the back of his head with his left arm. Rogue softly smiled and then replied, “Aren’t you awfully cold in those clothes?” She wondered, as she was clothed in many layers. “The cold winter days and nights don’t affect me…but I’ll talk about why much later. Let me escort you to the entrance, my lady.” Rogue wasn’t totally impressed by Bobby Drake’s ‘charm’ but politely smiled as she walked beside him. The front lawn of the mansion was rather large, yet the mansion before Rogue and Bobby Drake…was huge. The lawn had a lovely fountain with many bushes surrounding the pathway. As they walked up the snow riddled steps, the sound of children laughing could be heard. Bobby Drake opened the large red doors to the institute, the hallway was massive and a long flight of stairs led up to, what looked like…dormitories. It looked like a rather old mansion, and unbeknownst to Rogue…this mansion, holds big secrets….
Rogue sat beside Bobby Drake in the main living area. Rogue couldn’t catch the attention of Bobby, he was too busy in conversation with another girl. She looked around the area, mystified from the sheer vastness of it all. Bobby sat down beside and reached for the remote by him. As he switched on the television set, his interest changed to Rogue. “So, what is your…um, power then?” He asked, glancing around. Rogue sat quietly and didn’t respond, she didn’t even take a look at Bobby. “Worried about this place Rogue? Shouldn’t be…it’s a pretty cool ‘school’. We have all sorts here Rogue…adults, children and even the odd creature.” Rogue still didn’t seem to answer and the sighed softly. “Here’s mine Rogue…” Bobby placed his hand slowly over the table, and out of nowhere ice appeared from his palm. In a matter of seconds, Bobby created a rose made of ice. Rogue immediately smiled at Bobby, she was more than impressed with Bobby’s skills. “The codename for Bobby Drake is Iceman. But you can call me Bobby. Never Bob though…” He said, with a gentle smirk. “Well, um…my power is…” Rogue began to describe her mutant ability, but was just interrupted by Ororo Munroe who was codenamed; Storm. Ororo or Storm as she preferred, was a black Kenyan woman possibly around her thirties. She was of a rare tribe in Kenya, Africa which was a race of blue eyed, white haired and a gift of sorcery. There was something that communicated Rogue and Storm…like they had met before. Storm stood beside Bobby and Rogue, with a normal glare. “Miss Munroe…” Rogue said, shocked by her appearance. “I’m glad to see you’ve made the right choice, as did I.” Storm replied, as she looked behind her. “Yes, Miss Munroe...” Rogue still was uneasy about meeting Storm, and it showed by her looking down on the floor. “Just call me Ororo or Storm, Maria. We’re not in high school are we? Charles Xavier would like your presence.” She wandered off down the corridor, and into what looked like a small library. “You okay Rogue? I’m surprised you had a past with Storm, oh and by the way. I do hope you make the right decision here; Xavier is quite a nice guy. By the way…the name Maria, I like it.” Bobby stood up, and held out his hand to Rogue. She was helped up, and followed Bobby down the long corridor.
Opening a door for her, Rogue stepped into a small office. A leather chair was turned to the window, as the person sitting there watched the small snowflakes drop on the glass. Beside the chair, was a desk with many files and folders, including a small monitor. “Thank you Bobby for assisting young Rogue here. You may leave now.” The figure said in the chair. “Yes, Professor Xavier. I’ll be in the Danger Room. See ya Maria; it was lovely to see you.” He waved, and then closed the door behind him as he walked away. “Greetings Rogue, please sit down. I am Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the institute for gifted youngsters like you. I prefer to call my students, gifted, because they basically are. Mutant’s are the key step in humanity’s evolution, and I’m here to help the fragile stability of fear for my students in this world.” He turned the chair round to Rogue’s view, and before Rogue was a rather middle aged man, completely bald. He seemed like a genuine person, very polite and greeting. “I know you have, but you need to realise you’ve made the right decision here. For around two years now, mutants have risen from the population. Because we’re different than them, we are treated as unequaled beings. They are scared of us, worried that mutants have superpowers that would infect the world. I’d like to think of mutants and humans as equals, and I’m trying to build up on my belief. I’d like humans to live with us in peace. Now, Rogue…may I ask what mutant power you possess?” Rogue looked uncomfortable, and didn’t respond. Rogue glanced away, looking slightly upset. Xavier gave a sympathetic look, “Its okay Rogue, you can talk about anything. I’m here to help.” He said, clasping his hands together waiting for a response. Rogue sat, looking down at her knees then decided to reply.
“He almost died, from just a kiss. The first boy I ever kissed was sent into a coma for four months. If I come into skin-to-skin contact, I absorb the person’s life force. Drain their energy.”
“And I suspect, those black gloves you wear are to protect yourself and anyone else from harm?”
“Yes, they are…it’s such a burden”
“I see. Quite an interesting gift you have there, dear Rogue. Remember, it’s a gift Rogue. I am willing to offer a place in the institution.”
“But what can this…place do for me, Professor Xavier?”
“More than you can imagine. This place is more than just a mansion; I would like to give you a tour of this institute.”
“That’s fair enough, but Professor…how can I be welcomed here?”
“Let me call upon a few long term recruits to the…X-Men.”
Rogue sat and waited, staring at the wooden door which led into Xavier’s office. The golden handle turned slightly, and the door was opened. Rogue looked back at Xavier, who was clasping his hands; anticipating the ‘recruits’. A slouching man appeared from behind the door. He was quite big, but seemed oddly to have the poseur of a caveman. This mutant was wearing purple shorts, which ended by his large knees and was accompanied with an odd orange shirt. He most definitely looked like he worked out, his muscles were massive! That wasn’t the end of it though, he wore brown sandals…and these sandals must have been tailor made. They were the biggest feet Rogue had ever seen. But, that wasn’t which shocked Rogue. This man was covered entirely in blue fur! He pulled away his sunglasses, and said “Well you must be Rogue. Glad to be greeted with such an admirable face. My name is Beast…I personally think the name is a bit derogatory. But these friends of mine thought it was suitable. You can call me Henry ‘Hank’ McCoy though. It’s nice to see you, another project for the Danger Room. Thankfully, something new to work on.” He smiled and turned as Rogue wondered who he meant. Behind Beast, or as his human name was; Henry were two figures. A lady around Rogue’s height walked in, and swayed her long dark red hair. Rogue instantaneously admired her looks, and Jean Grey wasn’t one to be egotistical, but she realised. Her lips were of a dark red too, and apparently that was without any sign of makeup. She wore a normal worn leather jacket, which unusually acquired the name; Scotty Summers. She also wore light blue jeans and black shoes. She looked quite friendly, and Rogue didn’t really adore the fashion sense. “Hi there, I’m Jean. Good to see a new female member here. I’ll be here with you all the way Rogue, by your side whenever you’ll need me.” She said, with a slight smile. To the side of Jean was one of Xavier’s longest running students, Scott Summers. Formerly known as, Cyclops. He wore dark red sunglasses, and sported kinda long brown hair. He was wearing quite baggy jeans, accompanied with worn converse. Above the waist, he had a dark black hoody on, with the logo ‘X’ imprinted by the right breast. He softly smiled at Rogue and politely waved. He didn’t seem too talkative at the present time, because Jean had just been teasing him earlier in the garage.
“Dear Rogue, I present to you…my longest running X-men. Jean Grey has the ability of telekinesis. Jean, would you please demonstrate this to young Rogue beside me?” Xavier asked, clasping his hands still. Rogue sat and watched Jean touch both her temples with each hand. She closed her eyes for a while, and Rogue saw something moving from the corner of her eye. To her amazement, all of Xavier’s paperweights were floating freely in the air! Not only that, but to Jean’s amusement Xavier’s cup of tea was handed to Beast. “Thank you Jean, that’ll be enough.” He ordered. She opened her eyes, and winked at Rogue afterwards. “Now, I could demonstrate Cyclops mutant abilities, but it isn’t suitable for viewing here exactly. And if you wish, you could meet him later in the Danger Room. Let’s just say, those sunglasses of his protect you from his optic rays. And right beside you, is our friendly furry fellow, Beast.” Beast bowed for a while, then said “Well, my mutant ability isn’t one to be admired. I wasn’t born cuddly, that happened in a later incident. My best of abilities are down in the sub-basement to be honest.” He stopped and checked his watch on his left wrist. “I’m sorry Charles, but I must return to my project. I fear my ideas will be clouded by others for not much longer.” He said softly, holding his left wrist with his hand. “That is fine Hank. Now, Rogue if you need any help in the scientific department, Henry ‘Hank’ McCoy is willing to help at anytime.” Xavier responded, nodding at him. Beast waved at Rogue and turned to walk down the long corridor. “Um, Professor? May I return to the garage now? I don’t mean to sound rude, but I have to get back. I have a class at the moment.” Cyclops asked, as he scratched his head. Xavier turned to his right side and pulled out a document from his desk drawer. “Yes Scott, but I must hand you this. It’s information on Alex’s whereabouts. I know you’ve wanted to know.” Xavier handed over the brown document to Scott, who was reluctant to take it from him. “Well, thanks Xavier…Nice to meet you Rogue.” Oddly enough, Scott looked a bit wary of the information in his hands, but why? Anyway, Rogue couldn’t think about that right now, she was much more interested in where she was being taken. Scott walked out the room and closed the door behind him. There was an odd silence for a few seconds, and then Jean offered to take Rogue on a tour of the mansion. Xavier smiled softly and said “Go on ahead Rogue. It would be best for Jean Grey here to take you on a personal tour. If you need anymore information Rogue, you’ll find me in the Danger Room.” Rogue was quite quiet, and then stood up and without words, she implied that she was thankful by a small nod. Jean opened the door, “Shall we be off then, Rogue?” Jean asked, placing her hand out the door as a gesture. Rogue walked outside and looked around her; long corridors were surrounding Rogue and Jean Grey. “It’s quite big isn’t it? Xavier’s school, it’s a lovely place.” Jean said looking in the same direction as Rogue. Jean continued, “So what do you think of Xavier?” She asked. Rogue finally responded to the questions. “He’s a nice guy…but what power is his?”
“Telepathy. He has the power to read minds, and to control them.”
“That’s quite a power, much like yours.”
“Yes, although the Professor will not use his mind powers without consent, if you’re not causing trouble that is.” Jean smiled and walked by Rogue, “Now if you want, you can follow me into the main living area.” Rogue followed Jean, which led her into a rather big room with young teenage students playing on game consoles, listening to music and even a few just gossiping about mutant rumours. The floor was carpeted, and there were three large sofas and a rug beneath. There were a few bookcases, but to be honest the books didn’t look important. Behind Rogue was a doorway leading to a vast staircase. “What’s up there?” Rogue asked, “That leads to the students dormitories.” Jean answered. Walking down the corridor even further, Jean showed Rogue the library. It was slightly impressive, and a few mutants were reading different books; comics, biographies and many more. Opposite the library was the dining hall, and the dinner table was immensely impressive. It looked like it could hold at least 40 students. Jean Grey turned to Rogue; “Amazing isn’t it? We like to all get together when we’re free and enjoy a nice meal once in a while. Normally that isn’t easy though, we can’t get a rest without working hard. Like the brotherhood for example, either trying to recruit a new member, or rob a bank now and then. Weren’t you--?” Jean Grey was interrupted by Rogue, “Yes, I was. I don’t really want to talk about it…” Rogue looked down the floor; around seven months ago she became a member of the Brotherhood. Running away from her normal life, she came across what she thought was the only help she’d receive. The Brotherhood of evil mutants is a band of mutants, consisting of Toad, Avalanche, Scarlet Witch and The Blob. Crazy names, but they were suited for them. Toad was an odd mutant. His real name is Mortimer Toynbee, so you can understand why he gave himself an alias. His ability is suited for this alias though; he can leap vast distances and can create a phlegmatic substance. Oh, and his tongue, well that could reach you over 20 metres away. He has short brown hair, dark brown eyes and an odd green slimy skin. He isn’t seen that much, and always tried to chat up Rogue who had applied after Scarlet Witch’s offer. Avalanche, who’s real name was Dominic Janos Petros. He’s a challenge for any X-Mutant. He could control seismic waves, in other words; create a devastating earthquake. Apparently, he was a kind teacher a few years ago. Quite the book worm, he was picked on by most of the students. Losing his mind after so many insults and problems, he controlled seismic waves for the first time. It was heard of that the whole college trembled under his might and one girl managed to save hundreds all by herself. Apparently she was a mutant too, but that’s only a rumour. Nobody can really recognise Avalanche’s face though; he always wears a silver helmet. It matches his outfit too; he’s heavily armoured, possibly to protect himself from his own seismic waves. The Blob though, is formerly known as Fred Dukes. He suffered worse than Avalanche, and his own nickname used by his bullies was used for his alias. He is incredibly large, and hosts super human strength. He has an almost elastic skin, like it was made from rubber. His major weaknesses are his short temper, lack of foresight, and his easily-manipulated self-esteem. The Blob is not especially intelligent; hence the one time he took an invitation from Xavier to join the students in his mansion. Not only did Blob try to take control of the X-Mansion once, he tried twice and failed miserably on both attempts. Scarlet Witch isn’t well known of, and unfortunately no information was held within the X-Mansion. She had an unusual power supposedly, which is terribly powerful. She sorts out the mission briefs, controls the recruitment and also supports bank robberies, etc. Her appearance is not known of to us, she hides in the shadow of The Brotherhood. She’s not heard of as the main leader though, word has it that it’s an old male that created the Brotherhood and he has some relation to Xavier and the Scarlet Witch.
Jean Grey had practically given a complete tour of the ground floor. Rogue was more than impressed and was introduced to the dormitories. She was able to access any member of the
X-Men through their dormitories. They reached the top flight of stairs, “So, Rogue…think you can manage here on your own now?” She asked, smiling slightly. “Yeah, I think so Miss Grey. Thanks for the help.” Rogue replied, looking at the lift. “That’s fine. Now if you need anything, any info, any help just reach me in the Sub-basement. Go inside the lift, and you’ll want to press the third button, that takes you to the biggest secret of this mansion. Professor Xavier should be there too. Oh, and by the way…call me Jean.”
“Yes Miss Grey, I shall.” Rogue said, as she pushed back her shiny brown hair. Jean Grey walked into the lift, and pressed the button with her left hand. “One more thing, keep an eye on that Bobby Drake. He’s a right charmer.” She laughed and waved as the doors closed on her, Rogue just stood there waving back. She wandered down the long corridor to reach the first dormitory, Scott Summer’s. Knocking on the door, she realised it wasn’t closed and it pushed itself open. Rogue looked around her, and walked in swiftly. His bed was a single one, and his duvet cover was a logo of the X-Men surrounded in a navy blue colour. It was quite a bare room, but posters above Cyclops bed consisted of a red haired teen that looked quite like Jean. By his bed was a television set, and a desk drawer. On top was a photo of Cyclops and Jean, with Jean on Cyclops back, looking like they were having a great time. It read, “To Scott, to the best summer we’ve ever had! Jean.” It was displayed in a nice frame, and it looked like Cyclops treasured it a lot. Beside that was the file Xavier handed to Cyclops, Rogue wanted to investigate what was inside that document…but she resisted and walked out the room, closing it enough so it was left ajar. Rogue didn’t feel like she invaded Cyclops privacy, he wouldn’t have minded. He sounds like a nice enough guy. Walking down the next room was a bigger room, which held enough space for around six people. It looked like a woman’s dorm, and the duvets weren’t made properly. Rogue was enjoying the feel of this place, before she left home due to sending her first kiss into a coma for three weeks, and then she lived in a dingy rundown house with The Brotherhood. For once, Rogue felt comfortable. She reached another room, and knocked on the door. She waited for a response, and waited. “Come in!” An odd voice answered the knock, and she opened the door. Oddly enough, there was no one inside this dormitory whatsoever. A large chalkboard was opposite a bed, and that was practically it, apart from a few books scattered on the ground. Rogue moved to the chalkboard, and many equations were drawn across the board. This was Beast’s room, and he left a little message near the right hand corner. It said, “Damn, need more chalk…” Rogue smiled, and all of a sudden she heard Beast’s voice. “I need more chalk, but I manage with reading in my spare time. How are we Miss Rogue?” Beast said who was nowhere to be seen. “Erm, I’m good ta…where are you?” She asked, quite worried. “Above you my dear.” He said, and as Rogue looked up, she was shocked to see Beast hanging from his light, reading a physics book. “I like to hang about now and then” Beast said, laughing. He dropped down and offered a handshake to Rogue. She shook his right hand. “So, becoming comfortable yet Miss Rogue?” He asked, adjusting his small glasses. “Yeah, oddly enough. I feel like I’m at home finally.” Rogue mumbled, slightly embarrassed. “I’m glad. Hopefully I and my colleagues can make this place as welcoming as possible.” Beast turned to put his physics book away in the drawer. Above a pile of books looked like an old photo. Rogue walked up to it and picked up the aged photograph. “Who is this here, with all those children?” She asked. The photo was a picture taken on a rather sunny day, right outside in the tennis courts. A rather hairy man, around Beast’s height was standing wearing sunglasses, a red cap, blue shirt and an orange pair of shorts. Oh, and he was accompanied with a pair of sandals. Beside this rather hairy man with a ponytail, were two teenagers. They looked like they were aged around fifteen; they too were having a fun time playing a game of tennis. Rogue seemed to recognise both of them; the teenage boy was wearing dark red sunglasses and resembled Cyclops whilst the female looked very much like Jean. Behind them all was a short teenager of the age…well, he looked around thirteen. “So you’re wondering who those are in that picture…” Beast said, placing his glasses down on the top of the drawer. “That young handsome fellow in the sandals is surprisingly me. And beside myself, are the lovely Scott Summers and Jean Grey. It was a wonderful day; Xavier decided to take a few photos after we settled in. Oh, and that behind us all? Young Bobby Drake in the background, as an adolescent upset about his recent girlfriend dumping him for his non mutant brother. Things have changed, but then again nothing has been all that different.” He took the photo from Rogue and returned it to its former place. “If ya don’t mind me asking…the change?” She asked, wondering what his response would be. She wondered why Beast had his dark blue fur surrounding him, and had to ask. He paused and smiled, then spoke “It all began, a few days after that photo was taken actually. I, Colossus, Storm and Jean Grey had to stop some attacks on teenage mutants. Humans are scared of some us, scared of the possibilities we have. Unfortunately for us new found
X-Men, an anti-mutant brigade were formed by the President at that time.” He was politely interrupted by Rogue, “I thought Senator Kelly was behind the anti-mutant brigade. Not the President.”
“Ah yes, the Senator came up with the idea. The President just approved it.”
“Tell me about it…a friend of a friend was taken away by the Brigade…I haven’t seen him since they broke into his family’s house and arrested him…for being different.”
“It’s not exactly a peaceful world we live in, is it? Humans are scared of being with different people, they’re scared of their possibilities. Jean Grey fought against the Senator, to prove mutants aren’t a threat to humankind, although that didn’t go all too well…”


