2003 Hulk Stars give thumbs up for Sequel!

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Nov 17, 2005
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‘Hulk’ Stars Give Thumbs-Up For Sequel Counterparts; Marvel Goes Red

1 Comment | Published by Jennifer Vineyard on Friday, November 2, 2007 at 11:41 am.
One Hulk, Two Hulk, Red Hulk, Blue Hulk — when is one Hulk not enough? When there’s going to be yet another movie version and a new comic version.
“The Incredible Hulk,” a reboot of Ang Lee’s 2003 take on “The Hulk,” isn’t upsetting the actors from the last go-round, at least not enough to cause . “Boo hoo,” said Sam Elliott, pretending to cry over being replaced by William Hurt as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. “That’s a little weird [to see someone take your part]. But I happen to be a huge Edward Norton fan, and I think he’s a great choice for the Hulk. I’m sure he’ll be incredible.”
Ditto for Jennifer Connelly, who played his daughter. “I love Liv [Tyler],” Connelly said of the next Betty Ross. “She’s a friend of mine and I’m so excited that she’s doing it and I can’t wait to see it. I love Ed [Norton] as well, and I can’t wait to see what Ed does with it.”
Still, Elliott wishes they’d have considered using some of the 2003 cast, “because I’d love to have done another one. But I’ll be looking forward to seeing this one.”
Meanwhile, fans of the original comic are looking forward to the debut of the Red Hulk, coming in January courtesy of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness at Marvel. But who is the Red Hulk? “I can’t tell you who the Red Hulk is,” Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada told us, “but I can tell you the Red Hulk is coming.” Come on, just a hint? After all, there’s a murder involved. “I can’t,” Quesada laughed. “I need your money.”

Do you think Hollywood’s new Hulk will eclipse the old Hulk? And who do you think the Red Hulk will be? Chime in below!
I kind of agree with Sam. It's a little weird that they didn't at least ask him back. I'm sure William Hurt will do a good job and all, but he was pretty much perfect.
Sam was just perfect as Ross :(
I'm gonna say I like the idea of William Hurt over Elliott as Ross. This could change if Hurt stinks it up. (Not likely)
Good article AD. Although I still don't like the concept of Hulk Miser.

it looks like they are also excited about TIH, even if it won't include them.
I like the picture or the Red Hulk & it's nice that the old cast is in favor of the new movie but Elliot should've been cast again as Ross.
Sam was just perfect as Ross :(

He was one of the most perfect choices ever in a comic book movie. He was Ross himself beyond my wildest dreams.

That said, i hope Hurt does a good job too.

Great to hear those people being okay with the reboot. Now, learn you Jack Nicholson. :joker:
Why is this thread worthy? We already know they dont care.

Come to think of it, was there not a simuler thread by AD not more than 3 months ago?

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