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your dream figures...


Aug 30, 2003
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And i dont mean figures you wish were made....i mean figured that you dreamed existed...like while you were sleeping.

Its happened to me a few times.....last night i dreamt iron man 3. It was good...but nothing like the actual film im sure. But thenight before that i dremed that i was in a store and saw a new line of spiderman figs that contained the new hobgoblin a ends of the earth spider man a future spiderman (asm #500) and a vulture....but a female vulture with moth type wings

But a few years ago i remember dreaming about a line called McFarlane's Marvel....it was mcfarlane style plastues and they were todd mcfarlanes own take on marvel characters. I only really remember Rhino and Captain brittain. Rhino.was a beast....like a rhino with some human features. And captain brittain was a straight up medieval knight on a horse kicking ass. Years later and i remember that dream.

Does it happen to anyone else?
Yes! I've had dreams where I'm in a giant warehouse or in Toys R Us after its closed, and its just aisles and aisles of every figure I've ever wanted! Like they're all just RIGHT THERE!! Deadpool, Luke Cage, Mary Jane, 6 inch Star Wars figures, my perfect Batman Figure, loaded with articulation, accessories, different heads and capes...just every figure collector's jackpot, wet dream, holy **** situation. I've had that dream maybe 4 or 5 times in my life, and I love them. They're like my favorite dreams ever!
ML Gladiator
ML Odin
ML Sif
ML Hela
ML Lilandra

I would also like to see 6 inch figures based off of the old Galaxy Rangers series but I doubt that will ever happen.
3.75 inch versions of pixar characters
Right not now all I'm asking for is Son of Asgard Thor, a 6 inch Black widow and a look at what Thor 2 figures are coming out

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