In a rather large court room, red haired Jean Grey was standing at the front of the courtroom wearing a black suit, holding an official-looking document. She looked around. Crowds of people, watching from above. She adjusted her glasses and glanced nervously at the document in her hand. Standing smugly before her, was Senator Kelly. Jean Grey was there to prevent the completion of the anti-mutant brigade. Her aim was to prevent the world from being frightened of this ‘new race’, called homo-superior. Senator Kelly was around 32, and had held his position for around two years. His hair was already grey, and his pale blue eyes sunk into his wrinkly complexion. His views on the mutant race were less than complimentary and, as he put it, his aim is “to ban such filth from the streets.” The crowd is politely hushed as they form an expectant silence. Senator Kelly clears his throat, then speaks, “So, Miss Grey. You’re here to prevent the completion of the anti-mutant brigade I see.” Jean Grey looked down, then directly at the Senator. “No, Senator, I am here to inform you that we mutants are not a threat. To anyone. I am urging the Senate to vote against mutant registration.”
“No Miss Grey, these beings are much more than a simple threat, they are the worst kind of terrorists. You don’t seem to understand, but I do. After all, you are one of these ‘mutant’s.”
Senator Kelly paused briefly, and the crowds behind Jean Grey were whispering amongst themselves. Up high, in the balconies someone watched; a familiar face. He was in a wheelchair, and he frowned upon these words. Jean Grey continued the dispute, “What real threat are we? You’re scared of us being different. We are no thorn to the paw of this world. To force mutants to expose themselves, ” She was interrupted suddenly, “Expose themselves? And I wonder, what is it that the mutant community has to hide? What makes them so afraid to identify themselves?”
“I didn’t say they were hiding, Senate.”
“Let me show you what is being hidden Miss Grey. I have here a list of names of identified mutants. Living right here, in the United States. Here’s a girl in Illinois who can walk through walls. Now, what’s to stop her from walking into a bank vault? Or into the White House? Or into their houses, your houses? There are even rumours of mutants so powerful, that they can enter our minds telepathically. Taking away our God given free will. One young lad here, has spider like reflexes, and can apparently shoot web from his wrists. We all know this one, some mutant in a latex costume nicknamed Spider-man. We all know how much of a problem he has been to the citizens of New York. I think we deserve the right to force this anti-mutant brigade. Whether they even want their children in schools with mutants. Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is; that mutants are very real. And they are among us. We must know what they can do and how we can prevent it!”
The Senator stopped, and the crowd began to cheer and applaud. Jean sighed deeply, and looked down. She was upset, and slightly angered at the arrogance of Kelly. Meanwhile, on the balconies, the man in the wheelchair is the teacher and leader of the X-Men, Professor Xavier. He closely watches the balcony opposite him and recognised an old friend leave the crowd…
Outside the court room, Xavier moved down the corridor to meet a man around his age. The man had a long, brown coat, and held a hat in his right hand. “So, Charles. How are we?” He asked. These two had a past, a very long past. “Fine thank you, Erik.” Xavier replied. “How are your little X-Men coming along? Is it all working well, wanting peace amongst humans and mutants? Of course you saw what happened today, it’s marked a new meaning for us.” Xavier couldn’t see this man’s face, but he was called Erik. That’s all we knew too, this mysterious fellow had a grudge against Charles Xavier, and all humans too. Xavier had never hated this man, but pitied his interior motives. “Don’t you get it Charles? How the human race despises us already?” He laughed spitefully. Erik smirked, and put on his hat. “This is the way things will go, I’m looking for hope.” Xavier replied, almost sounding angry by Erik’s words. “I will bring you hope old friend, but I only ask one thing in return. Don’t get in my way.”
“I know we’ve had a bad past my fateful friend, and our paths have been different. But what’s changed now?” Xavier questioned.
“Charles, you never realised. Even after I crippled you, you believed that mutants can live in peace with the pathetic human race.” After that comment, Xavier was left without a word to say. “Speechless again.” Erik smirked “I’m off now Charles, but don’t forget the marking of this day. Those humans are nothing, we homo-superior are the future, not them!” He walked off, as Xavier sat motionless in his wheelchair, his grey eyes fixed on the retreating back of his lost companion.
It was December the twenty–third 1998, and what a date it was to set the anti-mutant brigade upon our streets. It was meant to be a time of Christmas spirit under our feet, as the snow dropped from the skies onto the dirty pavement. Families laughed happily in their homes, surrounded by loved ones. But this happiness was not to last; as Senator Kelly got his anti-mutant troops approved by the President. They moved on down the snowy streets, as their cold breath could be seen in the air. Knocking on houses, they would search for the mutant DNA in each family member, by long sharp needles. It was found that his gene was only in teenagers and onwards, once they reached puberty their powers came to them naturally. They were thrown out into the streets, tasered down, injured and treated like animals. To them, that was what all they were, animals. Some refused, and were beaten in the streets. Approved ‘mutants’ were scattered about the streets, hiding down alleyways; injured and terrified. It was horrific, couples lost their loved ones, and unfortunately; many were killed. Well, the X-Men had to stand bravely against this evil force. As we did; but we suffered. We were lead by Cyclops on that day, and it was Christmas Eve. It wasn’t a pleasant day; we fought hard against the anti-mutant patrol without killing anyone. They were injured and warned away, except for a group of people supporting the brigade. After succeeding in our first real fight, we went onto saving individuals in danger. After saving a young child down an alleyway, I was told I had abnormally sized feet and hands by a group of older teenagers. And for that, I was beaten by them. The child ran for help, as I was unable to voice my desperation; the kicks to my throat had ensured that. Cyclops and Jean came to help and I was taken away in the blackbird. They operated immediately on me, I was so badly beaten that all they could was risk a new found medicine. Apparently, it was legally tested on monkeys, a form of medicine that would, could cure my pain. Only one side affect; my hair colour would turn…blue. I wanted the injection, or else I’d have been paralysed for the rest of my life. So, as I recovered, I expected my hair to change its colour. Alas, I awoke to find myself covered in a blue fur. I came to terms with my new found ability, blue fur. I adapted to it easily though, my appearance may shock many, but I kind of like it.

