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Actor or Actres Sugestions for a Psychopath chacter in James Bond movie


Aug 10, 2004
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We get Pryce for TMND and Bardam for Skyfall, but have people any sugestions for a Actor or Actres for Psychopath chacter in Bond movie who mix both Elior Carver and Silva.
Matthias Schoenaerts.

If he can bulk up again like he did for Bullhead, then he could also be a physical threat to Bond.
The kid who plays Joffrey on 'Game of Thrones.' Make him a sociopathic computer-hacker who shuts down air traffic control so planes start crashing. He sends a cryptic message that he'll attack a different type of transportation industry for every week he's not captured. Next could be boats or trains, but he doesn't specify. Bond looks for him thinking he's a conventional Mr White or Silva type enemy and is shocked to discover it's a kid in charge of a Wikileaks-esque empire and his airplane scheme was just to drive Bond out into the open. Then he reveals that he's 006 Alec Trevalyan's bastard son (dun-dun-duuunn) and his schooling from the age of 6 in a private Siberian academy consisted almost solely of lessons on computer hacking, espionage, sabotage, Bond's history, his weaknesses, how to exploit him and how to kill him!
Daniel Craig?

The actress who played Faora in Man of Steel would make for a good female psycho Xenia Onatopp-type villain.
Antje Traue

Yeah I could see that.
Gaspard Ulliel

dude has a very distinctive scar on his face that gives him such a creepy look
The actress who played Faora in Man of Steel would make for a good female psycho Xenia Onatopp-type villain.

Now I want to see Antje Traue play a Bond villain in future film.

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