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Aug 30, 2003
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So take a cast of pre existing characters from other sitcoms and throw them together in some scenario. Give the characters and the premise behind the whole series.

Craig Ferguson as Nigel Wick - Drew Carey
Joe Rogan as Joe Gurelli - Newsradio
Kristen Johnson as Sally Solomen - 3rd rock from the sun
Peri Gilpin as Ross Doyl - Fraser
Eugene Levy as Gil Bender - Greg the Bunny
David Burke as Arthur - The Tick
Shawnee Smith as Linda - Becker

Due to a drunken night in Vegas Ross Doyle finds herself married to Nigel Wick. Wick, also in Vegas, won WNYX Newsradio from jimmy James in a poker game. Seeing a chance to become the headproducer of a New york Raio station Ross stays with Mr. Wick. And Mr Wick fires everyone from WNYX....Almost everyone. Some of the original cast is alreay gone but Joe manages to keep his job via potential sabotage. Linda is the new seceratary and satys cause she's hot. Sally Solomen retired from active duty and relocated to Earth for the rest of her days, and got a job at WNYX.

Aurthur has retired from being a hero and was hired as the Reporter on Superhero events for WNYX. After being fired by the big wigs at PBS Gil Bender leaves LA in Shame and is hired as the new News Diretor for WNYX.

So it goes on with Ross trying to Maintain her marriage with Wich (Whome she doesn't love) And Wick trying to get rid of ross so he can be with his mistress Linda.

Sally falls for Joe, he dates her only to get close to her as he suspects she is an alien and wants to perform the autopsy himself and sell the tape for millions.

Arthur stuggles with his decision to not be a hero and often finds himself diving back into that life with a new costume and identity...then reports on it the next day.

And Eugene Levy Rules.
My dream sitcom would be sort of the anti-seifneld. Seinfeld is the show about nothing. Mine would be the show about everything. Basically, I'd come up with some basic main characters, a setting, and then every week the story would be whatever the **** I wanted. Now, it wouldn't be completely random or stupid. Hell, I'd probably get sucked into a few story arcs here and there. But the thing is that there are no boundries. I can touch on every genre. Crime drama, western, sci-fi, fantasy, horor, all of it. And, if I ever felt like it, I would do stories in completely different setting that have nothing to do with our regular characters. And all of it would be in continuity.
TwilightPro101 said:
Jennifer Love Hewitt just walking around.

For a comedy, I've got a better idea:

Jennifer Love Hewitt recording another album.
Anything that would restore Laura Prepon's hair to the color red. Can't stand looking at her with that pasty, platinum blonde crap; makes her look like Paris Hilton-esque trash. :mad:
My perfect sitcom would be, as seen through the view of the flying cloud guys from Mario racecart, my adventures of being totally drunk to the point where I don't remember anything. To see the things I go through and how the hell I make it home in one piece. That would be awesome!!!

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