End of Flashback

“Wow, that’s quite a story. So you’re okay with the fur? I thought the blue fur was a part of the mutant in you.” Rogue said who was more than amazed at Beast’s story. “Well, Miss Rogue. You’ll find some of us students in this mansion have quite a back story. Now, I’d love to continue about my past adventures but I must work on this new formula. It’s quite secretive at this present time though. I’ll just say, it’s to do with a famous soldier. I’ll hopefully see you again soon Rogue.” He said, as he rubbed his fuzzy chin. Rogue waved and closed the door behind her. She wondered where to go next, but heard footsteps coming from the long dormitory corridor. Scott Summers, whose alias was Cyclops walked down towards Rogue. “Have you seen Jean anywhere Rogue? I was wondering, as she was with you earlier, you might know where she disappeared to?” He scratched his head and adjusted these dark red sunglasses he was wearing. Rogue hadn’t a clue where Jean was, but found it odd that Cyclops hadn’t a clue. “Ah, no. Sorry Scott. I haven’t seen her since she left me by the dormitories. Why, do you need her?” Rogue asked. “Well, I just wanted her to assist me in Beast’s new Danger Room equipment. Actually, what are you up to? I’m sure Professor Xavier would be more than happy to see you in the Danger Room.”
“I don’t know Scott…what’s a Danger Room?”
“It’s to improve our mutant skills, concentrate our power and gain lots of new abilities. It’s situated in the Sub-basement; it’s a large VR room. Created by Professor Xavier and Beast, it’s an incredible training arena with full potential. If you’re not ready, that’s fine. But if you feel the need to get rid of any frustration, just look for the door under the staircase. That’ll take you there. See you around, Rogue.” Cyclops walked off and Rogue brushed back her hair with her hand.
Somewhere which resembled the Amazon rainforest is where we find our fellow X-Men members, they’re walking through a dense jungle. Inside this large jungle, Cyclops and Iceman are chopping their way through. They manage to slash their way through trees and vines, to find three odd looking silver robots standing there, motionless. Cyclops and Iceman try to stay quiet, as for a few minutes they watch the robots still standing there, lifeless. Iceman decides to move a few steps, as you could see his cold breath in the warm air. As he steps, a small twig snaps. It sets off the sound sensors in the robots, as they turn and run up to them. Cyclops runs back through the jungle, hoping to escape them. Iceman immediately creates a frozen surface to slide on, and slides on his slippery icy surface in the air, hoping to turn in time to retaliate. What are they? What are they doing in this rainforest? Anyway, Iceman turns and both his hands aim at the robots; using his ray of ice he freezes the robots momentarily. Cyclops is still running, and looking for high ground. The robots are frozen in mid air, and can’t move a single inch. Cyclops hides behind a large rock, he still can’t find high ground. Using his optic rays in this dense jungle wouldn’t get him anywhere. Suddenly, to Cyclops’ surprise Iceman lands beside him. “I…froze them in their paths!” Iceman said, as his cold breath in the atmosphere inclined he was worn out. “That’s good,” Cyclops was surprisingly attacked by another robot, shooting him in the chest. “Oh my god!” Iceman yelled, backing away. Cyclops collapsed in pain. “Beast, that shouldn’t happen!” Iceman yelled. Why was he saying that? The jungle mysteriously vanished, showing a large room, with an injured Cyclops, Iceman and seven robots. High above was a watch room, with Storm, Professor Xavier and Beast. It must be the so called Danger Room. But something was wrong, Beast controls the robots, but they aren’t responding for some bizarre reason.
Meanwhile, outside the Danger Room the elevator room door opened. Out stepped the teen Rogue, she was searching for the Danger Room. It was an extravagant place, the mansion’s biggest secret. The floors shined, and your reflection could be seen clearly, almost like they were washed every time someone walked through. The doors had the logo of the X-Men, a large ‘X’ was on every circular door, and they opened once they could sense you. Rogue walked through hesitantly. “Welcome Rogue,” An odd voice bellowed out. As Rogue looked around her, she realised a computer system was down here. “Erm, hi there. Do you know the way to the Danger Room?” The computer system didn’t reply. But to Rogue’s surprise, the floor lit a way to the room she desired to see. As she opened the door, she saw Professor Xavier, Storm and Beast at the controls. Storm turned to Rogue, and gladly greeted her. “Ah, dear Rogue. Welcome, at this present time you see us trying to handle another of Hank’s bugs in the system.” She smiled softly, she seemed like a lovely woman. Her hair was elegantly white, not grey, but pure white. Her eyes were bright blue, and apparently came from some African tribe. She wore an odd necklace, which resembled tribal jewellery. Her clothes were of white, and she wore a lovely orange cape. Thing is, she didn’t look odd in this cape. It suited her perfectly. Her voice was soft and calming, and with a welcoming smile, Rogue felt like she’d get along with her. “Hank…maybe we can introduce Rogue into the room?” Storm asked. Beast didn’t turn to reply; he focused on the controls but said, “Actually, that’s a nice idea. Dear Rogue, sorry for this impoliteness but would you be able to enter the room? If our friend Storm enters, the Danger Room will instantly recognise her and face her with a new enemy protocol which she can’t face. You’ve not been recognised and given vital data yet, you are our hope to save Iceman who is left on his own.” Professor Xavier rubbed his chin, he was confident Rogue would help the situation and clear up the mess. Rogue walked to the window, to see the Danger Room reacting oddly. The scenery kept changing, and robots kept spawning from the machines. Iceman was left on his own, as Cyclops still lay there defeated. “I’ll do it…” Rogue said, she was definitely uncomfortable, and didn’t even know her powers herself. As the door’s opened, Storm and Professor Xavier wished her luck. She wandered down into the entrance, to come across a battlefield. Robots kept arriving at the scene, as she witnesses Iceman slide on his icy waves, escaping and dodging the attacks of the robots. A few stopped and stood at Rogue, not knowing her identity or what protocol to engage. Iceman evaded one attack and saw Rogue to his surprise, he yelled, “Rogue! What you doing in here? GREAT!” but suddenly, he was struck on the back and collapsed on the ground. He groaned and stood back up, but another blast knocked him to the floor. Rogue panicked and ran up to Iceman, he turned and spoke quietly. “Hey Rogue, absorb my power…grab my hand…” He collapsed and was breathing heavily. The robots were still confused about this new identity, and didn’t know what to do. She grabbed his hand…and his body turned to its normal skin. His veins showed down his arm and he shook a little bit. Rogue could feel his life power being absorbed to hers, she could feel his power inside of her, and it was immense. Suddenly, Rogue screamed and a shield of ice covered her and Iceman. It knocked some robots from the ground, and their data logs were going haywire. The icy shield protected her and Iceman easily, as she stood up. The shield melted as Rogue walked out of it, it was still protecting Iceman. Rogue raised her hands at the robots, and small sharp icy bullets emerging from the palms of her hand. Beast spoke from the observation room, “Rogue, fire at the heads…it’s their main power.” Rogue thanked Beast in her thoughts, she fired at two of the robots and they fell to the ground immediately. The robots went mental, nine more robots emerged. Professor Xavier agreed to Storm’s demands, she wanted to help. Rogue couldn’t survive in there. “But…Storm, it’s too dangerous!” Beast shouted over the immense clashes of ice on metal. She entered without considering Beast’s worries. The Danger Room then initiated program ‘Storm Challenge 192 – Mutant Thugs.’ As Storm entered the Danger Room, she watched as Rogue fought off the robots one by one. She was struggling, but throughout the trouble Professor Xavier could see her powers gaining strength. Back in the Danger Room, Xavier turned to Beast. “Hank, I must say that through this trouble we may see the full potential of Rogue. I am pleased to see a new member doing so well, maybe she can be triumphant.” Professor Xavier said clasping his hands together. “Yes, Xavier. I see what you mean; Miss Rogue seems to be handling herself quite well. Her mutant ability is one to be considered a gift.” Beast replied scratching his right ear absent mindedly. Back in the foray, Rouge lands a right hand punch into the metal face of a robot. It exploded with sparks everywhere. Storm flew up high and lifted her hands into the air, all of a sudden lightening appeared through her fingertips. Rouge looked on in amazement, she’d seen a lot of strange mutant powers recently…but someone who could control the weather was beyond her belief. Clouded by her amazement, she gets struck down by a Danger Room robot behind her. Knocked unconscious, Rogue lied there in dire need of help…
A lovely smell of cooked chicken drifted through the air. So much food was being prepared. It felt like a big meeting was ready to be held. In the dining room of the X-Mansion, Professor Xavier sat at the end of the table, in his wheelchair. Scott Summers sat to the left of him, and opposite him was Jean Grey. Jean Grey definitely looked the part tonight, something was special. Storm walked through, wearing a dark red dress with golden patterns. She sat beside Scott and spoke to all three of them. Magma, formerly known as Alison Crestmere decided to sit beside Jean. Magma was only a teenager, and had long golden blonde hair and blue eyes. Apparently she could control lava and magma rock. Bobby Drake walked in wearing a shirt and waved at everyone, “Hey guys, Forge has almost finished dinner. He won’t be long.” He said, as he sat beside Magma. Our blue furred friend, Beast arrived right afterwards playing on his latest Nintendo portable console. “Ah, somehow I don’t feel like I bought the right costume today. You’re all quite formal, look at me! Terrible Henry…” He said, scratching his blue fur upon his head. “Don’t worry Henry, please, sit.” Xavier said, moving his hands towards a seat. Beast sat down and started a conversation with Storm. Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Magma, Iceman, Storm and Professor Xavier talked and laughed amongst themselves as someone awoke from their rest.
Up in her dormitory, Rogue sits up rubbing her forehead. “My god…what happened to me…I have such a headache!” She said softly to herself looking around. She felt quite drained and looked around her room. A note was beside her,
‘Rogue, we are all downstairs awaiting one of Forge’s special dinners. When you wake up,
please get here as soon as possible. Would be nice to see your pretty face after you saved
me, lots of love, good ol’ icy Bobby Drake.’
Rogue laughed to herself and was pleased he spent his time writing to her whilst she rested. She remembered that she saved him in the Danger Room. She undressed for a while and scanned through her clothes, a nice dress was left from Jean’s wardrobe. She liked the style and decided to wear it. Back in the dining room, everyone chatted amongst themselves. They all stopped once Rogue walked through the door wearing a long crimson red dress. Beast welcomed her to sit beside him, as she did. “Greetings Rogue. How are we coping?” Professor Xavier asked. “Ah, fine thanks. What exactly happened back in the Danger Room?” She replied, as she looked at her cutlery. Beast decided to answer, “Well Miss Rogue. Storm was stuck between her new robotic enemies, and you were struggling against the contending efforts of the Danger Room. Scott here assisted you in taking his power. Optic rays beamed from your eyes as you destroyed, may I say, half of the Danger Room.”
“Oh my god! I am so sorry!” She gasped, looking worried. “Ah, it’s no problem Rogue. The Danger Room has its fair share of incidents. It just gives Hank an excuse to modify his toys.” Jean Grey said, laughing. Beast stopped for a second, and the slight smell of chicken drifted around him under his nose. “Dear friends, I do believe Forge is ready to serve our dinner.” Beast said with an eager smile. As everybody sat with their backs arched up, Forge walked through the door. He was a rugged man, black greasy hair with a ponytail. His hair had grey streaks through it, and his eyes were light blue. He smiled at everyone with a warm welcoming face. “Here everyone, dinner is served!” He said, placing the plates across the table. “I hope you enjoy it. Oh, we have a new face at the table. I’m sorry ma’am, let me introduce oneself. I’m Forge, your friendly technical gizmo wizard. Much like Henry ‘Hank’ McCoy, I have a wide intellect in technology around the world. I’m around here from my own free will, I like to help out this cause for peace with humans and mutants. Anyway, I’ll stop babbling on and let you enjoy your dinner.”
“Erm, thanks Forge!” Rogue said, as she tucked into the tender chicken before her.
It was around half ten, and everybody was getting ready to sleep. She had fitted in well in the mansion and already became a part of the team. As she tucked into her night clothes, she pulled the duvet cover up to her neck. The moon shone through the red curtains, and she began to close her eyes and sleep. She let out a little sigh and she fell to sleep. Little did she know that being a member of the X-Men isn’t a walk in the park. She was on the road to an exciting, terrific, horrifying and trying time in this new life.

