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Sep 10, 2003
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I don't get down to my local comic shop nearly as often as I'd like to and I can never seem to stay up on what's new, so I was wondering if anyone knows if Frank Quitely (one of my favorite artists) has done/plans to do any more work on any X-related titles since New X-Men? His work was so great in that! Or any other comics he might be working on for that matter? Thanks!
I doubt it. He is doing the All-Star Superman with Morrison (of New X-Men).
Aha, i'll have to check that out. Never cared much for Superman but with Quitely and Morrison doing it, I may enjoy it! Thanks :)
LOVED Quitely on New X-men ... sadly due to the time he takes on his art his issues were few and FAR between.
Add me to the list of Quitely lovers. He could use a little work on his female faces though.

Just look at this. Emma Frost should not be fat.And his Jean Grey is just gross. His art makes me crazy.
LOL! Yea, thats pretty much what I had in mind when I made the female faces comment. OK OK yea that Emma cover is truly awful, she looks like an old man in a diaper. And his Jean's face if pretty old and bad in one panel in the first issue. But on the whole its not so bad, see silent issue. And in the comics themselves he's really imaginative with his pencils and has a real style that kicks ass.

I also didnt really appreciate his art at first when I first read New X-men, it was my first X-men comics in years. But after re-reading my trades, I started loving his pencils, especially the brilliant way he lays out and draws action scenes, and the little imaginative touches... check out the scene where Logan and Cyclops get attacked by the Sentinels, the scene in Bolivia where we first see the old Master Mold, the silent issue... all great stuff.
Heres a couple of scenes from the stuff I was talking about:

I love his style and his attention to detail. I also really like the way he lays out his scenes: great perspectives and compositions, etc. And the stuff he does that's watercolored is really cool too (dont think he did any for x-men) but like on covers of other books and such.
All of those were great, but once he draws people and their faces-terrible.
I actually really like the way he draws people and faces, but a lot of his faces do end up looking kind of the same. The style that his faces all seem to have though are kind of modeled after his own face, if you've ever seen a picture of him. Certain aspects are the same.
Exploding Boy said:
Just look at this. Emma Frost should not be fat.

Fat? Fat?! That's fat? Look at a real person some time. In that drawing, Emma has flesh and skin. She is not fat by any means.
I love Quitely's art! It's wholely unique and his design and story narration is freaking mind blowing!

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