I saw half of it because I was watching Arrested Development during its first half. The creature looked kinda... odd. Lake Bell is even hotter on this show than she was on Boston Legal, though. :up:
I was looking forward to this tonight. It met my expectations. It was pretty good. My Mondays just got more interesting. Surface, then Prison Break.

And yes, Lake Bell is hot.
It got pretty awful reviews. I avoided it.
It seemed like all the good shows were all on at the 8:00 time and nothing was on at the 9:00 time,they should switch some of these shows to 9:00 instead of competing with other shows at the 8:00 time.

But yeah this show did look good from what I saw.
saw part of it, looked interesting
It was OK, but the underwater scenes were the only interesting parts, as all the character setup was strictly run-of-the-mill stuff.

It could go either way at this point, but so far it looks like a ripoff of The Abyss.
As Conan said "NBC's new season begins and ends tomorrow." This piece of **** only re-enforces that theory. Has anyone seen the commercial? The mother and scientist. God, makes it sound like some high school play.
I tried so hard to like this so but it was really crappy.
I tried so hard to like this show but it was really crappy.
The trailer which they made look like a movie was really good, but the show was o.k. I hate the lead chick she's seems weak.
I liked the little baby dragon-looking thing in the second episode.

That opening scene where a huge creature responds to the lighthouse foghorn was taken right out of the classic Ray Bradbury short story The Foghorn, upon which the 1950's monster movie The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms was loosely based.
I saw the second ep.Seemed interesting.
Hmmmm...there have been an awful lot of scenes with teenage girls wearing bikinis in this show.

I still like the monsters in Surface, but the human characters really aren't grabbing me. It's basically Close Encounters of the Third Kind meets The Abyss, but with sea-dragons instead of aliens.

Apparently the Sci-Fi Channel is showing a "marathon" of the first few episodes this week so people can get caught up.
i like this show so far i was thinkin bout making a thread for it before i just saw this but i actually like it since ima big sci fi buff i just find it very interesting how the things can survive in magma and **** pretty damn kool
I'm really into diving, and marine stuff like that, so I like the TV show a lot. It's interesting to see how the species is unfolding. Is the creature Terra-based or was it left behind? Is it intelligent?
i think the creature will end up being probably the most intelligent mammal
Eklypze said:
i think the creature will end up being probably the most intelligent mammal

That's possible. I'm wondering if they will illustrate that this creature could have been responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.
Eklypze said:
i think the creature will end up being probably the most intelligent mammal

I was wondering about that declaration that the creatures are mammals - how did they come to that conclusion? I seem to remember the marine biologist lady saying that the placement of the tail fin determined that it was a mammal, but aside from that they sure look like reptiles to me.

Plus, in the last episode when she opened that book and pointed out the picture of the "prehistoric eel", that was a drawing of a pleisiosaur, which was a reptile, not an eel.
red herring probably.

How about when that crazy guy mentioned the underwater city. And the fact the brother is getting messages from the so called dead brother.

I'm really liking this show....and yes...Lake Bell is super hot. And there's a load of almost naked teenage girls. :) I'm liking the plots actually. I'm all about sea monster stories

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