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I rarely comment but as a long time Spidey fan I just wanted to make a couple of comments regarding today's Spider-Man.

First of all I agree with posters who say for the last five years or so the Storylines suck.

Secondly I agree that Spider-Man needed a power upgrade, I have always felt like he hould be 15-20 ton guy. I cant sy that I was enthralled with the stingers, but I don't necessarily hate them. As far as the other powers I don't have a problem with.

Thirdly, I thought it was time for a costume change (The black costume is my favorite). However, the Iron-Spider costume isn't exactly what I had in mind (It has grown on me of late).

I would like to see Spidey go back to the days of brawling with the Fire-Lord's, the Juggernauts etc.

I would like to see wat others think.:spidey:
I like 70s Spidey the best, but I like todays Spidey minus the other arc....I didn't think it was that bad, but tey shoulda just had it be 2 or 3 issues, maybe even a big one shot book.

Oh and bring back Ben Reilly.
Well, if it wasn't for JMS and his totem storyline I wouldn't have jumped back into the Spider-Man comics in 2002. Thanks to the character Ezekiel and the storyline, The Book of sparked the feeling I used to have when I read Spider-Man comics back in the early 90's.

I really liked that storyline and the question that was posed during it, "Were you, Peter Parker, chosen to be Spider-Man or was it just the Parker luck and science that spawned it all". And it was a great ending, leaving it to the reader to decide what it was.

But The Other sort of destroyed that whole aspect and feeling I had. If you eliminate The Other storyline it's a very good Spider-Man tale, in my opinion. One that is different than the rest and one that I feel needed to be explored. But JMS and company took it a bit too far with The Other.

As for the Iron Spider-Man suit. I enjoy it for what it is. It's major reason for being there is for a plot device. Civil War needs some extra conflict and with Peter really siding with Tony Stark it makes some decisions in Civil War more emotional. I don't agree with everything about the suit, like three arms that serve...what purpose now? But it's temporary and he'll be back in the classic red and blue tights in no time.

JMS' "New Avengers" arc was fantastic. He wrote a better Avengers than Bendis did!

Paul Jenkins had a pretty good run on Spectacular Spider-Man. Most notable issues he did were the Morbius one shot story and, of course, the final Spectacular Spidey Vol. 2 issue that was quite heartwarming.

Mark Millar's 12 issue run on Marvel Knights wasn't too bad. It started off with a bang and Millar really was onto some really cool things, but the ending of it was so anti-climatic that you wondered why he told the story in the first place. But that was a pretty good run overall.

Lets not forget Dan Slott's Spider-Man/Human Torch miniseries either. That was one HELL of a Spidey/Torch story. I think it's one of the best Spider-Man stories in over a decade, without question.

There have been many good Spidey stories over the five years. Some people, obviously, have higher standards I suppose. :o

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