Chapter 2: 3 trapeze artists, 2 lions…and a mutant.

“Come to the most popular Munich circus around! Watch and be amazed by trapeze artists, be shocked by lions, and mostly be aware of our main attraction, the devil himself; Nightcrawler! Little does anyone know of his past or where he came from, but be astonished by his teleportation skills! Tickets cost around $9.50.” A poster read, as someone ripped it off the wall. “Hey, you don’t have permission to rip that off the advertisement board!” The shopkeeper yelled. “Yeah I do. It’s humiliation for that guy, he’s obviously a mutant. It’s sick” a man snarled; his appearance was not known, as a stylish black motorbike helmet covered his head. “I’ve just filled her up. How much would that be?” He asked in a different tone. “Erm, $12.30. Anyway, what do you care? Not like you’re a mutant.” The shopkeeper replied. “Whatever. I’ll have a bottle of drink and this newspaper, bub.” The man handed the shopkeeper the money and without the shopkeeper realising, this man dropped his bottle on the floor. It was already drunk immediately, and the top was almost…sliced off with sharp blades…
It was two weeks since Rogue had became a member of the X-Men, she had settled in just perfectly. As she wrote into her diary today, she wrote about that two timing Bobby Drake who settled with Alison Crestmere (Magma). As Rogue dazed by the outside swimming pool, she overheard Bobby chatting to male teenage mutant, about how hot Alison was. News got round to Alison soon enough, the mansion was like any school. Teenagers would squabble, play computer games, and hide magazines of pornography (which was easily discovered by Xavier each time), gossip about the goings on, went out shopping and did the normal things teenagers would do everyday. Well anyway, Rogue got the impression Bobby was well into her. To her disappointment, she found out her meal with him was intruding his time with Alison. So, she left him to his women. As she almost finished the sentence about how unfair Bobby was too her, she heard a knock on the door. Rogue walked up to the door and opened it, it was Jean Grey. “May I come in, Rogue?” She asked smiling. “Urm, yah of course.” Rogue answered, moving to her bed and placing the diary under her pillow. “Heard about Bobby by the way Rogue. I’m sorry about him, you should know his type. Charms all the ladies and gives them the wrong idea when you see him showing his powers off to another girl.”
Rogue laughed quietly. “Well, I’m really here to see how you’re doing and to ask you something. It’s about the mutant activities around the world. Xavier’s former wife, Moira McTaggert called us in the Mission Room earlier all the way from Muir Island.”
“Muir Island?” Rogue interrupted. “Yes, of course…you wouldn’t have a clue where it is. Near the Caribbean I’d say. Anyway, she and Forge live there. It’s like a second home for us, a much more peaceful beautiful place. You could say it’s the most impressive friendly mutant research facility across the world. Anyway, they help us discover problems arising around the world too. I’m not meaning small riots somewhere in the middle of England. I’m talking about major mutant abuse, and we’ve been contacted about a certain Munich circus coming to NY. Professor Xavier is trying to track him down; apparently he’s near some abandoned facility in Finland…”
Meanwhile, in an abandoned facility in Finland, deep in the forest trouble arises. A team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents are on the scene. Dogs are barking manically, they can smell a mutant has been here. A destroyed circus truck laid beside some S.H.I.E.L.D armed men. They were searching for something out there, by the looks of it, an escaped mutant. Some of the armed men couldn’t take the armed men’s orders seriously, and neither could the armed men. They had clowns crying at the orders given to them. Their biggest act, the Nightcrawler had finally escaped. He was a teleporting mutant and a damn challenge for the man leading this discovery mission, Colonel Wraith. Suddenly, jet skis zoomed by the clowns and armed S.H.I.E.L.D agents. It frightened the life out of them. As one of the jet skis chased the blue mutant wearing beige trousers, he was shocked and terrified to find out the mutant had teleported behind him. “Greetings, I’m the famous Nightcrawler!” The man looked behind him to see a teenage face, with yellow glowing eyes and mouth. His face was of short blue fur, with strange markings across his face. He wore a brown shirt and jeans, and a tail appeared from his back. The driver screamed and crashed into a large tree. Nightcrawler instantaneously vanished into thin air and jumped on the back of another Jet Ski driver. “Ah, guten tag!” He said, but suddenly, the man was shot straight in the head. Nightcrawler was shocked to see one of men get shot by his own friends. They were that desperate to reach him. The Jet Ski with the driver who had a bullet in his head ran over a S.H.I.E.L.D woman. Helicopters flew above the evading Nightcrawler. Up above, Colonel Wraith was getting impatient. He ordered the men to only shoot to wound. Nightcrawler reached a lone jet ski and drove it away from the others, and around 70 jet skis chased him. He drove off the cliff, only to be shot by the helicopter. It exploded, and burning shards of metal flew in all directions. The jet ski’s stopped, and a few looked over the edge to see if he died.
Back at Salem Center, at the X-mansion the X-Men crowded round the war room. It was designed the same way the Danger Room was, but it had a holographic projector showing the planet. Behind the X-Men was a large blue monitor screen and computer system. Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Beast, Iceman and Rogue stood around the projector, which had a pinpoint on Finland. Professor Xavier sat in his wheelchair beside them all. “Dear X-Men. We have a situation in Finland. I’ve been tracing this friendly mutant for some time. His name is Kurt Wagner, and his alias used by the circus is ‘Nightcrawler’. His special abilities are to teleport distances whenever he pleases. Don’t let his appearance shock you though fellow X-Men. He’s recently escaped the circus, and the agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D are tracing him down. Colonel James Wraith is tracking this mutant down; at all costs we can’t let him suffer any agony or pain. I want Bobby, Storm, Scott, Jean and Rogue on this mission. Rogue, I feel you can handle this…” Cyclops suddenly talked, “Sorry to interrupt Professor, but how many S.H.I.E.L.D men are there on the scene?” Xavier continued, “There are approximately 400 agents out there tracking this mutant down. He’s bizarrely important to them, but I’ll look into the reason when he is safe. Now, X-Men I want you to take the Blackbird to the location pinpointed for you. I hope you’ll do well my X-Men, do me proud.”
As they walked out of the war room, Bobby consoled Rogue of the misunderstanding between him and Magma. They entered the hangar, and the most impressive X-Jet known as the Blackbird was before them. It was a vast black sleet jet, and apparently has never been traced by any other airline fleet. Cyclops flew the Blackbird; he was well trained by his father as a child to fly aeroplanes and jets. As the steps protruded out of the Blackbird they all stepped on. Through the blue window in front of Cyclops was Beast and Professor Xavier. They waved at the Blackbird as the team got into their seats and readied themselves. Above them, the hangar doors separated. Above the sub-basement was the basketball court, which were the doors to the hangar. The Blackbird hovered slightly, and lifted out of the hangar. Fellow students stood in amazement, watching the Blackbird hover as the hangar doors closed. Inside, Cyclops asked to make sure everybody was wearing their seatbelts; well if the Blackbird hasn’t ever been spotted it surely must be fast…
Back in Finland, troops surrounded the ground below the cliffs. One man, in a large jacket wearing a mask smoked beside the soldiers. “Looks like he’s committed suicide. The crazy damn runaway just killed himself.” One of the soldiers said, as his breath was seen in the cold air. He was hit by the man wearing the mask, “Idiot. You on happy pills or something? He’s a freakin’ teleporter…moron.” The man wore a dark red and black mask, it resembled Spider-man’s mask. “Too true Wade, this one’s a bugger to catch. In my opinion, even Nick Fury would have trouble getting to him.” A voice on the masked man’s (Wade) speaker called out. “Hey, Wraith. Could you get me a helicopter down here? I’d like to snipe out the tricky little devil.”
“Sure, no problem. But Wade? I expect you to get him with your first shot.”
“Questioning my aim Wraith? I could accidentally shoot you I suppose.”
As the helicopter hovered above this man, known as Wade/Deadpool our mutant Nightcrawler is located beside some abandoned circus cages. “Hang on meine fellow performers, I just have to break free these bars and you’ll be freed.” Nightcrawler said, as he tried to pull apart the metal frames. He was trying to free his performing friends, male and two female trapeze artists and two lions. “Soon, you will be free, I promise!” He said, using more strength to free them. Suddenly, Nightcrawler heard the sounds of a helicopter, looking behind him he saw many jet skis driving towards him and the helicopters above him. “Oh my…” He said to himself, as the jet skis came closer.
Meanwhile, Deadpool sat beside Colonel Wraith in a helicopter. “Go ninja go ninja, go!” Deadpool said raising his fist in the air. “Yeah…anyway, ready to shoot at the blue furred mutant yet?” Wraith asked, as he put out his cigarette. “You know, smoking kills.” Deadpool said, intentionally ignoring Wraith’s question. “Mutants do too.” Wraith said, as he pointed to the large scars across his face. “Weapon X, son. I know what those freaks are capable of.” Wraith looked middle aged, grey hair with blue eyes and black stubble scattered over his face. He always smoked whenever he was with someone. With either a cigar or cigarette. He had a slight moustache too, which was oddly trimmed to precision. “Hey, I have the same factors of Weapon X. Makes me lethal too, right?” Deadpool asked. “Yeah, you’re scum to me too my friend. But at least you’d never lay a finger on me, right?”
“Of course not, you’re my bestest ever friend!” Deadpool replied with a hint of sarcasm, much to Wraith’s amusement. Wraith didn’t respond, but handed him the tranquiliser.
