Are We Living Inside a Computer Simulation?

Technically speaking, yes, it would fit that description. Your senses don't actually *see* the world, your brain simply constructs a picture off of information which can be faulty.

For example, I used to *see* my dog after he died. That was simply my brain writing him into the picture because it thought he was supposed to be there since he had been there for 17 years.
So I guess the bots on the Hype are just rare times when the Matrix breaks down and shows its insides to us.
hmm thats strange,, I could of sworn that I saw the same cat run across the room twice. OH MY GOD!
We live in a game called life, and it sucks. IGN gives it a 1.5 out of 10.
Agent Smith is coming for you.

I saw a thing where Sam Harris was talking about it.

If so, worst simulation ever.
I think this fits nicely into the atheism thread :o ;)
If we do happen to live in a simulation, we better not piss off the creators. Wouldn't want a nasty program to kill us all.

We live in a simulation of quantum mechanics. It's quite advanced.

Also, that article has several logical mistakes..
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Maybe 21.12.2012 is actually the day of server maintenance?

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