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Jan 5, 2012
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Not sure if this has been posted but a very good read. Haters you should read this.


I love Superman The Movie, but I knew if i was to enjoy any new Superman movie going forward that I needed to let go of the past. I can now say RIP STM you were good for your time, thank you. MOS is my new favorite Superman movie of this era. He's not a perfect superman and this makes him more interesting to see his growth to become the greatest Super Hero of them all through MOS trilogy. I have a feeling that by the time this trilogy ends we would look back at MOS as the movie that save Superman. The trilogy will be amazing i just know it. If people still want to compare MOS to STM you should wait after the trilogy ends. Only than can you compare the two (MOS trilogy vs STM Trilogy).
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STM trilogy? do we have that???
You sure do... Superman 1-4... Although people only wants to remember 1&2.
you can't lump in SIII and SIV, they are not from the same thought of the creative teams. though Reeve is the superman.
you can't lump in SIII and SIV, they are not from the same thought of the creative teams. though Reeve is the superman.

Doesn't have to be... it's still the same main cast so it's a Trilogy...
well....there's 4.....so whats after a trilogy....thats the original Superman movies lol


Quadrilogy, the original Superman movies are a Quadrilogy ;)
IMO as a trilogy the old Superman movie Suck. Only STM was good during it's time. No one seems to want to talk about Superman 3-4. Yet some of the haters seems to love to complain about changes made with MOS... Cannot wait to see where MOS trilogy will go...
Well, it can be considered a trilogy because SR ignored III and IV.
If you let Returns be the "third" film in the Donner "trilogy" than it kind of works. Bryan Singer created the first solid superhero movie trilogy by offending fans and handing his franchise to Ratner :p
Funny... how folks not wanting to admit it's a trilogy... lol... It's a trilogy regardless if the director, writer, or creative team change. As long as the movie following the first movie consist of the same action/cast. MOS well open the door to potentially some very amazing Superman moments we have yet to see on screen. Cannot wait.
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