Back at Nightcrawler, the teleported had to make a run for it. The jet skis were chasing him, and this time they were infuriated by what he had just done. Teleporting to one driver, they tried to shoot Nightcrawler, only they killed the driver, causing an explosion that ended up killing around 6 S.H.I.E.L.D members. Nick Fury contacted Wraith on the helicopter; he was outraged that such an easy mission is proving to be so difficult. Wraith threw his mobile phone out of the helicopter. “That Fury?” Deadpool asked. “Yeah, whining about how this mission’s going.” He replied. “Ah well, best to ignore him sometimes. He’s quite the whiny sissy boy in my opinion.” Deadpool replied, laughing. “Right, since I just got an angry call from the main man, I want you to take down that blue boy down there.” Wraith ordered. “Yeah sure, no problem.” Deadpool cocked his tranquiliser gun and aimed straight at the fleeing Nightcrawler. Bullets flew through the air in Nightcrawler’s direction, as above Deadpool tried to manage a perfect shot. “Remember Wade, we want the mutant alive, as I hate to say it. So aim perfectly” Wraith threatened. “Give me advice on what I do best Wraith,” breathed Deadpool “and I’ll slip a few happy pills into that next hot choc of yours. Get that? I’m a master at what I do…” at that exact second he fired the dart at Nightcrawler. The jet ski toppled over as Nightcrawler’s body swung through the air and landed a few metres away in the snow. The dart delved deep into the side of his neck. He lay unconscious as the helicopter landed beside him. Wraith got out and strolled towards the helpless mutant. Deadpool stayed in the helicopter, watching. “Congratulations Wade. You just took out one of the trickiest damn mutants around.” Wraith grinned, sticking his thumb up at Deadpool. Deadpool just shrugged and watched on. “So, Nightcrawler. What do we do with you, seeing as you inflicted so much death on S.H.I.E.L.D? No answer?” Wraith stood beside Nightcrawler, who was incapable of speaking. “What’s the matter you little damn ugly duckling?” Wraith kicked Nightcrawler in the head, “Some of these animals are forgetting who they belong to; me. Take him back boys, and you can do whatever you want with him. Teach him he’s our property.” He returned to Deadpool, who didn’t say much. “Good job tonight, don’t you think?” Wraith asked, patting Deadpool on his back. “If you say so.” Deadpool replied. Nightcrawler was taken to the same helicopter Wraith was in, still unconscious. “Sir, we’re getting something big on the radar…” The pilot informed Wraith. “Well then, what is it?” Wraith asked. Suddenly, Deadpool noticed the X-Men’s Blackbird appear from the dark clouds. “Wraith, you may wanna see this…” He pointed to his left, and Wraith witnessed the Blackbird before his very eyes. The Blackbird’s door silently opened, and Storm emerged. “That’s the X-Men ***** known as Ororo Munroe!” Wraith yelled. “Wade, kill her!” Ordered Wraith. Deadpool pretended to be fast asleep. “Hey, Wade! Shoot her!” He didn’t respond. “Fine, I’ll do it.” He turned to reach for a gun and swung around to aim. Storm had gone. “Where’d she go? Damn mutie!” He yelled. “Pilot, get me another helicopter as backup” he ordered. Soon enough, another helicopter was following closely behind them. The weather changed erratically, suddenly large bolts of lightening struck down from the clouds.
“Storm, this is Cyclops. You’re doing a good job there, just put the pilots off a bit and we’ll see what we can do there.” Cyclops said over the controls. “Jean, reckon you can get there by any chance?” Cyclops asked. “Yeah, but I need the helicopter damaged somehow, I need a diversion.” She replied. “Well a bolt of Storm’s lightening would be too powerful, and could destroy the whole thing.” Cyclops said, scanning the radar. “Could you concentrate an optic ray and damage it at least?” Jean asked, standing by the open door. Her hair waved as the wind blew inside the Blackbird. Beast looked around the monitors, “Scott, listen here. Maybe we can get Iceman to help out, we need a major distraction. We must give Nightcrawler enough time to awake from the sleep, so we can rescue him.”
“Hank, I think you just got that diversion you wanted. Look there!” Iceman yelled, pointing to the left of them all. They all turned and watched as one of the helicopters started to wobble and shake violently in mid-air; its motor was failing. The men aboard the helicopter hung on for dear life as it started to fall. “We gotta help out guys, Hank – contact Storm and get her to help out. We’ll need you down there too Bobby.” Cyclops ordered, he turned to see Iceman’s response. He wasn’t there. Cyclops turned back at the front window and witnessed Iceman ice slide towards the falling helicopter. Storm flew through the air in hot pursuit. The S.H.I.E.L.D members screamed as the helicopter plummeted. One of them hung on to a safety rail as he saw Iceman ice sliding at the same speed, “It’s gonna be okay…” Iceman yelled. He wasn’t so sure himself though, that he’d be able to save the helicopter with Storm. Storm tried to control the wind currents, and tried her hardest to balance the helicopter. “It’s no good Bobby, what can we do?!” Storm screamed at Iceman, the lives of the S.H.I.E.L.D on the helicopter were in their hands. Iceman ice-slid further than the speed of the falling helicopter. From above, Deadpool and Wraith watched. “You just going to sit and watch your men die pointlessly like that Wraith?” Deadpool asked, hanging out of the open door. “It’s not my problem…” Wraith shouted back, he looked rather tense. “Fine, well those X-Men heroes are something to be desired…I’ll just take these…” Deadpool grabbed around four parachutes and his rope, looking back at Wraith he stuck his thumb out and jumped off. “Hey! Ice boy! Get me down there!” Deadpool yelled at Iceman, who turned and grabbed Deadpool. “What ya gonna do?” Iceman said, holding Deadpool. Everything was so frantic, and was happening so fast. Iceman was told by Deadpool to throw him onto the falling helicopter. As he did, which Deadpool then attached his rope to the top of the helicopter. “Girls, stop screaming for your mummy, Deadpool’s here!” He yelled, “Take these!” He each handed one a parachute, and told them to jump as far away as possible. They weren’t so sure, but Deadpool literally threw one of them off. He screamed as he fell so many feet in the air. One of them was left without a parachute, but Deadpool knew what to do. “What about me?” He bellowed, as Deadpool threw another off. “Hang on, you’ll leave without a scratch.” Deadpool said, reassuring him. All four had either been thrown or jumped off themselves. “Now you, grab onto me. We’re gonna jump!” Deadpool grabbed him and got to the end of the helicopter and run up to the open door and leapt out of it, flying in a distance of a dozen or two metres. Suddenly, he didn’t realise he was so near to the ground and in all of a sudden the helicopter crashed in such a fury the explosion was catastrophic. Deadpool was flown through the air at a tremendous speed and was knocked unconscious.
Back in Wraith’s helicopter, the teleporting mutant known as Nightcrawler was appearing to move. Wraith didn’t realise, as his focus was on the safety of one of the most important mercenaries around. The amazing Nightcrawler awoke from his deep drugged sleep, and watched Wraith. He got onto his knees slowly and quietly, and then shockingly pounced on Wraith’s back. He yelled in pain as half his body was out of the helicopter. “Guten Tag, I could teleport you high in the air over there, and teleport back to safety without you. You’re incapable of moving, and I could easily move many, many length away. Understand, Ja?” Nightcrawler said, as his head was beside Wraith’s. “Pilot, help me god damnit!” Wraith yelled, as he was terrified of Nightcrawler’s ability to instantly teleport him to a high in the air death. The Blackbird flew beside the helicopter, as Storm returned and stood beside the doorway to the Blackbird. “Kurt, don’t do it! It’s not worth it, just leave Colonel Wraith.” Storm said loudly, over the sounds of the helicopter. “Ja, it is not meine style anyway…” Nightcrawler teleported onto the Blackbird, and left a yellow cloud of smoke in Wraith’s helicopter. “He isn’t leaving until I kill that mutie…” Wraith shouted, grabbing Deadpool’s sniper and aiming at Storm, who had her back turned to the helicopter. He pressed the trigger to fire, but unfortunately realised there were no bullets. As he reached for them and loaded the sniper, he turned to aim but to his amazement to Blackbird had disappeared. Wraith broke the sniper rifle and threw it aside…
“Ah, greetings Kurt Wagner. Let me say it’s a treat to welcome you to my institute.” Professor Xavier said, with a hot mug of tea in his hand, a she sat in his wheelchair by the large fireplace. “Ah, it’s a pleasure Professor. I feel like a normal person here, my complexion may scare many but it feels like home here.” Nightcrawler replied, sitting on a large chair. Cyclops was beside him, reading some documents entitled ‘Alex Summers’, he seemed very involved in the document. Jean Grey stood beside the fireplace looking at the fire burning beside her. “Well that’s our friendly welcoming Kurt, it’ll only get nicer living with us. It’s a pleasure having a gifted mutant like you anyway here.” Professor Xavier said, sipping on his hot tea. Beast walked in and sat beside Nightcrawler. “Excuse me Xavier, but you won’t believe this. Rogue and I have been in the Danger Room. She’s already beaten protocol 191. That’s the protection simulation. I believe she is at a much higher level then we expected, and has greatly become more powerful by the every passing hour. She’s a major asset to the X-Men already.” Beast said, grabbing the newspaper. Xavier continued talking to Nightcrawler and Beast as Jean watched Cyclops deeply involved in this ‘Alex Summer’s document. She knew who he was; he was Scott’s long lost brother. But why would Scott read about his final moments with him? Later on that night, Rogue awoke around midnight to get to the toilets. She overheard a conversation over the phone with Cyclops. “So, will you be there once I arrive then? Okay. Fine, that’s not a problem.” He put the phone down and Rogue walked back to her room to finally get some well deserved rest.
Meanwhile, back in Finland it was night time. Wraith and his fellow men had been searching for Deadpool for some time now, and they finally found Deadpool and one of the escapees lying on the snow. Wraith walked up to them as Deadpool was helped up. The other man awoke easily, without any markings on him whatsoever. He turned to a dazed Deadpool, with a large piece of shrapnel in his head. “Ah, that hurts so much!” Deadpool said, and much to the shock of the S.H.I.E.L.D men, Deadpool just stood there with it still lodged in. “I’m bleeding aren’t I Wraith? Great. Can’t stand blood. Even the sight of it makes me queasy, let alone my own blood.” Wraith didn’t say a word. Deadpool yanked out the shrapnel from his head, and he rubbed the wound. Within a few minutes, his scar had mysteriously vanished. “You’re just like all the freaks out there Deadpool. I hate you, and I broke your fave snipe rifle. We’re recruiting him back to S.H.I.E.L.D Deadpool, if we **** up that mission, Mr Fury will have us like lambs to the slaughter, get that?” Wraith said, smoking on his cigar. “That’s rich, coming from the one who made a complete mess of the mission Wraith. But let me tell you one thing before we meet again, you intentionally break any of my toys again and I’ll break your neck. I hope we’re on the same level here, Wraith…”

