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The Dark Knight Anybody else notice this bit of foreshadowing?


The Night He Came Home...
Dec 16, 2007
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Maybe I'm just not so observant, but in the party scene, Harvey says to Alfred "You've known Rachel her whole life", to which Alfred responds "Not yet." seeing as she does day days later, I hadn't ever caught that before, but now it seems great and kinda sad that he did in fact know her her whole life.
Not foreshadowing. It was a witty one liner.

By definition, foreshadowing is...
"( tr ) to show, indicate, or suggest in advance; presage"

Alfred was not showing, indicating or suggesting in advance that Rachel would die. He was simply being funny and responding she hasn't lived her whole life yet, so he hasn't known her for her "whole life".
It is foreshadowing. The movie is full of foreshadowing. Alfred wasn't suggesting she's going to die, the brothers Nolan were.

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