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2008 Prediction Thread


The King is Back!
Nov 23, 2003
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Since there hasn't been something like this for this year (or any that I can think of). Let's all look into our crystal balls and predict what we think will happen in the gaming industry in 2008.

Will Metal Gear Solid 4 finally be announced for the Xbox 360?

Will the Wii finally meet demand?

Will Sony come out on top with the Playstation 3 or will Microsoft's Xbox 360 completely rape it in the ass?

Will one of us finally get laid?

Game of the year?

Just what the hell do you think will end up happening. Then when this year ends, we'll compare to see if anyone got anything right at all.
I predict that Fable 2 will be the greatest ARPG ever to have been beheld by a human being, finally proving that Zenien knows nothing about good developers.

:o :oldrazz:
MGS4 will finally be confirmed to 360, I'll laugh mercilessly at the fools who denied it for years. That's pretty much the only event this year holds.
블라스;13791346 said:

I predict that Blas will have sex with thousands of asian girls. And have 400 BABIES!

:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

Blas will spend all year being comedically chased by immigration services and coming up with all sorts of zany ways to disguise himself and fool them.
Better get cracking, Blas. That's at least 3 asian girls a night for the next 353 days. Don't let me down.
MGS will arrive on the 360, but also on the Wii

and the wii has the superior version

Halo 3.5 comes out, but only on the nGage....
Asian girls are ugly anyway.. :huh:

But maybe we'll finnaly hear if the Marvel Fighting Game is still being made or is cancelled.
Excuse me? I just don't like 'em very much, that's all.
Just like I said, Asian girls are lower then both Spanish and White girls or at least most of them are.
What? Okay, it's true if you go down the line of asian girls you will probably find me drooling in front of one of them, but that's only a few. I mean, the girl that you posted is hot, really hot, but most of the ones I see are just.. fugly.
What because the asian girls there are ugly?
Oh, because I live there?
Anyway, let's get this topic, actually get back on topic.
Who would want a good Marvel fighting game?
Oh, because I live there?
Anyway, let's get this topic, actually get back on topic.
Who would want a good Marvel fighting game?

First of all, thats not the topic. The topic is predictions for 2008. My prediction is that you wont last in the gaming forum too much longer
And why.. excactly?
Because I don't agree with some members.
And 블라스, I'm not saying that it's EA's, just a marvel fighting game.
Cookiva I know that this topic is prediction for 08, that was just a prediction to discus.

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