Chapter 3: The Summer Family…1983

“Xavier’s old mansion, well…what’s left of this damned place? Hey dad, looking quite happy there I must say. This place is a right mess…damn it Forge, where are you? I need the device to warn the others. I don’t know Nathan, what a right mess your life has turned out to be. I miss you mum, and you uncle…Ah well, this is my life…I live with it I guess.”
“We don’t know where this transmission, even came from Scott. It turned out a bit fuzzy I guess. But, Forge is your damned cook, and who’s this Nathan guy?” A voice over the speaker blared. Scott sat in the war room in a chair facing the large mission screen, and replied, “I don’t know Moira. But thanks for the information. I’ve gotta go see Alex, I was meant to departure a couple of hours ago. Professor didn’t…” Cyclops was interrupted, as Professor Xavier came through into the room. “About what Scott? Planning to run away and see Alex? Does he even know you’re meeting him?” Xavier asked, with his hands clasped together, resting on the arms of the wheelchair. “No Professor, but I have to see him. It’s been so many years…” Cyclops answered, standing up. “Scott, you’re making the wrong decision. Just don’t appear unexpectedly like this.” Xavier pleaded, looking up at Cyclops, who was reaching for his coat. “Whatever Professor Xavier. How would you understand? You haven’t seen a lost brother for around over ten years, and you can’t wait to see him. Why would I give a damn about randomly appearing? Nothing wrong with being spontaneous.” Cyclops replied angrily, walking by Professor Xavier completely ignoring him. “Fine, Scott. But if you run into any trouble or suspect anything we will be beside you.” Xavier said, as he was left alone in the war room. Cyclops stopped beside the doorway, “Why would my damn brother be plotting against me?! What the hell could go wrong?” Cyclops yelled, storming out. Xavier looked down in disappointment but then Moira on the speaker spoke, “You know something’s wrong, don’t you Charles?” she said. “Yes Moira, I fear Scott is making a big mistake. Alex doesn’t want to be reunited with someone he hasn’t met for so long. Alex despises what happened at the orphanage…”
The waves crashed down on the golden sands, the sun poured through the clouds as a lone man stands on the shore. Holding his surfboard, his long wavy blonde hair was blowing from the wind. His blue eyes reflected the sunshine, as he ran up to the waves. Up in the air, the Blackbird soared through the clouds as Beast and Cyclops were on the controls. “It should be here, Havok’s Hawaii Resort. I hope he’ll great me nicely.” Cyclops said, he was slightly uneasy about meeting his long lost brother. “Glad to help, but you sure you want to do this?” Beast asked, flicking the switches above him. The Blackbird hovered as Cyclops opened the door, “Positive. I had a little yell at Xavier earlier which I regret, but if I don’t see him now, when will I? I have to greet my brother sometime…” Cyclops spoke as he leapt out and landed on the rocks by the shore. The surfer spotted Cyclops land, and the Blackbird. He stopped surfing, and paddled to the shore. Holding his board in his arms he walked up the sandy beach towards Cyclops. “Hey friend, welcome to Havok’s resort! Came for a swim perhaps?” He yelled. Cyclops walked from the rocks down to the surfer. “Hey, it is Alex Summers, right?” Cyclops asked as is brown hair swayed in the wind. “Yes, and who may you be. You look familiar.” The man replied. “It’s me, Scott. Scotty, your brother? Remember me Alex?”
The surfer known as Alex instantly changed his expression. He stood back a bit, and rubbed his forehead, dropping his surfboard. “Scott? You mean, my brother? The one who pleaded in the orphanage to be taken away by that caring family after dad and mum died? I remember them taking you, and I was left to a child abuser. Don’t you dare makes jokes with me…you aren’t Scott! Or are you…if so, you left me as a child, you were my supposed caring big brother.” Alex growled resentfully, clenching his fists. “Look, those were different times Alex. We were kids back then.” Scott said, placing his hand on Alex’s right shoulder. “These waves are the only thing which makes me forget about my childhood.” Alex pushed Scott’s hand away from his shoulder and shoved Scott out of the way. “Hey, Alex. Don’t push me like that, you haven’t seen me for over ten years!” Scott yelled, gritting his teeth. “Why come here Scott, what’s the point? I can never forgive you. You’re not my brother.” Once Alex said that, a long silence was left in the sea air. Scott and Alex just stood staring at each other. Both of them were clenching their fists, as birds made noises above them. Alex was enraged Scott arrived unexpectedly like this, way back in the orphanage Scott begged to be taken by a family who would only take one child. This left Alex to be alone and finally beaten by a carer who was actually an alcoholic child abuser. The reason this happened, was because their father Christopher Summers and his wife, Katherine Anne took their two sons out for a trip in the air. Being United States Air Force Major and test pilot, he decided a nice flight would be a right treat for Alex and Scott. For some bizarre reason, no one knows what happened. But the plane was attacked so badly, that Scott and Alex were left without any loving parents. No one ever knew what happened on that day, but a gamma attack also altered Scott…and Alex.
Back too Alex and Scott, and neither of them were moving. Scott decided to talk, “Brother, I’m so sorry.” He said softly. “Don’t you dare refer to me as your brother, damn you.” Alex yelled, who suddenly decided to attack Scott. As he went to punch his brother, Scott remembered seeing his little brother crying in the orphanage. Scott was punched across the left cheek and was taken back a bit. Scott was already bleeding, from the lip. “Alex, please don’t hit me like that.” Scott said, wiping off the blood. “Why not Scott? It’s just a little payback, from the pain I suffered due to you leaving me.” Alex was so mad; veins were bulging in his wrists. “Alex, calm down…please. I want to bring you with me, show off my brother to the X-Men.” Scott said, with his hands out in a gesture of comfort. “Brother? You’re not my brother.” Alex boasted, as he shoved Scott. “Don’t do that Alex, please.” Scott asked politely, walking back a few steps. “Why, and what are those pathetic sunglasses for, brother?” Alex questioned, pulling them off Scott. Scott landed on the sand with his eyes closed tightly shut. “Idiot! I can’t open my eyes now.” Scott yelled, searching for his sunglasses which were beside him in the sand. “Why can’t you open your eyes?” Alex asked. “Remember the gamma radiation when the plane was destroyed? It affected me, optic rays escape through my eyes. I’m a mutant, Alex. Now get my glasses for me…” Scott ordered. “A mutant? A damn mutant?” Alex shouted, as he got so enraged his fists oddly glowed red. Scott scrambled on the beach shore, as Alex kicked him in the torso. Scott yelled in pain and pressed the reinforcement’s button across his chest. Beast answered, “Cyclops, what is it?” Alex reached over to Scott and ripped off the communications belt. “The X-Men? I thought you had more taste than that.” Alex laughed, kicking Scott once more. He coughed blood and smirked at Alex, “Yeah? Well look above little bruv, you’ll see why I joined the X-Men.” Alex looked up high and witnessed the Blackbird hovering above him. Alex laughed and his fists glowed red, “Oh, Scotty. By the way, I guess the gamma radiation changed me too. Optic rays, but guess where from? Heh, watch.” Alex turned and placed his hand out, which was clenched into a fist. “Wanna know how I get such great waves?” He yelled, as suddenly a large optic ray blast emitted from his left arm. The pink ray went straight into the ocean, creating large blue waves which crashed down. Alex’s blonde hair waved through the gust created by the impact of the waves. “Scotty, I want you to leave now!” Alex declared, aiming his two fists at Scott. “Alex, you wouldn’t even think about hurting me. Join me, be a part of the X-Men.” Scott spoke, placing his arm in front of him as sand was blown into his face. “I’ll hit that little ship of yours if you don’t leave…” Alex yelled, as his fists glowed a fierce red. “Just…get me…my glasses Alex.” Scott asked, still scrambling across the sandy ground. Alex’s fists returned to normal as he looked up at the black diminishing Blackbird. He walked up towards Scott and picked up his dark red glasses. “Here.” Alex uttered only one word. Thrusting Scott his glasses, he paced backwards a few steps. Scott stood up slowly, and coughed as he looked on at Alex. “So, is that it Alex. Due to my stupid childhood you dislike me?” Scott softly spoke, as the Blackbird’s doors opened. He watched Alex return to his surfboard in the sand. “Damn. I’m sorry Alex…” Scott thought to himself, s he climbed the rope to the Blackbird. Scott had returned to Beast and sat beside him. He sighed to himself and looked down. “Didn’t it go well, Scott?” Beast asked, as his whiskers twitched. “Afraid not Hank, it didn’t go at all well. How was I to know he was beaten as a child? I didn’t mean for any of that to happen you know.” Beast reassured Scott by placing his hand on his shoulder. “You wouldn’t have known until now. Just let him live for a little while and adjust to the fact you’re his big brother he hasn’t seen in quite a while.” Beast said. Alex stood looking onto the deep, blue waves. He looked up at the passing Blackbird, flying fast into the distance. “Scott, it’s too early. How did you think I’d react to seeing you after so long?” Alex thought to himself, wiping a slight tear from his cheek…

