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What We Will See....


Feb 28, 2006
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what kind of powers will we see? will goku fly? or only piccolo? will we see a Kamehameha often? or will that be the finale? will we see powering up?

im assuming we'll see the kamehameha at the end to finish off piccolo...but piccolo will kick gokus ass 99% of the time.

i wouldnt mind seeing gohan as a toddler sometime in the film, maybe at the very end as a setup for movie 2, showing his 'hidden powers' some.

will they have a supersaiyan transformation? just to get people in the seats (more).

IMO, the Kamehameha will be the big event in this movie....movie 2 will be kaioken shizz, maybe hints at gokus supersaiyan ability, like a quick flash during his powerup....then movie 3 ....i believe the episode title is "Transformed, At Last!"
They're doing wire work, so their should be some form of areal combat. To hat extend, I don't know.
hope its like matrix revolutions, that was awesome.
hope its like matrix revolutions, that was awesome.

It had better be! I'm not a huge Dragonball/Z fan but even I knew that last fight in the Matrix had to have been heavily inspired from Dragonball. The Wachowski's even said Anime was a big influence on all 3 films.
i hope we do get to see the flying and the kamehameha, those two alone will do it for me.
Changes are use if ki blasts will be minimal (like in Dragon Ball's earlier material). As for flying, I can Demon King Piccolo flying, though. If only to give him an advantage over the heroes.

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