Anyone have a pic of Val Smiling?


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Dec 15, 2007
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anyone have a better pic of val kilmer smiling as batman in batman forever, this is the only one i have and i need a better one, or size at least. hopefully a screen capture. thanks :brucebat:

haha nice one, and thanks
any others would still be appreciated in case a better angle or whatever

God i swear when i saw him smiling like this i shook my head in disgust haha
ha i hope its the pic and not my need for the pic, cuz its just for a blog i have
Kilmer's Batman is gay.
trust me, he's got nothing compared to clooney in b&r.

at least kilmer tried
I admit, atleast he did try, and atleast did a "batman" voice instead of just using his normal voice like Clooney did.
yea and he did something ill never forget in the movie, in the beginning when robin says he wants a car. after clooney says "this is why superman works alone" he raises his eyebrows and tries to give like a funny look or something. its like dude u've got that batman mask on and i cant see ur eyebrows so dont make stupid faces like that, u jackass

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