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Sep 24, 2009
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Do you guys think it's possible to do volunteer stuff, and have it be a purely selfless thing, born out of a real desire to help others, or does it all boil down to self-interest in the end?
I volunteered for two years so yeah, I think there is a selfless desire to help others. Like any profession there are dreadful people looking out for their own interests but heaps of people doing it for a variety of reasons.
I volunteer at a home for wayward girls.
In what way would it boil down to self-interest? If you were doing it for your resume?

There are plenty of folk, including my grandfather, who do lots of volunteer work after they retire.
Yeah, I know it's actually encouraged that folks volunteer to boost their resume or if they've but out of work for awhile, it shows that you haven't been sitting on your ass while you've been out of work.

I do it for various reasons, to help people, meet people with the same interests aka network, boost my resume and life experience.
I've volunteered for stuff because it looks good on a resume, and because of causes I've simply believed in and wanted to assist with. The latter is infinitely more fulfilling. is a great group to volunteer with, they're all over the country and they like to get together and drink.
I volunteered at a rabbit shelter last year and I can tell you that it was pretty selfless because those rabbits were *******s, but someone had to clean up their ****.
I volunteered for the Cascades Volcano Observatory with the idea in my head that someday the volcano monitoring equipment I was installing could possibly save lives one day.
I volunteer at my local library and sponsor two kids: a boy in India and a girl in Kenya.
I'm posting this post from a computer at my volunteer job so...

...that answers your question.
I'm posting this post from a computer at my volunteer job so...

...that answers your question.

It doesn't actually, I never actually asked if people volunteered or not. lol
when i was in high school i volunteered at the local rec center with their after school program. i didn't really get anything out of that other than a special seal on my diploma. i don't know if i even knew about that seal prior to volunteering there.

i coach little league and aau softball and volunteer a lot with that. i think i spend more than i put in, but it feels good helping them get better and helping them get recruited so they can get scholarships, go to college. we had 5 of our players last year get recruited. 2 got scholarships, another an academic scholarship, and the other 2 still have at least a year in high school.

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