A bunch of teenage girls beat up a guy on a subway train.

he should have stopped, dropped, and rolled in a ball!!
Yeah, saw this on the news a few days ago. One woman got up to help, and she was pushed aside. No one else did anything. I think the guy is still debating whether or not he wants to press charges.

Sad thing is, if he really fought back, everyone would freak out.


I haven't taken the A train in a while, but some of those kids act ridiculous.
If I were that guy, I'd subdue 'em all. A few punches to the ovaries. Right in the baby-maker.
I watched it too. Couldn't understand the audio too much. All I heard was him saying "Can we just relax and sit down?" over and over and they kept screaming at him from every side. Then like 4 of him jump him out of nowhere and instead of hitting back he pushes a couple of em off. He definitely wasn't fighting, just defending their stupid and pointless attack. They were just trying too look big and dangerous, just looked ignorant.

Really though, those girls are inhuman animals. Little more than wild boars.
I'm only halfway through the vid, but right about now I would have *****ed slapped that dumbass yappity girl.

*continuing vid*
He should have defended himself. Perhaps power bombed a few of em, maybe drop kick one of them through a window.
Damn, where is Bernard Goetz when you need him.
Wow..... sorry.. but black people who act like that are only hurting themselves... can't break a stereotype when you act like one.

funny thing is.. if that white guy laid a hit on any of them (even after pummeled) guess who'd be the one labeled racist beatings
I just watched it...:huh:

And one of the commenters made a good point. Where are all the political figures now that the race issue is on the other side?

yup... exactly.. wheres our white revered jessie jackson shoving himself down there throats?

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