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    So instead of making 2 threads, I'll just cram this into one

    1. Is it just me or would anyone else kill to see maybe just a 10 minute scene that is faithfully adapted of Future Trunks returning to the future to kill 17, 18, and Cell? Personally, I think that episode was one of the best episodes of the series. Definitely made me realize future Trunks was my favorite character next to Gohan. Btw. the episode is 179 - Free the Future.

    2. Anyone want to see Bardock in a flashback? Maybe just the death of him by Frieza along with all of planet Vegeta?
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    Jul 7, 2005
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    Here is essentially my idea for the ending of the Android/Cell saga movie, which in my outline would have been movie 6 of 7:

    EXT. CAPULE CORP -DAY - Present

    Everyone's gathered around the time machine, Trunk's is saying his goodbyes. Him and Vegeta do that peace sign thing. He walks towards the time machine then Android 18 steps in front of him.

    Brief moment of tension before 18 offers a handshake.

    You know where I'm heading, what I'm going to do.

    That's your future...

    She steals a glance at Krillin.

    Not mine.

    Reluctant, Trunks accepts the handshake.

    He gets into the time machine. It rises into the air and is engulfed in a bright light.

    TRANS. TO:


    17 and 18 wreaking havoc until Trunks shows up and beats them, and kills Cell.(I'm still working on this part)

    next scen shows Trunks with future Bulma as reconstruction begins. They're talking which leads to a monologue by Trunks about 'new beginnings, uncertain futures, but filled with hope' that's played over...


    The crowd's still watching the light from the Time machine in the air.

    Gohan and Chi Chi stand next to each other.

    I wish dad was here.

    Chi Chi:
    He is, one way or another.

    She rubs her pregnant abodmen.

    Krillin and 18 stand next to each other. He's too nervous to make a move so 18 takes his hand in hers, then they share a smile.

    17 watche them from the roof, knowing his sister will be fine, he flies off.

    Vegeta turns away from the light to watch his son take his first steps into Bulma's arms.

    A proud smile comes across his face.

    Last shot: Bulma lifts the laughing baby Trunks into the air.

    fade to black, end credits
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    Vegeta and a Super Saiyan are my two most "hope to see it translated" DBZ elements/characters.
  4. or for the ending of the first one

    goku and piccolo bruised battered tired charge at each other with full powered punches. piccolo looks like he will punch goku when goku ducks down and socks piccolo in the gut making piccolo gag and gasp for air

    piccolo's sword laying on the ground, goku quickly looks at it and picks it up. about to strike goku screams and drops the sword

    piccolo: why... why did u not kill me? you have won

    goku: i don't have the heart to do it and besides if i kill you know more dragonballs.

    piccolo: hmf fool you're gonna regret this *cough*

    goku: the wise thing to do is seal you up for 2,000 years again... but i'm not really the wise person as you can see

    goku looks up to see a jet flying

    goku: looks like my ticket home *heh*, look i don't want you to die, i had quite some time fighting you

    piccolo: *hmph* *cough* but you will die by my hand one way or another

    goku: here have this

    he gives to piccolo what seems like a bean. piccolo eats it slowly

    piccolo: i will be training for you, and when i kill you this world will be ruled by me once again.

    goku smiles and shakes his head and walks to the jet. seeing bulma, yamcha, and chi-chi. then the scene fades away

    3 years later
    chi chi holding a little toddler's hand walking over to goku, who is now eating like crazy. chi chi laughs and hands the toddler to goku

    chi chi: i'm going to get gohan some new toys. all his other ones broke somehow. please look after him when i'm gone

    goku: ok

    chi chi leaves and shuts the door.

    goku: i wonder how they got broken

    he goes into gohans to see not only that they were broken, but demolished destroyed

    goku: what in th- how did this happen

    he sets gohan down on the floor who is crawling to the around the room. looking around the room goku just hears cracking and banging, looks down to see gohan breaking his own toys.

    goku: huh

    gohan laughing throws the crushed toy at goku who barley dodges it and hears a BANG

    goku looks back and sees a hole in the wall astonished

    goku: oh crap

    it zooms out from the window gohan's side was facing to see a figure in a purple gi with a white turban and white cape

    piccolo: now that could be my path to victory

    credits come

    3 figures are in a chamber sitting

    figure 1: did you hear kakarot is the strongest being on earth

    figure 2: ya until we come there

    figure 1: thats right nappa, wait until kakarot sees his big brother raditz to come

    nappa: yup, what do you say prince

    vegeta: i say we conquer earth and all its inhabitants on it

    raditz, nappa, vegeta start laughing

    nappa: ha i bet his power levels lower than average

    vegeta: thats not true nappa i hear that he was born with a power level of about 100, but...

    raditz: but what vegeta?

    vegeta: the one born next to him was born with a power level of 10,000, perfect birth level for a super saiyan

    nappa: but he died with the accident right?

    vegeta: right, all saiyans but me you raditz and kakrot died.

    raditz: poor father tried to stop the comet because he knew it was coming, but died trying

    vegeta: i highly doubt it was a comet

    nappa: you say something vegeta?

    vegeta: no but its time to kill that saiyan abomination and every living thing on that planet

    fade back

    to be continued a

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