1983, Anchorage, Alaska

“So boys, ready to fly high in the clouds?” A man around 30 asked, he had a stubble, long brown hair with his fringe reaching around his eyebrows. “We’re going high into the skies!” He said, raising his fists in the air. His wife sat beside him in the passenger seat, “I’m sorry I’m not as enthusiastic about this as you are.” She spoke, as she pushed away her long red hair. “It’s no problem hun; I just don’t understand what you’re so worried about. The weather is the best for flying conditions, but you know me. Ace pilot. Scott and Alex, I want you two to get into your seats and get fastened up. Let’s go up, up and away!” He said, getting into his seat and grabbing the controls. “Big brother, when do I get to play with your Captain America toy? I’m stuck with silly pink Baron Zemo!” The young Alex said, whilst he held Baron Zemo in his left hand. Scott answered, “Because Captain America is the best!” Waving Captain America in the air. “Everyone knows Captain America can’t fly, stupid!” Alex replied, bearing his fists. They continued squabbling as Scott’s father; Christopher consoled Katherine about flying in such bad weather. Katherine looked out the window, and witnessed the clouds getting darker. She turned to her husband after believing she heard thunder. Without saying anything, the planes engines were turned on. “Ready everyone? Let’s go!” Christopher Summers announced, moving the controls. The plane was going down the air strip slowly, but then took off from the ground eventually. They soon reached the clouds almost, and Christopher Summers asked his kids to politely squabble later and enjoy the view. They both looked outside, and didn’t speak. Soon enough, Alex spoke unnervingly, “Dad, I can’t see a thing out there. It’s too cloudy.” Scott wasn’t interested by the outside view; he was speechless from the cargo behind everyone. “What is it Scott, something you seen?” Christopher asked, turning round. “Dad, is that chemical stuff supposed to be on your plane?” Scott questioned, still surprised to see such hazardous chemicals. Christopher was dumbfounded; he unfastened his seatbelt and stood up. Katherine turned to see the weather condition, and a sudden strike to lightening hit the ground below. “Chris, I think you should get back to the controls and land…” She spoke softly, clutching onto the side of her chair. “Not now hunni, I’m absolutely shocked to see someone place this kind of dangerous stuff on my plane!” He said, touching the cans. “I wouldn’t touch them dad…” Scott suggested, holding his Captain America toy. “No Chris, get back on the controls. This wasn’t a good idea.” Katherine said, still looking out the window. Lightening struck closer, and she let out a little shriek and huddled herself. “I’m sorry; I just wanted to show my loved ones my new plane. It was a silly idea, now anyone want triple choc ice cream later?” He asked, sitting down once more, this time though, forgetting to put his seatbelt on. As he slowly turned the plane round, the lightening got closer and worse. Alex screamed when he saw a bolt of lightening strike the airfield, destroying a plane and making the debris crush two people. “It’s okay, boys. We’ll get through this little spot of weather.” Christopher assured, trying to turn the plane faster. Out of nowhere, and to the Summer’s family’s horror a large white fork of lightening hit the left wing of the plane. Katherine screamed, and Christopher struggled with the controls. Scott and Alex were in panic, as flames raged on the wing. Watchers from below questioned whether or not it was Summers in there, and hoped the best for the burning aeroplane. Katherine screamed as flames reached the inside of the plane, Christopher unfastened his seatbelt and run up to the hanging parachutes. “There’s only two!” Christopher yelled, holding onto them. Alex and Scott were so frightened they froze up. Katherine stood up from her seat and walked up to Christopher. “Look Christopher. I love you and I do believe it’s meant to be our time to leave. But not for our boys, they have to survive!” she spoke, as her voice trembled under the terror. Christopher agreed and asked his children to secure the parachutes on them. “But what about you mummy and dad?” Alex and Scott both questioned, holding onto the straps of their parachutes. “Boys. I made a mistake. Me and your mother will be fine, we will jump after you do. Okay?” Christopher reassured, moving his children to the open door. The wind blew through the children’s hair as they held onto the edges of the door looking down. “Just jump, close you eyes and think of us boys. We will meet you soon enough, we will be following you.” Katherine whispered emotionally, as a slight silver tear ran down her right cheek. Christopher consoled his wife and buried her in his arms. As he caressed her long brown hair, Scott and Alex held each other’s hand and jumped off in unison. Katherine dug her head into Christopher’s shirt and sobbed gently. At first for the Summers boys, it was a rush. Feeling the air blow through their hair, and the pull of gravity bringing them down. They both closed their eyes, as they thought of everything they had ever remembered. Scott opened his eyes as he realised he hadn’t pulled the cord for his parachute, checking on Alex first, he opened his parachute and ordered Alex too. Both their parachutes flew open, and Scott managed to watch the plane from above. Instead of their parents jumping off, they were terribly horrified by the sight that came upon them. Out of the dark grey clouds came fork lightening, directly hitting the aeroplane. It instantaneously exploded, and the chemical waste inside went with it. It created a dark red shockwave, which burnt Scott’s eyes due to them being open. Alex covered his face with his hands, which burnt wildly. Scott screamed as his parachute was ripped apart by the blast. Not a person escaped the burning aeroplane which was a wreck. Had the Summers family been torn apart?

1984, Gwen Orphanage, Anchorage, Alaska

“When do you think our parents are going to pick is up from this place?” The young Alex Summers asked, pulling on Scott’s jumper. They were put into the orphanage after the plane incident last year by Christopher’s fellow pilots. Donating their money, they turned a rundown house into an orphanage for children. Scott had suffered head injuries when his parachute failed. A bandage covered his left eye too, which was damaged. Alex was much under Scott’s care; being his big brother he felt it that had to be his responsibility. The times had changed though, Scott knew his parents would never return. He believed Alex to be so naïve every time he asked for ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’. This turned into a dislike of Alex, which was his way of dealing with his pain. Scott was drifting away from Alex more and more every day. Alex needed his big brother though; he missed his parents so badly. The months passed, and a year went by until there was interest. Not for both of the boys though, this family could only take in one son. After the child died in a car incident, and the mother losing the chance to have children again they chose the option to adopt a friendly child. But when the opportunity came for any child to be taken, Scott ignored his little brother and persisted to be taken. After much persuasion, the family came to love Scott and decided it’d be best. Scott consoled his brother and left him there, all alone at the orphanage. Scott was taken by this family who cared for him deeply, and Alex was left all alone. A year or so passed, and Alex grew up fast. Thankfully for him, someone was interested in adopting Alex. It wasn’t very fortunate for him though. Once Alex was taken in to a home, he grew up with his foster father returning from the local pub, totally drunk out of his mind. He treated Alex so badly, beating him whenever he felt like it. Alex went through this ordeal for many years, until he became a teenager…
“Damn Alex, where’s the papers for today?!” Alex’s foster father yelled, throwing objects from the table. Alex walked down the stairs, and into the musty living room. “What is it?” Alex asked, looking at him without any emotion. “Don’t you give me that tone of voice, boy. Don’t you know I want my papers every morning?” He said loudly, throwing a beer bottle to the floor. “It’s two in the afternoon. They aren’t going to be any papers in the shops now.” Alex replied, clicking his knuckles. “Well then, big mistake. I want my damn paper on this damn table every damn morning. You’re slacking, you damned pathetic idiot.” Alex’s foster father yelled. Alex tried to ignore this comment, like he did every time this man was angered by him. He had been through so much, and the hatred filled Alex’s eyes. For too long, he had been beaten for not giving this poor excuse for a human what he wanted. Alex has had enough. “I’m sorry, father. What did you just say?” Alex asked politely, without intending to be. “What?! Crazy damn fool, having me repeats what I say. Didn’t you listen?” His foster father shouted, looking at Alex. “I come home from work, every damn bloody day to this pigsty. I should hit you for being so lazy…” He stood up, and stumbled a bit. Alex stepped back, and said “Firstly, dad. Your idea of work is going to that pub and drinking until your body can’t intake any more liquids. You return here around three in the morning, and expect the house to be clean? Which takes me to the second reason I hate you, I actually do work. I clean, only to return to a mess every day. There’s no point in helping anymore. Oh, and thirdly. I’m sick of you, sick of you treating me like your dog, beating me whenever you feel. I want you, to suffer.” Alex said quite softly, oddly enough Alex was shaking in fear. “You son of a…” He walked up to Alex, swaying a broken glass bottle. “I ought to teach you…” Alex foster father spoke, swaying his arm. In all of a sudden, Alex’s hands glowed red. “Don’t come near me…please…” Alex stuttered, trying to control this new found power. “Scott…help…” He continued, as Alex’s fists emitted a red beam, striking his foster father to the floor. Alex fell back, as he felt is hands burn wildly. “What have I done…?” He spoke to himself, looking at the body of his foster father in front of him. Alex crawled up to him and shook him, he didn’t respond. Had Alex killed someone? What would Scott think?

