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100 Favorite Cartoon/Animated Series List.


Nov 8, 2012
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Now you are welcome to only do 30 or 50 but anyone is welcome to join the list thread.
I just like to do mine a bit slower.

100 Rocky and Bullwinkle


Can't have a cartoon list without Rocky and Bullwinkle but bare in mind I never fallowed it as much as the Hannah Barbara Cartoons or WB ones

99 David The Gnome


This was a cartoon that aired on nick on a program called PinWheel. I was very young win this was on.

98 Huckleberry Hound

Gotta love Huckleberry and all of the many Hanna Barbara creations during that time. I will admit I'd probably want to shoot him if had to be friend too long if he was gonna sing that song all the time.

97 Go Bots

Clearly not as good as G1 or Voltron but it was a fun little cartoon to which did have some action figures because Transformers at that time were really expensive so got allot of Go Bot stalking stuffers.

96 Jackie Chan Adventures


I really liked the first season but for some reason stopped watching it but for the first season alone don't mind putting it on my 100 list.
95 Yogi Bear


Gotta love Yogi and Boo Boo. Not the live action movie but definately the Cartoon.

94 Tenchi Muyo


I miss Old Toonami allot. The good old days of Gundam, Dragonball Z and Tenchi Muyo.

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