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America's Next Top Model-Cycle 10


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Jul 1, 2007
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It's back!!!!! Premiere on Feb 20!


Edit: Had to take down the ONTD link cause unfortunately there were some innapropriate pics at the source. I'll try to find a more family friendly sight to link the pics of the new hamsters from :)


Miss Tyra says


Didn't they just have "Cycle 9" a couple of months ago? :huh:

And I'm guessing Amy is the first to go since there's a lack of a facial closeup for her, unlike the rest of the girls.
Yea it ended in late November. ANTM turns over fast. Which is ok by me since most of the other shows I watch aren't on due to the strike.
Sweet, I wanted news on this. Hopefully we have a REAL winner this time.
Hmmm, well like last season none of them really stand out to me.
The one girl who stood out to me last season, Heather, didn't win, and was kicked off too early.
The latest one. Her ass new Tyra WAYY before the show. Now last month I was all for Saliehsa u til I saw her on an episode of the cycle 6 runway show (not the finale), and twice on Tyra talk show.

I'm actually still hopeing that it isn't true.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyZWdbEU0G0

I just didn't like her because she sucked. Meh.
Fifth girl from the left looks like a tranny. :wow: :csad:
In that shot she does but if you've seen some of the videos Dominique is absolutely stunning. One of my favourite girls so far. Which means Tyra will probably boot her in the first few episodes for some crappy reason.

As for Saleisha winning last season. Biggest joke in ANTM history. They were on crack to pick her as a winner. Jenah was ten times the model.
ANTM is one of the most addicting shows ever.

Missed last season, I'll try to catch some of this one.
Found this story from yesterday. :grin:

Tyra Banks lies about whether 'Top Model' winners were all deserving

By Christopher Rocchio, 02/07/2008

While her designer pants didn't burst into flames, Tyra Banks apparently told a few fibs during a Wednesday segment of The Tyra Banks Show when she was hooked up to Fox's The Moment of Truth lie detector.

"Now I know that there are some of you out there who question a few things about me. That's why I've climbed into this hot seat so I can clear some things up once and for all in my own moment of truth," said Banks as she was strapped into the lie detector.

The Moment of Truth host Mark Wahlberg asked the America's Next Top Model creator and lead judge if she thought every winner of the show deserved to take home the title.

"I have gotten out-voted for girls on America's Next Top Model who have gone home," she explained. "But I have never gotten out-voted when there was a winner. I have always voted for the winner that won."

Assuming the lie detector doesn't lie, Banks was fingered as fibbing with her answer.

"What's up with that machine!? Hindsight is 20/20 y'all!" explained Banks, adding she only questioned her final decision of Top Model winners after seeing some of the season's exploits during editing.

In addition, Banks also lied about being jealous of talk show queen Oprah Winfrey. However she did tell the truth about making amends with fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell and caring about young girls' self-esteem.

"Oh gosh... That was really, really hard," said Banks when her stint in the hot seat came to a close, also complaining about the constriction of the lie detector on her breasts.
Some help please...

What song is playing during this commercial:
Cycle 10 preview!!!


Some language NSFW.

I am so jazzed for the return to NYC. And a homeless photo shoot? FIERCE. Very zoolander derelicte :oldrazz:
I read somewhere that their destination is BRAZIL, is this true??
Ooh, looks like we have the girl who auditioned last cycle but didn't get in. And looks like we have a plus-sized model and a house full of bad runway wlkers :csad:
I really like the girl from Somalia (her name escapes me). This looks like a fun season ahead with some really dramatic girls and some actually decent girls.

Anyone else think the "plus sized girl" was a bit funny? She has got the best bod and face IMO of any plus sized girl to be on the show, but she doesn't look bigger at all! Could she even be above a size 8?
That Marvita girl is overated and is not pretty at all.

I think so far, my favorite is Allison. She was funny telling Tyra, she slept with her man too...lol. She's pretty too

Stacy Ann's voice is annoying and very irritating but in a way I find her funny.

And is it just me or does Dominique look like Corinne from like 2 seasons ago?

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