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Action figures are tiny again.

You know, if the prices would just come down a bit, i'd start snatching these up. The size is cool, as it leaves more room on my shelves, and think how cool the 3/4 Fantastic Four figures would look next to the regular Marvel Legends BAF Galactus!

Anyway, i'm not giving in to that $8.94 price tag, so screw it!
it's totally sucky how much they are, but i'm lovin mine...
i put some of the ol legends bases and stuff to use...
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Nice. I really like how you incorporated the lights. That looks really cool.
thanks. just saw the new colossus, and astonishing wolvie 2 packs coming out, along with blob and sabes... damn these guy$!
Blob and Colossus are just launchers though. Spring loaded arms and almost no articulation beyond that and their necks. However WO will have a proper single carded Colossus.
launchers huh. hmm, lets hope the pose is fairly natural. plus launching colossus has no shirt? is the wolvie coming with the sentinal astonishing with mask?
the guys arms are hammers....why does he need a hammer?
actually...yeah....but who has a 6 inch thor without Mjolnir?
the guys arms are hammers....why does he need a hammer?
So Hasbro can say he has an accesory. It's like how the Incredible Hulk movie line all the Hulk and Abomination figure had rubble and broken car bits.
True. but a broken car with the Hulk makes sense. Colossus don't need no hammer.
didnt he use a hammer....at some point in the 80s?
Yeah, when he wore a winged helmet and a red cape.

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