Havok’s Hawaii Resort, Present Day

The sun was on the edge of the ocean, as it created a red sky. Alex stood on the beach with his surfboard. The sea air he breathed was a release, surfing those deep blue waves was a different place altogether. It was an escape from the life he led, from the loss of his parents, Scott disappearing and the incident with his foster father. He decided to call it a day, and return to his pretty quaint beach house. Walking through the door, he closes it behind him. He places his surfboard beside his cabinet, and collapses in his armchair. Switching on the television set, he watches a broadcast. The woman on the live broadcast held her hair in the wind. “The man, Cletus Cassidy is holding two women hostage in this building beside me. We have police forces surrounding the area, oh wait…look who it is!” The camera panned to the hero of NY, Spider-man. He swung across to the building, and entered the window. “We have news, that Spider-man has entered the building. Let’s hope he can at least help.” A man around the age of his forties walked up to camera. He had a black moustache, grey hair with black streaks near his ears. He held a cigar in his mouth, and started blabbing on the camera. “Spider-man can’t resolve this problem, its Spider-man we’re talking about for goodness sake!” The man turned round, as did the reporter as they witnessed Spider-man jump out holding some sort of device. The news reporter listened to the ear piece, and turned to the camera. “I have news that none of the hostages were hurt…and Cletus has been arrested…” Returning to Alex, he switched the television set off. “Ah, Scott. I was at least expecting you to be there for me…” Alex turned to the cabinet where his surfboard leaned against. Inside this cabinet was all of Alex’s surfing trophies, and the most important of his most prized possessions was in front of them all. It was a burnt action figure, and it was none other than Scott’s Captain America. Alex walked up towards the cabinet, looked at the figure and remembered days that Scott would actually stand up for him amongst a bunch of bullies. Smiling slightly with a tear down his cheek, he walked into his bedroom for some well deserved rest.

Chapter 4: The Danger Room

“That’s it Magma. Defend the blue robot, and the mission should be completed with ease. Same goes for you Storm. I need you to defend the other. It should be an easy task, but I programmed the mechanical beings to go for the blue guy. It’s new a program; hopefully there should be no problems.” Beast spoke, from the controls of the Danger Room. “You’ve been awfully into this all Hank. I must say, I’m impressed with the improvements but a well deserved rest should be at hand. Take a break; the others are outside in the courts. Even go to the library and clue up on your sudoku skills.” Professor Xavier recommended, watching beside him. “Oh, I’m sorry Xavier. It’s just since I’ve been in this mansion, I’ve always been intrigued with this system. When was it created?” Beast asked, brushing back his blue hair with his hand. “Well Hank. Let’s just say a man known as Erik Lensharr helped out practically building this whole sub-basement. Unfortunately, we don’t see eye to eye anymore.” Xavier replied, resting his chin on his hand. “Ah I see…” Beast’s interest followed to the Danger Room as he witnessed one of the normal Danger Room robots hit each other. “Ah, we have a slight glitch there. Storm and Magma, do you notice anything down there?” Beast questioned. “Well it seems we aren’t doing the fighting with those two over there…” Storm answered, as she saw two robots start punching each other. “That really shouldn’t happen, there’s nothing going wrong in the system.” Beast wondered. “It’s happening with another, perhaps shutting down the mission here and returning would be an idea?” Xavier asked. Looking down, another pair started to fight each other. “This is most peculiar…” Beast pondered, “Yes, maybe I should shut it off. Storm and Magma, return back the Danger Room control room.” He asked, looking over the system data. Storm and Magma entered the room wearing black outfits, with a red ‘X’ across their breast. Magma’s hair was blonde, and her eyes were green. She had a nice smile to her, and a nice personality to match. “So, what was going wrong Hank?” Storm questioned, leaning towards him. “Well, miss Storm. Did you realise any other errors in this program? How about you Magma?” Beast asked, intrigued to find out what was the problem. “Well, nothing too crazy. But I must add, when I was training with Iceman earlier. A couple of the robots started to attack the gun turrets bizarrely enough.” Magma said, scratching her head.
“Oh okay, please try to give me this information soon my dear Alison. It’s important I find out the malfunctions in the Danger Room.” He responded, still scanning the data. “Please Hank, come rest and enjoy a warm cup of tea with me and Xavier.” Storm pleaded, still leaning over him. “Yes, I agree with Storm. Come Hank, you can return to the problem later. Perhaps a break can ease the mind anyway.” Xavier said, wheeling off through the circular door. Beast looked down, sighed to himself and followed.
As they sat in the gardens, they all enjoyed themselves on the snowy day. It was a pleasant day, and Beast was thankful for the recommended rest. He sipped his warm mug of tea, and looked up into the sky. “So how is Scott since the meeting?” Beast asked politely, putting on some sunglasses. “Well frankly, not too well at all. He’s upset about what happened, and I can’t blame him. He just chose an irrational time to meet his long lost brother. Hopefully they’ll see eye to eye soon.” Xavier answered, looking at the tennis courts. Storm sat beside Beast, who enjoyed her company. “May I ask why young Scott is in his fighting gear in the gardens?” Storm wondered, looking at him from far away. Cyclops just stood there, sorting out his visor. Beast was slightly confused, he was certain he met Scott a few minutes ago without his gear. “Wait there a second, that isn’t Scott…that’s a Danger Room robot!” Beast yelled, pushing Storm out of the way. The Cyclops before them wasn’t Scott at all, it was a Danger Room bot cloaked in a disguise. It ran up to the three at the outside table, and Beast moved Xavier out of the way. Why the heck would a Danger Room robot be on the loose outside the mansion? Beast ran up to it and punched it across its metal face. It collapsed to the ground instantly, but started to shake. “Oh my, it’s sending out a signal of some sort…” Beast said to himself, examining the robot. He felt the ground shake before him, and he turned to the tennis courts. Fellow students screamed, as a large robot entity crawled from the ground below. It was a large robotic mass, with thick cables around it. It was like it was created from bits of scrap metal, and had three lights on the ‘head’ of this thing. It was on all fours, and the lights turned red. It had obviously salvaged parts in the Danger Room, but how? It had created its own self, and was set out to destroy. It turned to Xavier, as he moved his wheelchair back a bit. Storm yelled, “What is that thing?!” Beast turned and answered, “It’s…the Danger Room, oddly enough!” He shouted, running around it. It moved slowly towards Xavier. Beast tried to distract the robotic beast by circling it, but it was set on the target of Professor Xavier. Beast leapt onto the robotic mass, but it just grabbed the mutant and threw him into the dormitory windows. Glass flew in all directions. Beast yelled out in pain and fell onto the ground beside some students. Storm glided in front of this robotic monster and her eyes glowed white, she called upon the force of lightening to help her. Bolts struck the robotic being, but all it did was slow down the beast. It absorbed one bolt of lightening with it’s right arm, and concentrated into one arm. Firing it back at Storm, she is shot into the pool on the other side of the garden. Iceman and Jean ran out of the mansion doors as they heard the commotion. The robotic beast turned to them and its right light turned green. Gun turrets popped out of the green grass, and commenced firing at Iceman and Jean. They took safety near the entrance, and awaited the firing to stop. All of a sudden, Cyclops was thrown out a window by one of the Danger Room robots, which latched itself onto him. He landed onto the grass with the robot on top of him, holding him down. Nightcrawler teleported onto the robotic beast, who was metres away from Xavier. The robot tried to grab Nightcrawler, but he teleported to a different area on him. A couple of Danger Room bots crawled from under the ground and began to fend off several students and the important members. The robotic mass punched itself across the head, where Nightcrawler was a second ago. It lost its balance for a second, but then activated a force field around it, throwing Nightcrawler into the distance. Beast was slightly dazed, but knew what he had to do. He had to reach the power source of this being, but it guarded itself with a force field. Beast asked Nightcrawler to help out, as he would then get Storm to fire a bolt of lightening. Nightcrawler reached Storm amongst the large fight, and asked her to help him out. Beast had located the force field activator on this machine, and knew an electric bolt of lightening would deactivate the shield for a matter of seconds. So, Storm glided up into the air and called upon the power of lightening. A bolt of electricity fired at the robotic beast, which allowed Nightcrawler to teleport underneath the monster. “Now Nightcrawler, you want to pull out that cable in front of you!” Beast yelled, as Nightcrawler followed his commands. He unplugged the large cable and the robotic creature reached out for Nightcrawler immediately. “Ack, the thing has me!” Nightcrawler yelled, as he knew teleporting would send the monster with him. He was thrown down into the ground, leaving a small crater from where he landed. The robotic mass was then shocked to find Beast on top of him, breaking away the armour to its computerised brain. The creature then felt a sudden shock, as Beast yanked out some wires from its back. It collapsed onto the ground, but the robotic mass was still very much functional. “I can’t understand how this…” Beast tried to finish his sentence, but the robotic monster was up yet again. Instead though, its goal wasn’t Xavier. Obviously Beast had snapped the wires to its mission on destroying Xavier. It set out for a new goal, and ran off outside the mansion and down the road…

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