Abaddon said:
How did it end?:confused:

She died and the Computer was destroyed.

Oh you mean Hercules Sorbo Andromeda and not A for Andromeda. No idea I hate the show. Now if they had gone with Genes original plan that it was the Star Trek Federation that collapsed it might have been watchable.

- Whirly
Abaddon said:
I guess nobody watched.:o
Dylan defeated the Abyss. Which he did by beating the snot out of the Abysses avatar. Appearantly the Abyss is like a sun and gets it's own avatar. Which is what Trance is. Earth blew up. Rhade has a wife and kids (which they conveniently never mentioned before). The Vederan sun expanded and consumed all the planets save one in the star system. They rebuilt Rommie. After the Abyss was defeated the route of ages turned back into a regular slip-stream route.

I'm really flying blind unless I know how much you saw.
The last I saw Harper was headed towards the Earth when it was about to blow up.
So some of what I said still counts. The Abyss like the other suns had an avatar, and she was the only one that didn't look like Trance. Dylan fought her and with Trances help defeated her. I wasn't really watching it, but defeating the Abyss avatar let Dylan defeat the Abyss itself. Andromeda did save Harper before the earth went kaboom. They also saved Rhade's planet before they were killed. Everything worked out. Except that earth was destroyed the commonwealth was in tatters.
meh.What happened to the blonde Romy?
When they rebuilt Rommie 3-4 episodes before all of the elements of Rommies AI were drawn out of Doyle and she became her own person. But her personality didn't change much, just her fashion sense. And she lived through to the end.

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