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2009 Superhero Hype NFL Mock Draft Sign Up!

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You can't sign free agents. You can only deal with the players you have.
Giants got hosed in that trade, but Eli will be much happier

It pretty much came down to wanting a true #1 over grooming another rookie WR, Smith panned out very well for us. Edwards was available, so I knew I had to give up a lot to get him, I knew I had to give up one of my receivers, I felt that giving up Hixon but to get Cribbs back in return was huge. Although Hixon is better overall, Cribbs fills the kick/punt return need with Hixon getting shipped, Cribbs will also be huge in the special trick plays we may run. :cwink:
No more available teams!

Current Pick Order:
Pk Sel # Team User
1 1 Detroit - The Incredible Hulk
2 2 St. Louis - Excel
3 3 Kansas City - VRICH
4 4 Seattle - Cunning Stunts
5 5 Cleveland - Cmill216
6 6 Cincinnati - Alex The Great
7 7 Oakland - The Incredible Hulk
8 8 Jacksonville - StorminNorman
9 9 Green Bay - NewYorkSpider
10 10 San Francisco - Alex The Great
11 11 Buffalo - NewYorkSpider
12 12 Denver - Dark Donnie
13 13 Washington - FaT_TONie
14 14 New Orleans - Cunning Stunts
15 15 Houston - El_Citrus
16 16 San Diego - danielisthor
17 17 N.Y. Jets - Dr. Evil
18 18 Chicago - Excel
19 19 Tampa Bay - RAMORE
20 20 Detroit (from Dallas) - The Incredible Hulk
21 21 Philadelphia - Dark Donnie
22 22 Minnesota - StorminNorman
23 23 New England - Cmill216
24 24 Atlanta - Immortalfire
25 25 Miami - danielisthor
26 26 Baltimore - Excel
27 27 Indianapolis - FaT_tONIe
28 28 Philadelphia (from Carolina) - Dark Donnie
29 29 Arizona (from New York Giants) - StorminNorman
30 30 Tennessee - RAMORE
31 31 Arizona - StorminNorman
32 32 Pittsburgh - Cunning Stunts

Second round
Pk Sel # Team User
1 33 Detroit - The Incredible Hulk
2 34 New England (from Kansas City) - Cmill216
3 35 St. Louis - Excel
4 36 Cleveland - Cmill216
5 37 Seattle - Cunning Stunts
6 38 Cincinnati - Alex The Great
7 39 Jacksonville - StorminNorman
8 40 Oakland - The Incredible Hulk
9 41 Green Bay - NewYorkSpider
10 42 Buffalo - NewYorkSpider
11 43 San Francisco - Alex The Great
12 44 Miami (from Washington) - danielisthor
13 45 New York Giants (from New Orleans) - VRICH
14 46 Houston - El_Citrus
15 47 New England (from San Diego) - Cmill216
16 48 Denver - Dark Donnie
17 49 New England (from Chicago) - Cmill216
18 50 Oakland (from Tampa Bay through Cleveland) - The Incredible Hulk
19 51 Dallas - Dr. Evil
20 52 N.Y. Jets - Dr. Evil
21 53 Kansas City (from Philadelphia) - VRICH
22 54 Minnesota - StorminNorman
23 55 Atlanta - Immortalfire
24 56 Miami - danielisthor
25 57 Baltimore - Excel
26 58 New England - Cmill216
27 59 Carolina - NewYorkSpider
28 60 Arizona (from New York Giants) - StorminNorman
29 61 Indianapolis - FaT_tONIe
30 62 Tennessee - RAMORE
31 63 Arizona - StorminNorman
32 64 Pittsburgh - Cunning Stunts
The Houston Texans are open to hearing trade offers from any team with needs to fill, except for players who have been resigned to multiple year deals of course. CB Dunta Robinson is on the block.

In a three team deal, the New York Giants have traded the 29th overall pick (1st Round), 60th overall pick (2nd Round), 91st overall pick (3rd Round), and WR Domenik Hixon to the Cleveland Browns for WR Braylon Edwards and WR Joshua Cribbs.

The Browns have exchanged the 29th, 60th, and 91st overall picks to the Arizona Cardinals for WR Anquan Boldin.


In summary:

Arizona receives - Giants 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks
Cleveland receives - WR Anquan Boldin and WR Domenik Hixon
New York receives - WR Braylon Edwards and WR Joshua Cribbs

Holy Crap:wow: now that's what I call a trade:up:

The Baltimore Ravens have traded fullback Le'Ron McClain to the Houston Texans in exchange for the 46th overall pick.


The Ravens now only have Willis McGahee & Ray Rice at halfback.
Well, my Saints are willing to trade... Well, everyhing. I'm willing to take offers. :up:
Anybody huh I'll give you Seneca Wallace, the 19th overall and my first round next year for Drew Brees:D
Anybody huh I'll give you Seneca Wallace, the 19th overall and my first round next year for Drew Brees:D

That would be awful for New Orleans.

Although, I would be willing to trade a pick for Marques Colston.
Glad I picked up McClain. He knows the value of a two back system unlike Larry Johnson and is a bit younger. He'll be a great bruiser. I need some help on defense, particularly the secondary. A big, physical safety, a cornerback to pair with Robinson, or a big OLB who would be the leader of this defense for young guys like Adibi, Willams, Okoye, etc. Almost everyone on my roster is available for trades except for Andre Johnson.
Has Cutler been dealt yet??? Skins are looking for an upgrade at QB and the Broncos have to deal him for sure... I think Donnie Darko has Denver. Lemme know if you are willing to deal him to the Skins. You pretty much know what we have to give.
You'd have to ask Norman, but I don't think Donnie HAS to deal Cutler. That's his own business.
Cutler is available....a 1st is the starting point.
My goal on Draft Day is for an NFL Draft Day Thread consisting of not only this Mock Draft, but any other Mock Draft submitted by a Hype Poster.

Points for accuracy will be rewarded for Poster Submitted Mock Drafts, the winner having the option of starting the 2010 NFL Draft

How many rounds will this be? Are we doing 2 just like the SHH mock draft?
I don't know if my PM got through to Darko... the hype got cut off when I submitted it. Let me know if you got the offer.
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