A Gerry Anderson Shared Movie-Verse?

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    I had some absolute favourites as a kid;

    Captain Scarlet
    Joe 90 (admittedly this one doesn't fit so well....)

    Ignoring the newer CGI series and the TB film, I was thinking the other day that I'd literally give anything for a Captain Scarlet film franchise.

    That then got me thinking; could you actually do a Gerry Anderson shared movie universe? It'd be pretty cool, and the child in me would love to see it!

    I thought about how, the structure, the layout, and loosely (and probably terribly) came up with the following;

    - Captain Scarlet starts off the universe
    - Captain Scarlet sequel leads to....
    - Thunderbirds then leads to....
    - Stingray which could but doesn't actually have to lead to....
    - A shared film

    For me it all starts with Captain Scarlet, and the potential for that franchise. I personally would be happy with just that but a shared universe would be cool.

    Captain Scarlet would include the following plot points;
    - The backstory of the creation of Spectrum (a world-wide 'police' force created by the UN with all countries offering their best agents/people as Spectrum Agents in secret, and the celebration of one of it's high ranking members, Captain Black
    - Captain Black is one of the astronauts on the Zero-X mission to Mars as part of security/protection for the other astronauts, including Paul Metcalfe, but also for recon for Spectrum
    - Events unfold and Black and Metcalfe return to Earth after the attack on Mars
    - Black (Mysteron agent) works with Spectrum to monitor Metcalfe believing him to be a Mysteron imposter and a threat
    - Have Black monitor him but actually at the crucial moment have Black betray Spectrum and help Metcalfe to kill the President or carry out some other atrocity
    - Captain Blue kills Metcalfe in the altercation and Spectrum takes his body to study the Mysteron influence
    - Metcalfe reanimates from death but is free of the Mysteron control. He is linked to the Mysteron's and can feel them
    - Spectrum make Metcalfe an agent - Captain Scarlet. Captain Blue will be his partner and the two become good friends
    - Film draws to a close with Black and killing two other agents on Cloudbase while Scarlet and Blue are off base, and the reanimated agents try to destroy Cloudbase
    - Scarlet and Blue realise what's going on and are able to prevent it with Captain Black lost, presumed dead
    - Film ends with Captain Black talking to the Mysteron's telling them there are people who would like to see the back of Spectrum and perhaps they could work with them now that the humans have a way of sensing the Mysteron's

    I don't really have a plan for a second one, but I thought I'd end it with the reveal that The Hood is the villain which would lead in to Thunderbirds...

    I thought that the Thunderbirds would be recently formed, as in after Spectrum, with Jeff Tracey being ex-Gold Commander of Spectrum who left after the death of his wife so he could focus on his sons. Obviously the rest from there is quite easy and paint by numbers, but the cool little easter egg would be the discovery of an underwater civilisation by Gordon in Thunderbird 4, perhaps even have there be an accident which leads to the Aquaphibians lead by King Titan to declare war on the humans, which would lead nicely in to Stingray!

    I hadn't thought of anything for Stingray, but again it's probably quite easy what with the introduction/betrayal of Marina, King Titan's earth contact Surface Agent X-2-Zero, and the potential contact with Black and the Mysteron's to work together. Which could lead to a team-up, but that's a little unoriginal. I also actually thought Edgar Wright could do Stingray because I love the idea of the style of the film and the filming he could bring to it.


    Consider that a brain dump of something I'd love to see, and if I was a writer/producer I'd be doing all I could to get something off the ground with it!

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