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Jul 12, 2004
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from hoycinema:
In Mexico this in post-production a film of fantastic cut called “Angel Caido” and is directed by Arturo Anaya, this film has had like leases to Durango, Aguascalientes and Guadalajara. The film is carried out by Sebastián Zurita and they accompany Jose Alonso, Humberto Zurita, Emiliano Zurita, Laisha Wilkins, Mireya Sanchez, Alexander Durán, among others.

This film is principle of trilogy, although in reality is second chapter of same, since the first delivery has a high cost that would ascend to the 5 million dollars, thus was chosen to begin with this part, that shows a budget of 26 million weights. One has gone ahead that the ambitious production will have special effects with end technology and épicas battles in the style of “the kingdom of skies /Crossed " or “Gladiator”, about 700 extras and 75 sets.

It will have to compete with films like Iron-man, Dragonball, Batman Begins, etc., I believe that for that reason its opening this thought for October or November of this year, cannot compete in May, June, Julio or Agosto that are when the great producers use to put their titles awaited. In the personnel I hope that it has good reception, is something dangerous the subject, by the competition that there is, but Mexican films have managed to supplant to hollywodeneses films, we hope that Angel Caido does the same.

“Fallen Angel” counts the history of Liut, a Sephyro, son of an angel and a mortal, whom from boy orphan is left. By the nature of its origins, he is stronger, agile, intelligent and sensible that the other children. As of the 13 years he is bred in a monastery in where the Angus monk, explains his origin to him and he instructs it to face badly. To the 19 years one is going away to study to the university in where Caine director, will try to corrupt it. Its mission is to prevent that the demon obtains the Fire Sword that opens the vestibule of the kingdom of skies.

The aim of the world is close

more pics at hoycinema

looks cheaper than i expected.. but still definatly worth watching:up:

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