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10-year-old Microsoft Ticket Resurfaces?


Mar 26, 2001
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On January 8th of this week my parents received a phone call which they dodged because the call was coming through at 11:00 p.m. at night.

The next day they retrieved the voicemail message which was from Microsoft technical support calling *me* back to see if my problem has been resolved.

I told my folks that the caller was obviously phishing for information for some kind of identity theft and that neither they or I should return a call to the toll free number. I hadn't lived with my parents for many years and it didn't make sense for Microsoft to have called me at their home number.

But then after I calmed down, I reversed phone searched the toll free number which appeared to be a legitimate Microsoft Number.

Then I recalled that I had called Microsoft not once, but twice (possibly as many as 3 different times).

I remember in the past year or so when I called Microsoft and the problem was not resolved (BSOD after Microsoft patch) that Microsoft did call me back the next day to see if i made any progress in my little computer crises (which I though was super cool of them... I was really impressed)...
but wait a second .... or wait 315,569,260 seconds ....
Microsoft hadn't done this (call me back that is) the first time I called ... and I called many years ago.... but that must have been when I was living at home with my parents..... which is why they called me at my parents phone number.

Look at the top of your keyboard....

On January 7, 1998
a Tech Support person typed into their database to call me back the next day...
but instead of typing 1/8/98 they typed 1/8/08

Instead of typing the "9" right next to it they typed "0"

Microsoft had called me back 10 years later!
whoa!! that's effin crazy!! how weird would it have been if you like died or something, and your parents got the mysterious phone call . . . . it would have been misinterpretted as a message from the graaaaaaave!! :zombie:
That is pretty funny. AOL should be calling any day now... *waiting*
The sad thing is even had that not been a typo, the turnaround time would have been similar.
lol... did they solve your problem?
what do you think your marty mcfly all of the sudden ?

that is funny though , im proud of them for keeping the records together.

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